Data Hound Achievement

  • Data Hound



    Collect 6 Cerberus data packets scattered across Aite


    All 6 Cerberus data packets are found in the 1st area you start using the M-44 Hammerhead vehicle. 5 of the 6 data packets can be found within settlements spread throughout the area while 1 data packet is adjacent to a crashed ship located within a dark valley close to Vulcan Station. You can collect data packets before and after you enter both Prometheus Station and Vulcan Station, but will be unavailable to collect once you enter Atlas Station. To collect packets, hover over the yellow circle surrounding the data packet and press . A detailed location guide can be found HERE

  • You can rate and comment on achievements now? O.o Sweet xD
  • The Overlord achievements won't check off. They're the last two I have. -_-
  • Good to know I'm not the only person. You tick them off and save but it still show's that they're unticked after its saved. Annoying.
  • Same with me. They just won't change. Must be some bad code.
  • yea i thought it was just me but it's the site. hopefully they'll fix it soon it's pissing me off
  • Having the same problem. Completed the DLC yesterday, but no achievements popped.
  • yeah i hope they fix this. Can't check em off :(. At least it was awesome DLC.
  • Still not fixed. >:{ Grr.
  • This just ticked off for me... it works
  • If you're having issues checking off DLC, delete the list by hitting the Red X from the "My Checklists" link, and then re-enable and recheck them all.
  • Um it doesn't ever let me start in the ship, I only get to the satellite area to destroy the dish. Is this right?
  • This is after the satellite dish part, you will get the Hammerhead to go to the other bases on the planet.
  • If you want to check off the achievements remove it from your checklist then re-add it...
  • Only one i don't have.
  • What are the Data packages? The only things I have seen (at least in the beginning part, before the dish) have been journal recordings. I haven't seen a single thing called a "Data Package", and I can't find a walkthrough anywhere for this DLC.
  • Here is a video posted by Nihilismmm that should help with this achievement:
  • I did Overlord before Firewalker so I had no clue what to do with those yellow circles. Firewalker shows you that you have to press Y to get them, but in Overlord they're just there... I tried shooting them lol
  • If I've already made it to Vulcan station, is it too late to get the data packets or can I back track and get them somehow?

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