Last Stand Achievement

  • Last Stand



    Survive all five waves in the battle for Object Rho

    While story-based, this achievement is missable.

    This may be the most challenging achievement out of the three of them, but if you turn your difficulty down, come here with a strong upgraded character or follow this little guide I decided to use as it worked well for a low level soldier with considerably moderate weapons.

    As soon as I gained control of Shepard I made a move to the left and hide behind the "L" shaped console there. This spot worked well for me for a couple of reasons:

    • Enemies never came from my right up the stairs I took. 
    • I was able to keep them all in front of me scanning and watching for potential targets that would rush.
    • Although you are unable to stay in cover if you move from the front to the right (if we are looking at it from behind) snapping back into cover for this is easy.

    I tried numerous other methods listed in other guides and found that my character was just too weak and too outgunned to be able to stand any chance. Just to be sure it wasn't a fluke run I loaded an old save and ran my same technique in the "L" shaped console on the left and again nobody came from the stairs I took and the only things that rushed me were the flamethrower guards and the MECH in the last wave. 
    Just a quick Wave Breakdown (note that upon killing a certain percentage of the previous wave the next will spawn):

    • Wave 1: Regular soldiers with regular weapons
    • Wave 2: Regular soldiers with 2 flamethrower guards. Both flamethrower enemies will rush you so make sure to keep them at bay.
    • Wave 3: Regular soldiers with 1 flamethrower guard and 1 Vanguard The flamethrower will rush you and if using the technique listed above the vanguard will generally stay back directly in front of you over by the stairs on the far side of the room making him an easy kill.
    • Wave 4: Regular soldiers with 1 Engineer and 1 Flamethrower guard. Remember the flamethrower will charge, and this engineer will rotate between cover behind the pillar directly in front of you and the wall to the far left never rushing. 
    • Wave 5: Mech time. I stuck it out in the spot I talked about previously and as soon as I could see the Mech coming through the door I went into reflex mode and used the collector beam to take him down. It took 2 times in reflex mode to push over the Mech, and he got as far as the stairs in the middle leading up to my cover. 

    Just remember if the battle is too tough, or you find yourself unable to use any of the listed guides to beat this--turn down the difficulty to Casual and really hammer away from a spot that has good cover. 

