Catching Up Achievement

  • Catching Up



    Reminisce with Liara on the Normandy

    Once you have completed the DLC, you can talk to Liara in the Shadow Broker's stronghold. When you end the conversation, she will ask you if she can go onto the Normandy with you. Accept this offer, and then play out the following conversation as you see fit. Once the conversation is over, the achievement will pop.

  • This is probably the easiest of the new DLC achievements. After the final fight with the Shadow Broker, you will be in a room with Liara in your casual clothes. Before leaving, talk to Liara and invite her onto the Normandy. After a cutscene and more dialog, it's achievement city. To make life easier, make sure to do the Detail Orientated achievement before talking to Liara. Just makes it so you don't have to come back afterward.
  • Why the hell wont this site let me save these achievements??
  • yea it's annoying since Mass effect 2 is the only game i've gotten all achievements on. maybe someone will notice this and fix it soon but it's been so long at this point
  • This happens with all games that get new achievements. You have to delete the games achievements from "My Checklists" and then re-enable achievements tracking. X360A know about the issue but are just too lazy to fix it ATM. It's been this way for years now :(.
  • #4: We weren't "too lazy," we didn't know what caused it. But, it has actually been fixed for a few months now so that new DLC doesn't have this problem. Unfortunately all older DLC that was added before the fix was still affected.
  • boys and girls
  • Just an FYI, this is a missable achievement. If you don't choose the positive dialogue options, then you won't be able to invite her to the ship.
  • Here with waaaaay late feedback. If you don't invite her to the Normandy the first go around, go to the Normandy, then go back to see Liara at the Shadow Broker Base. Talking to her will start the Normandy exchange and net the achievement.

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