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    Defeat the Shadow Broker’s Assassin

    This achievement is story related, so you can't miss it. After a chase through Illium, you end up fighting Vasir, an Asari spectre. She is quite tough, and moves around quite quickly. At several points during the fight, she will leave, and you'll have to deal with various drones and enemies. Once she comes back, just repeat what you did before. Before the battle even begins, make sure that you take the time and invest all of Liara's points into her skills, especially if you are a higher level. Her biotics will make taking care of Vasir much easier. When she has been defeated, the achievement will pop.

  • This is a very difficult fight. I did this with an Infiltrator, so I used the Stealth ability a lot. Just take cover and keep up the fire, she has ridiculous amounts of health. At the point where she stands still and charges up some "super-attack" shoot her quickly with something strong as she is vulnerable and it will stop her from using that power. Good luck. :)
  • Here's a guide to defeating the Assassin. It comes from the guide in the forums (Thanks goes to "The Filthy Goat" for this). Assuming that you're playing through on Hardcore or Insanity, this is likely the hardest part of the DLC. The Assassin has an immensely strong barrier that can be difficult to get through. Warp ammo is recommended for this fight for this reason alone. Along with that, she will also use a Vanguard charge to move around the map in an attempt to flank you. When in cover, she will spam shockwaves to knock you out. This is a the quickest way to get killed, so in most instances, it's better to step out of cover to avoid the shockwave, rather than get hit and then get shot to death during the stun. Once you're through her barrier, sometime a little before, she'll char
  • Once you're through her barrier, sometime a little before, she'll charge off the map and you'll have to deal with some rocket drones and engineers. Take care of the drones first since they will rush you. Disruptor ammo will be useful here and also for dealing with the engineer's shields. When she comes back down, she will start to use her charge attack on you. As far as I can tell, this cannot be dodged or avoided even with the infiltrator's cloak. However it takes a bit for her to warm it up and you'll most likely be full recharged before she hit's you with it, in which case, it's completely survivable. After which, she'll charge away again, so it's important to get into cover after you're hit. Between getting her armor layer off and damaging her health, she'll charge off again for
  • Between getting her armor layer off and damaging her health, she'll charge off again for another round of rocket drones and engineers. After she comes down again, you'll have a checkpoint, so don't worry if you get killed at this point. Her health and armor come off much faster and easier than her barrier, so if you have Grunt's team incendiary ammo, she'll go down relatively fast.
  • i was just wondering if i should buy this dlc it looks prety good but is it worth its its money?
  • I finally just beat the boss now, after three tries. I am soo glad there was autosave during the parts where she went up to the balcony, otherwise I'd have never beaten it.
  • I did it by using the collector particle beam on her barrier and usng the widow sniper on her armor/health. Warp ammo would have made it easier, know which weapons will do the most damage for you

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