Broke, Blind and Bedlam Achievement

  • Broke, Blind and Bedlam



    Gain the loyalty of the thief

    Similar to Zaeed, Kasumi's loyalty mission will become available after you meet her on the Citadel. The mission is very straightforward with no life or death decision to be made on the way, and can be completed on any difficulty. Just follow the directions given and once you defeat the mission boss the achievement will unlock.

  • This is really cool reminds me of a James bond film and kasumi is awesome!!!
  • title refers to Ocean's Eleven
  • Microsoft should refund 200 points for this DLC. Short and tasteless.
  • 560ms points for 15gs? no thanks, if it was 200 or less then I'd consider it!
  • Complete bullcrap that I have to pay even more money just to 100% the damn game. Cheap
  • ugh, you ingrates. It's sad that achievements mean more to people than the games themselves. I thought this DLC was great.
  • I think this dlc is a great change of style for mass effect, and she's quite powerful for my play style
  • Just played this DLC! Loved it! If there are any complaints its that it seemed too easy in the house! The fights were good though, she is powerful!
  • Boring DLC. Overpriced too. Blame EA for the monopolization of Mass Effect.
  • insults and complaints. anyone have any tips for the achieve?
  • No surprise to see a bunch of losers willing to bend over and be ripped off by companies for short, yet expensive DLC.
  • I got it on sale... I think for 60% off... ;-)
  • Why isn't this clearly stated as a (paid for) DLC achievement? Thought I'd missed her.
  • You really are paying for an ally, not the mission itself
  • It's 7 years later and though there's a fair amount of free ME2 DLC, the rest costs the same as ever. I guess bundling it for $20 is not worth the effort on their part but this is probably the future of download only gaming where even really old stuff still costs full price.

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