The Hard Way Achievement

  • The Hard Way



    Complete the Shadow Broker Mission pack on Hardcore or Insanity

    Switch the difficulty to Hardcore, or Insanity if you want a challenge, BEFORE heading to Illium. If you've already completed the game on Insanity, you'll find little trouble here. Otherwise, use the tips mentioned for the "Insanity" achievement. Some tricky spots include the boss fight with Vasir and the standoff outside the Shadow Broker's stronghold. The achievement will pop once you have defeated the Shadow Broker.

  • did it on insanity no problem. lot's of awesome battles
  • What does it mean? You have to start the mission when playing on Hardcore/Insanity or can I load other difficulty level and change it in options prior to starting a mission? Thanks in advance.
  • You only have to be sure your game settings are put on Hardcore/Insanity before docking on Illium.
  • Good Battles and makes the download content take way to get your money's worth on this one!
  • This was so awesome!
  • I've already landed on Illium once, but only talked to a few people and bought some stuff at the market. Never met Liara yet. Can I go back to the Normandy, set it to hard and then return and still get it? ..otherwise I'll just come back and get this achievement when I do my insanity playthrough.
  • Not true about docking before Illium. I was on normal when landing and talked to Liara about the Shadow Broker. I did however switch before going to her apartment and still managed the achievement when I finished.
  • Did this on my Insanity run. The hardest part was getting to the Shadow Broker( the battle at the air lock door took awhile). The Broker himself wasn't too bad.
  • If you already beat him on another difficulty, can you change it and than replay it?
  • @7: Confirmed. Switched to hardcore mode as I was already on Illium but before taking the cab to Liara. Got the achievement when the final mission summary screen showed up. :)
  • @ m1n0rThreat: I agree. I was concerned (after slogging my way through the ship) that the Broker, himself, would be almost to difficult to bear, but, playing as the Soldier class with the Widow sniper rifle made it actually very easy.
  • I switched to hardcore AFTER taking the cab, while in Liaras apt, and still got the achievement.
  • The hardest bit for me was after the chase scene you had to fight waves of enemies. But not as hard as playing whole campaign on insanity.
  • If uve already done the mission how do u redo it on insane
  • I goofed on this one. I tried it on hardcore and made it all the way to the door before the broker and kept getting slaughtered. I put up a good fight but to no avail. I changed the difficulty back to normal just to finally put the DLC to rest and then only realized that I hadn't applied any of Liara's skill points. I was essentially trying this cheevo with level 28 chars and a level 1 Liara with higher health. lol. Surprised I made it as far as I did.
  • Need help real bad! It is easy up until the Azure but then wave 5 always gets me without fail, no matter how alert i am! HELP!!!! I am gettin annoyed!
  • Best DLC ever. Second hardest Cheevo in the game.
  • So glad that I will be able to beat the game on insane and then change it down to hardcore before taking the cab to Liara's. Thanks!
  • Alright, so now I'm playing through ME2, and I got a question... Suppose I'm playing on Casual/Normal/Veteran, I dock on Ilium normally and speak to Liara for the first time, and do a lot of other stuff on Ilium while I'm on it (such as dossier & loyalty missions), but BEFORE I take the cab to Liara's apartment, THEN I switch to Hardcore/Insanity; will THAT still work?
  • As stated a bunch of times, including achievements like this in DLC just makes it worth your money even more, great way to get the most out of extra content :D
  • If you beat the game on Insanity you will have no problem with this.

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