Heart of Darkness Achievement

  • Heart of Darkness



    Confront the Shadow Broker

    This achievement is story related, so you can't miss it. After going through the Shadow Broker's stronghold, you'll come face to face with the Shadow Broker himself. The achievement will unlock once you enter the room where the Shadow Broker is located.

  • Near the end obviously. SPOILER ALERT!! You don't have to fight him for the achievement, all you have to do if find him and activate the cut scene before the battle. So it's pretty easy.
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  • This is a story achievement, providing you progress through the Shadow Broker DLC, this achievement will come along automatically just before you encounter the Broker himself. Spoilers Below; As for the fight, I completed it on Hardcore, and it was pretty straight forward. The fight consists of 3 phases, which fortunately also have checkpoints after the first 2 phases. To make the encounter considerably easier, make sure to keep a safe distance from him at all times, as he does a "shield-smash" ability. You should also avoid firing rounds into his shield and aim for whatever part of his body you can get. With the checkpoints the fight is quite simple and shouldnt take anymore than 10 minutes and a couple of deaths.

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