The Ultimate Sacrifice Achievement

  • The Ultimate Sacrifice



    Complete the Arrival DLC pack

    Story-based and unmissable.

    The two main parts of this DLC are listed in guide for in the other two achievements, but for those of us who love to collect Asturgis has provided us with a very handy collectibles guide.

  • The title makes me think one of the DLC characters is going to die OR you'll have to choose one of your team mates to die again. Which I really don't want to do, because I know they won't let me choose Zaeed.
  • The picture looks like a mass effect relay, maybe you sacrifice your only way out of the hostile area by destroying one and its arrival into mass effect 3. If that made any sense to anybody...
  • Maybe Hacket dies.
  • I think someone exclusive to the DLC will die, not one of your squad. Otherwise I'll be really pissed.
  • @ #2 That actually does make sense. I would assume Reaper ships are faster than the Normandy. If so, that would explain how the Reapers started attacking Earth before Sheppard even got there. Destroying the Relay would have least bought everyone some time.
  • ahh...I just finally got the shadowbroker DLC and 100% the game again finally...Now I gotta do it again. Oh well itll be fun i guess
  • There is a well thought out theory that we may be sacrificing Earth itself Read here:
  • Man, I was hoping that Bioware would over point these achievements seeing this is the last DLC. 1455 is such an ugly, ugly number.
  • @1: They probably wouldn't let us pick Kasumi either. :(
  • @ #8 1455 is an ugly number , unfortunately the true total 1355 is even uglier
  • @#10 I dont understand why they couldn't have just taken off 5 points and made it 1350. At least that looks complete. I never understand why big developers do this. Its like they have know idea how important achievements are!
  • Or they could have added 5 points...
  • I would totally sacrifice Jack, or Miranda... Also I think the sacrifice might mean shutting down the relays which may be the passage way for the reapers. since everyone relies on the relays, it is "the ultimate sacrifice" either that or Sheppard dies again...
  • #11 You know what I don't understand? Why it matters
  • @#11 You would rather have a game have an odd number of gamerscore then have a complete number? Would you like it if games started shipping will 1010Gamerscore? Isn't it better when games cap at 1250, 1500, 1750? You would think devs would realize that it looks nicer to have 1350 rather than 1355. Thats why it matters.
  • This DLC doesn't even have your teammates in it. Just Shepard going on a mission for Hacket alone. Lame.
  • I wouldn't mind, because it's just gamerscore, guy It's a number If people care enough, they can look at your achievements for the game and see that you have them all.
  • I also should add that I would be totally fine if games shipped at 1010 gamerscore. I'm not really seeing your point, 1010 looks fine
  • Offtopic, but: #11 If it's so important to you, you should pick up SW:TFU because it gives 1345 G.
  • I would think since we are on a site dedicated to achievements and since you have over 100,000 that you would care about them. I know I'm not alone on this topic and that most people would rather have games capped at an even number.
  • if i have to sacrifice Tali or garrus..RAGE QUIT!
  • I do not think this will have anything to do with the crew of the Normandy at all. The whole story of ME3 is Shep coming back to save them.... be pointless for him to go there, leave and then come back. #11, et al.: if you are that dedicated to completing your games for acheivements, why care what the ending number is? Most people only see the huge-ass number, and RARELY pay attention to the per game details.
  • haha guys the main point with the achievements should be for yourself. If you know you completed the game then it doesnt matter how it looks. Congratulate yourself and move on.
  • I'm guessing it'll play out like this, Shepard uses a relay to travel to the far reaches of the galaxy and goes about the DLC mission. When he finally gets wind of the Reapers closing in, he ends up destroying the relay he came through. Thus stranding him outside of reach from Earth which would make sense by going what the ME3 trailer said about Shephard making it to Earth or else the galaxy is doomed.
  • Destroying the relay to slow down the Reapers that is.
  • Yep, 23, you have it right 20, I care about achievements. I mean, I enjoy getting them, I guess? But I'm just not very anal about the ending score.
  • Well I figured this achievement would just be given once you finish the DLC. No? And if a game shipped with 1010 points, I would be like sweet, an extra 10 points for me to gain for nothing, like the site says. Every point counts ;)
  • After reading everyone's comments, I have a new theory... The Reapers close in on this relay > Hatchet or the DLC Doctor allow Shepard to escape threw the relay and they stay behind to destroy it, and themselves. This not only slows the Reapers down, but also give Shepard the smoking gun proof to get the entire Galaxy's ass in gear for the attack.
  • Remember when you must detonate bomb i ME1, and you must sacrefice someone? I think you will sacrefice this person who didnt die.... Nah! its to crazy! I think Haccket dies or this person who we will search.
  • @29 The possibility of having Kaiden (in my case at least) being the sacrifice is kind of hard to swallow as BioWare has stated that this DLC mission is a Shepard only affair. The fact that you'll be going solo easily lends the idea that the sacrifice is either Shepard or Dr. Kenson.
  • Regardless, I'm just stoked to have more ME2 DLC to entertain me until ME3 comes out.
  • I think that the DLC will entail Shepard closing down a mass realy, to delay the reapers arrival.
  • I hope they package together a dlc bundle soon so I can pick up all four in one swoop.
  • why do people bitch about what digit the game ends with when max'd out. I know this is an achievement site people. but all you are doing is making an arbitrary number even more pointless.
  • At least it doesn't end in 1354.
  • I want already the third part!
  • @ #5, not really. Since Shepherd was in the Collector Homeworld in the Normandy. WHo knows how fast it took the Reapers to get to Earth. It's possible that as soon as shepherd got into the homeworld, the Reaper's started appearing. I mean considering how many there were in the Mass Effect 3 reveal trailer, makes you wonder.
  • Well, i just finished the game, and the sacrifice is indeed one of the screenshots of the DLC.
  • Yeah, just beat it aswell, such an epic teaser!
  • @8, totally agree. cant they just put one more in for a nice 45 more Gs!?
  • Short and sweet. Loved it! (3 easy-ass achievements too) Super stoked for ME3!
  • LOL
  • Story based achievement. Can't miss it. So looking forward to the outcome of this sacrifice in ME3.
  • I knew an acheivement entitled "The Ultimate Sacrifice* would be something huge.. but my god.. *shivers* "What have I become My alien friend? Innocents unknown Sacrificed them all And I stew in it all My empire of guilt It won't go away Never go away...."
  • Awesome DLC, cant wait for mass effect 3, is going to kick major ass
  • I believe this dlc is mentioned as a major point for the beginning of me3, though I could be mistaken.

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