Detail Orientated Achievement

  • Detail Orientated



    Use all information terminals in the Shadow Broker’s stronghold

    After you've completed the DLC, you'll be in the Shadow Broker's stronghold. After a cutscene, you'll be in a room, able to access several terminals containing information on your squadmates, side missions you can undertake, and even video feeds to certain people and places in the galaxy. There are eight different terminals that you must view for the achievement, and they are as follows.

    Dossiers - When you enter the room, on the left
    Investment Opportunities - When you enter the room, on the right
    Delivery Pickup - Walk across the room, it's in the middle next to the spoiler-free person.
    Advanced Training - Turn left from Delivery Pickup
    Armor Locker - Take the short stairs up from Advanced Training
    Video Archive - From the Armor Locker you'll see a door to your left. Go through that door to another room, it's to the left on a small platform. There's also a music datapad in the room next to another spoiler-free person, but it's not counted as a terminal.
    Upgrades - Exit that room and turn left.
    Survey Information - Take the short stairs down from the Upgrades and it's on the left next to a round table.

    Huge thanks to ananasnaama from TrueAchievements for the full list!

  • SPOILER ALERT!! After defeating the Shadow Broker and the new one arises, you will appear in the Broker's ship in your casual clothes. Just run around and look at all the cool, new stuff, and access every terminal before talking to Liara. This achievement has nothing to do with any terminals before the battle with the Shadow Broker.
  • once the scene of the Shadow Broker's defeat is over Liara T' Soni tells you that you should see some of the new (information terminal) make sure to check the terminals in boththe room with Feron and the one with Liara T' Soni in it and you will get the achievement. (no terminals you fight the Shadow Broker matter).
  • can this achievement be got after you have left the base by simply going back???
  • @ 3, yes it can.
  • Search every terminal in the room you are in after the cut scene of the Shadow Broker's defeat. Then go into the backroom and check the terminal in the far left of the room and there you go
  • This achievement is miscategorized as Missable. You can return to the base at any time to use the terminals.

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