Digital Exorcist Achievement

  • Digital Exorcist



    Successfully shut down the rogue VI in Project Overlord

    This achievement can be completed on any difficulty, but be wary of switching the difficulty if you are going for the Insanity achievement. The rogue VI can be found at the end of Atlas Station and you will be fighting it alone so be sure you equip weapons with a lot of ammo and can take out several enemies at one time.

    Keep in mind the Geth that spawn during the final battle will disappear each time all the green orbs are destroyed so focus on the destroying the green orbs and keep your distance from the Geth whenever possible.

    Once you defeat the rogue VI choose whatever dialog you wish and the achievement should pop up at the Mission Overview.

  • Awesome ending! This was an superb DLC expansion pack!
  • Compared to Fallout 3 DLC, overlord is fun and cheap
  • This is where ME2's DLC started getting epic!
  • I need this dlc to 100percent the game :(
  • Out of all the DLC's, which one's do you get the most XP for?
  • I'm still surprised that a DLC package that was this involved and complex had only 2 achievements for a total for 25 points.

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