Revenge! Achievement

  • Revenge!



    Gain the loyalty of the mercenary

    This is a missable achievement.

    First time you talk to Zaeed, you will get his loyalty mission. In order to get the achievement, choose to go after Vido instead of saving the refinery workers. However, if your Paragon/Renegade is high enough, you have access to the dialogue options which would allow you can save the workers (paragon route) and still have Zaeed become loyal to you.

  • I knew this game has been out for a while but is the 1200 msp dlc for 1 achievement worth it...
  • The 1200 MSP is actually Cerberus Network. So if you brought the game new, its actually free.
  • the mercenary is awesome but i got the game like a year after it came out pre-owned but the cerberus code still worked which is cool because i wouldnt pay 1200 for it.
  • I brought this today, and heck. It still cost 1200 mp :/
  • I don't mind dlc like this. Buy the game new and support the company, and you get it free. Buy it pre-owned, and you have to pay $15 if you want access to everything on the cerberus network. I'm not against the used game market, as I buy many pre-owned copies myself. But I also understand why companies do this. Besides, the cerberus network gives you more than just the Mercenary party member and his 1 achievement. It just happens to be the only achievement.
  • Agree with #5, developers lose out on money with pre-owned games, so they're right in charging you the difference with what would be between a pre-owned or a new game
  • I i get this off of gamefly i guessing that means its gunna try to get me to waste $15 for one achievement. Not happening...
  • Buy the damn game. It's $20 brand new now.
  • I just waited until the game dropped to the price I would've bought it pre-owned anyway. No way I'd pay £40 quid for any game and definitely won't pay 1200mps for content that should have been included from the beginning. Can easily argue that pre-owned sales keep the small game shops afloat which will then create more new sales.
  • Screw this achievement. I bought the game new and when I tried activating my Cerberus network pin number I kept getting that the code is already in use and I'm not about to to drop 1200 msp just for this.
  • If you bought it used or new with a already used code somehow (like me) it because you may have bought it from Gamestop and most gamestops leave the booklets and stuff in the case and just remove the discs. Simply go into gamestop and take the paper out and take a picture of the code or just take the code.
  • On this achievement be warned; if you do not pick the Renegade option (SPOILER and leave the people to die) and you do not have an insane ammount of Paragon or Renegade points after, you will not gain his loyalty. You must pick Renegade or pick Paragon and have alot of either sides points. I learned this the hard way and ended up making another save just to go renegade on it
  • I just bought this game new and the Cerberus code is expired. Bummer
  • I just got the game today, and the code was valid! Winner! I played it last year after lending it from a friend, and have now got round to working at the last few achievements.
  • People need to stop complaining about the number of achievements that come in a DLC. Look at everything else that comes with it and the added story line. I mean, I love achievements and go all out to get as many as I can. But for most of the DLCs for this game I got for the story. Added a lot to it. In short, dont complain about it. If you dont want it, then dont get it. But we dont want to hear about it. PS: I agree with number 5. Its perfectly reasonable for them to charge you. Otherwise they wont be making games very long cause they wont have the money.
  • The Cerberus network gives you about five/six new weapons, a new squadmate, 1 new armor and 8 new missions
  • Gonna get this later
  • I have this dlc but I never even saw Zaaed throughout the game. Is it possible to get this after completing the main game? Same with Kasumi I might by that dlc?
  • Holy crap there's a bunch of whiners on this site. $20 for just ONE achievement? Wahhh that's all games are for now, just a number added to another number that literally doesn't give you anything in return. Babies -_-
  • Online pass for this game is now free, so good news for people who bought this pre-owned!
  • Pretty psyched, I just started my ME2 Insanity playthrough and I figured I'd do all of the DLC now too seeing as how I haven't played any of it yet. Come to find out the online pass is free now, sweet!
  • Got it for free, awesome! No way i was going to pay 1200 points for it.
  • 1200Points for a one character and one achivement I wasn't interested in but EA MADE THIS DLC FREE NOW!!
  • Just bought a used copy of ME2 in 2017 for $1.99. Strange thing about video games: the best games or at least the best selling games are always the cheapest ones secondhand. Download only or hosted service will soon do to the used game market what they did to the used video and music market though. Back to the game, even though he dies often, Zaeed with area of effect grenades and Miranda with warp and overload is finally making my Insanity play through reasonable.

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