Power Gamer Achievement

  • Power Gamer



    Reach Level 30 with one character

    You will earn a new level once you complete each mission; you will also gain 40xp for completing various conversations, alignment actions and hacking. You don’t earn experience for killing enemies so just make sure you complete as many free-roam missions as possible. You shouldn’t have any issues with leveling up unless you try to rush through the main story. It is possible to attain this in one playthrough if you do all the side missions.

    Avoid talking to the Illusive Man as much as possible until you level up; he will normally give you a mission to do which you have no choice in doing. The mission will start and there only way to end your mission will be to complete it.

    It takes 1000 experience to level up. Here are the values for each kind of mission:

    EXP Values:
    Story Mission: 1000 EXP
    Loyalty Mission: 750 EXP
    Anomaly Mission: 125 EXP
    Miscellaneous Side-mission: 40 EXP

    Note: Once you have completed Mass Effect 2, you will earn a 25% experience bonus on all subsequent characters, making this easier to attain.

  • Guess this has to be done with a new character? I imported from ME1 and I'm at level 9 and there isn't any progress for this one.
  • No it works for an imported one I believe, just need to get even closer to it before the progress comes up, or something. Not all the achievements show a progress bar that i'm aware of. I think I lost my save, so I have to go back through using a new character. Gotta just grind it out again, though it's a fun game, so not to bad.
  • cant remember which character i used 4 this as i've completed game with every different class, massive M.Effect addict roll M.E 3
  • I finished the game on Veteran difficulty and after watching the credits you have two choices. Continue and play any DLC or finish missions you havent completed or create a new game using all your skills, armour and weapons you collected in the first run through. I got the Level 30 "Power Gamer" achievement in the first 5 mins of the second runthrough as I finished the first runthrough on level 29. ***WARNING*** Taking this option will ERASE any save games you have and overwrite them with the new game
  • i finish evry dlc and most missions and im at 29 with 750 exp to go. Since arrivals coming out ill b able to do this with 1 playthrough
  • Mine never showed any progress but I did receive the achievement hmmm...
  • wtf they go from max lvl 60, to max lvl 30. watered down rpg
  • @#7 Well there are a lot less skills in this one, so obviously they wouldn't need as many levels this time around. I just miss the rewards you got for most of the achievements in the first game.
  • I hope in the third game there are more skills to level. I think they said it'd be more of an rpg again.
  • @8 I think the idea behind #7's statement is that the leveling system in ME2 is shit compared to ME1. And I agree with that. I was HIGHLY disappointed to see how few ways there were to level up. I love having an expansive list of abilities, it makes everyones playthrough more unique... I mean, by the time you get to level 25 in ME2, almost everyones characters are going to be the same. So stupid that they dumbed it down. Same thing with DA:Origins to DA2... I have to say that Bioware made really dumb moves on two sequels to two amazing originals.
  • I just dislike the fact you get the majority of experience for completing missions instead of getting experience from killing enemies. Other than that this is a great game.
  • Simple if youve got enough time seeing as you can carry over characters from past playthroughs! Think that works anyway I got it in one with all the dlc.
  • do you level up just as fast one your second playthrough w/ the same guy (basically, leveling up each time you complete a mission)?
  • I am at level 29 now and have not even gone through the Omega Relay yet (heck, I don't even have Legion). I imported a level 50 character from ME and have played through all three major DLCs as well as just about every side-quest. It's totally possible to get this in one playthough if you have the three longer DLCs and really focus on getting all the small stuff out of the way before finishing the game.
  • #14 if you go for legion and get him loyal you should level up for recruiting him and for getting loyality-you need the right paragon/renegade levels to keep him and tali loyal.so in a point if you go for legion you should get to level 30 before you go through Omega relay. Which remimds me i am on 29 and wondered if i could attain level 30 by doing the final mission-ie going thru the omega relay?
  • im only lvl 21 everyones loyle ecept 4 jack :( :( :(
  • I just reached this with a new character, didn't seem to be able to do this with my level 50 imported character (although I missed a few side quests & didn't have the DLC's at the time) I only just got to level 30 after gaining Legion's loyalty. So it's just a matter of making sure you get all the side quests done.
  • If you played on Normal and did absolutely everything (inc. the Cerberus/Zaeed DLC - mine was a free DL, think I had a code with my copy) you will finish on Level 27! You get over 1000xp per mission, so if you continue with the same character on a restart of the game it doesn't take too long if you're L27. I was replaying on Insanity and got almost 500xp for those 'hovercraft' (Firewalker?) missions... I got quite far on Insanity, did the Renegade version of Zaeed's Revenge, which is the REAL version, and much tougher, but I gave up because of all the deaths from clunky controls and random cover mode and the reloads and restarts took too long - not worth it. If you need to finish up to L30 just rush through on Casual - but you can't skip the intro cutscenes at the start, which takes some

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