Weapon Specialist Achievement

  • Weapon Specialist



    Fully upgrade a weapon

    Once you have recruited Mordin, you can complete Research Projects at the station in the Tech Lab. Go to the weapons and it will show you what upgrades you can make. You will find these upgrades during missions, which will then be available to create.

    Along with finding upgrades throughout missions, you can purchase upgrades on Omega, The Citadel, Illium and Tuchanka. The in-game achievement tracker as well as the ‘check upgrades’ station next to the research station will let you know how many you have left on a specific weapon after upgrading it. Each weapon has 5 damage upgrades and various miscellaneous ones. In order to research certain upgrades, you will need to have a certain amount of damage upgrades completed.

    Note: Purchased upgrades will directly count; you don’t need to research them, unlike the ones you pick up.

    Purchasable Weapon Upgrades:
    Kenn’s Salvage - Omega - Shotgun damage upgrade
    Omega Market - Omega - Sniper rifle damage upgrade

    Rodam Expeditions - The Citadel - Heavy pistol damage upgrade, Sniper rifle damage upgrade, Submachine gun upgrade

    Gateway Personal Defense - Illium - Assault rifle damage upgrade, Submachine gun damage upgrade

    Fortack’s Database - Tuchanka - Assault rifle damage upgrade, Heavy pistol damage upgrade, Shotgun damage upgrade

  • i would propably try deleting all your saves and the game itself, clearing the system cache (most importantly) and then just reinstalling the game and u should have 0/7.
  • Where are all the upgrades located, I finished my last playthrough with 6/7 for the assuat rifle, SMG and heavy pistol. Very frustrating, lol.
  • This achievement is a pain and not realy worth the effort.
  • Unless you really want 100% and can be bothered to play through all the side missions and all the markets then this achievement really isnt worth the hastle.
  • http://www.ps3trophies.org/game/mass-effect-2/trophy/26347-Weapon-Specialist.html A list of where stuff is...
  • you have to have the DLC to get 7/7 upgrades for any of the weapons. it's a massive pain.

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