  • Story based? I hope story based!
  • No I think you have to do this as like an extension of a story mission.
  • Waves? I knew there'd be some horde knock off.
  • I think this is a missable achievement in the story.
  • There's a point where you're attacked at Object Rho, it's following the first "act" of the DLC. No matter how long you last, you eventually have to get knocked out in order for the game to continue. If you survive 5 waves of enemies you should get this achievement.
  • yeah, you will see a status bar filling up on the right side of the screen, if it fills up you get the achievement... if you fall before then you miss it
  • Well, i managed almost all waves with the Collector Beam, then i finished it off with other weapons.
  • @7, thanks for the tip.
  • This one is easiest done if you quickly head to a corner and get to cover. Take out the enemies as they come. Kill the heavy mech near the end quickly and clean up they remaining enemies and this achievement will pop and you will be knocked out.
  • This is not hard i missed First time but still easy. When you see project RHO you will get a vision after the vision you have to survive till the bar fills up in the bottom right then PING Achevement unlocked.
  • So I killed everyone and now I'm in a room with nothing but the object, but my power level bar isn't full. This has happened twice now. Is there supposed to be some kind of switch or am I supposed to destroy the actual object now?
  • I finally got it the third time I killed everyone, but I did two things differently. First, I ran to a corner on the left side of the room instead of the right. (Relative to where I entered the room) Second, I did not save the mech for my last kill. I don't know if one of those things had an effect or if it just didn't glitch the third time, but for anyone else having that problem... there you go.
  • its easy, just hide on the right side, and shoot everything what will come, and when comes big robot shoot him with BIG gun, and achiv. will pop-up.
  • thanks for the tips guys.
  • I did this on hardcore. I used the collector beam and it worked pretty well on all the targets. not having to reload is pretty helpful. I ran to the corner behind some cover and the mech would just stand it front of the cover and shoot non-stop. my shotgun took him out pretty easily. the only hard parts are the flamers. dont let them get close or they will rip you a a part and draw u out of cover. As soon as you see them make them your first priority.
  • This Achievement is unlocked by: When you first meet Object Rho, the security will try to kill you, if you can survive during that time and kill them all "the 5 waves" you will get this achievement, i got it first time round.
  • I got it on insane the first try. Very easy if you immediantely go left from your starting position and hide behind the L shape. Apart from the flamethrower enemies and the Giant Mech noone will come close to you.
  • I gotta try this now.. I hope I get it on the first try.
  • If you're playing on Insanity then you should get Dominate so you can Dominate a Pyro to distract the heavy mech when you ru.n to find more cover 'cause they WILL flank you
  • If you go into the little alcove to your left at the start of the fight you are protected on all fronts because they will not proceed behind you(at least not for me anyway). make sure you kill flame throwers first and just hold out till the mechs. when they come whip out your biggest gun ( I had the Minny nuke launcher aka the M-920 Cain which is the most powerful gun in the game.) if you use the M-920 Cain please pull it out right when they say send in the mechs, so you can aim and fire right when they walk in. the first one will die as well as any enemies that were there as of me giving it the term "mini nuke". then you can pull out your shotgun ( for me the geth shotgun) and kill the second one. after that all you have to do is mop up the remaining enemies.
  • Err... Small question (related to the "Insanity" achievement): Is it possible to get down the difficulty to get this achievement, then, reload (with the difficulty at top), finish the game normally and then get the "Insanity" achievement ?
  • A lot of people are saying that when the heavy mech comes, kill it first. I just did this on Insane (as a lvl 30 Inflitrator) and I found that if you kill the troops before the mech, it will help you out heaps. This is because the mech is easier to run from and can be easily trapped between cover. If there is any confusion on what people are saying, follow this guide
  • Here's my 2 cents: As a LVL 26 Sentinel I didn't have a shot gun. Plus, every time I tried to use the M-920 Cain "mini nuke" I ended up dying from the blast. Instead, I opted for the Collector's beam rifle. Run to the left as previously stated. I had the (fortune/misfortune, I haven't decided) Warp Ammo ability so I powered up my shields and activated that. As previously stated, take out the guards until the mech comes in. Be patient! Kill the guards between the mech's weapon change. I would heavy warp them or throw them as that was about all the time I had before it started firing again. Sometimes the mech gets in a position where it's rocket blast will hit you and knock you back. Quickly take cover again; it doesn't do too much damage. Find a better position where it
  • this tips sure help!
  • I hate this achievement on insane :(
  • Did it on insane using the geth shotgun would definitly recemend that gun to anyone it always makes enemies flinch even through sheilds and can shoot faster than they can stop flinching=infinite damage only flaw is in solo parts vs multiple enemies(like here) Also has more ammo than other shotguns and perfect accuracy
  • Does this achievement conflict with the Stealth one? I want to start eh DLC soon, but I'm not sure how these 2 cheevos relate to each other. Thanks
  • I already had the insane achievement when I downloaded this so I ran through it on an easier difficulty which may have been why it was pretty easy lol. I didn't use any heavy weapons and just overloaded, heavy-warped and sniped the heavy mech to death :)
  • This was pretty hard on insanity, because you run out of ammo eventually. I did everything else on insanity, but for this achievement you might as well just turn it down to easy and blast through it.
  • Many controllers have been broken earning this achievement.
  • The completing the game on Insanity difficulty achievement has nothing to do with any DLC. Just the main game. So just turn it to easy for this one.
  • Just carry the M-920 Cain and blow the mech to pieces
  • Easy Works
  • Dr. Kenson is an evil bitch.
  • I got stuck with Cain...mistake. Dropped difficulty down to Casual, got the achievement and reloaded to finish my Insane playthrough. Hate wave-based fights...hate hate hate hate hate.
  • This is the worst achievement ever. No matter what I tried, I would always make it to that last mech and then it would annihilate me. I think I broke some blood vessels in my brain before I finally rage quit this achievement and just got on with the rest of the DLC. I've just started a second playthrough to farm for missed achievements, so now I swear to own this sucker... thanks for all the tips up above, everybody!
  • Whatever you do; don't go make the mistake of trying for this if you're also going for the "Insanity" achievement...unless you enjoy buying new TV's/controls.
  • I did this with an engineer and had the slam bonus power. I tore these guys apart using slam and shield overload, and what was great was I would use the combat drone on the giant mechs, and it would stall the mech so i could kill off the other guys first. BUT I think my method causes a glitch because I had to reload at least 5 times cause they would just stop spawning enemies on me. it was SO frustrating. I forever hate this achievement lol
  • This is now my least favorite achievement ever. I set my game to Casual difficulty and it STILL took me probably around ten tries. The final winning strategy was to camp out in the lower left corner of the room and use my Slam bonus power on pretty much everybody (to conserve ammo). The only ones who tried to get close were the pyros, so I had to keep a close eye on them. When a voice yelled "Activate the heavy mechs," I ran to the upper left corner of the room and readied the Cain. As soon as the room's back door opened, I activate Adrenaline Rush to slow down time, then fired up the Cain and nailed that mech. This still came within half an inch of killing me, but I survived and then had only one heavy mech and two soldiers to take out. Luring them all to the left side of the room,
  • (cont'd)... then activating Adrenaline Rush (again, to slow down time) and rushing over to the far right side of the room, gave me the time (and cover!) I needed to target them all and finally nail this achievement. I then proceeded to throw down my controller in victory. Never again, I tell you... never again.
  • Can I clarify, can you drop down from Insanity to Casual to pop this 'chievo and then put it back to Insanity to get the Insanity playthrough achievement? Or should I just play through again, specifically to get this one?
  • You could always try creating a save before this scene then continuing to just die whenever. Once completed on insanity you can go back and play that save at a lower difficulty.
  • I don't know if I'm the only one experiencing this problem, but I've attempted this achievement 5 times now. Every time I've been successful in conquering each oncoming wave and yet I'm still left staring at the artifact in the end with the wave bar completely full on my screen. I swear I'm the king at finding the dumbest glitches in games these days. lol
  • Is anyone else having troube getting this achievement to save as completed? For some reason this one and the rescue Dr. Amanda achievement will not save as completed for me...
  • @44 I have the same issue, its annoying
  • Not sure why everyone else was having problems with this. I was reading all these comments before I went into this and was getting pretty anxious by how difficult everyone said it was. But, I did it first try on my Insanity playthrough. All you have to do is read up on a tactic suited to your class, level up to 30 and buy the upgrades to weapons and health before you attempt. It's honestly not a problem if you put in the prior preparation.

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