Covert Action Achievement

  • Covert Action



    Rescue Dr. Amanda Kenson without attracting hostile attention

    While story-based, this achievement is missable

    This achievement is best to do completely separate from collecting everything in sight as there are a couple of collectibles that you will be unable to get and keep your cover simultaneously. With a little bit of careful planning and a slight dousing of stealth this shouldn't be a problem. Let's tackle it. (Note if you don't want to read through my walkthrough at the end will be a fairly solid video walkthrough accomplishing the same thing.)

    Starting it it drops us off outside of the prison in front of a door. Walk over to the side of the door and cut the power. After opening the door hang a right and you will see the controls for a bridge. If you turn directly around and proceed through the broken bars and to your left you will find 400 Iridium next to a dead varen. The top one cannot work without the one below so backtrack a few steps and look to your left at a ramp heading down. There is a varen down here who is unavoidable and inconsequential. The killing of varen do not count toward the attraction of hostile attention. Once you activate the lower controls head back up and once again try to activate the bridge, this time extending it.

    Once across follow the path up the steps to an area with pipes, gas lines and lasers. As soon as you shut down the lasers take a couple steps back and look to your left for the oncoming varen you just released. Dispatch the varen and continue on catching quick dialog to your left by the horizontal lasers and the locked door. Move on until you run into an area with gas pipes and gas valves that can be activated. Each break in the path has a gas valve that can be activated to open up another/addition to your exploratory area. If you are looking to collect items and keep this runthrough as your main then continue to read on. If not continue back when the font changes back to normalThere is an area blocked by the gas. In order to access it you need to turn the valve in front and to the right of the wall of flames, and the first valve on the left as you progress farther. Inside this room you will find credits, a personal log, and an ammo upgrade for your heavy weapons. To get back on track for your objectives just activate the valves to once again open your path. Make your way upstairs and pop a quick save at the door before going outside. It's time to get our stealth on. 

    Upon exiting the building you will come down stairs and see two guards to your left. They both have their backs turned and are discussing important matters so this is our time to strike. Down a small alley to the right is a power code that we will cut thus neutralizing the lasers that are blocking our route. Come back a little bit and get into cover at the tail lights of the truck. Mount that then make a quick right and mount the balcony. Upon opening the door quickly to your right is a locker with credits in it. Make sure not to go left and on top of that not to open the door to the left! Upon continuing right you will come to an impasse. Left or right? If you go left it will lead you to a room that is in need of exploring and looting--you will get the following: 400 Iridium. Again make sure not to open the door in this back-room you just explored and to trace your steps back to that impasse. I suggest saving here real quick because once we fall down there is no turning back.

    After dropping down make your way up the stairs, through the door and to the room with two guards facing away and plenty of collectibles inside. If you go for the items in this room you will be caught thus failing the objective and achievement. Instead make a save right at the door if you would like to come back and collect the items later, or just do a whole other save where you blast every prison guard away-- the choice is your's. After moving past the open door you will see a guard patrolling and actually walking away. We will actually want to follow him and the door he goes through. Be sure not to go to your right or else you will be spotted by our lovely guards at the window. Once you get in this area you are by yourself and free to calm your nerves and take a deep breath. From this point we are going to activate the crane controls and here's how:

    • Middle Crane Button
    • Left Crane Button
    • Right Crane Button
    • Right Crane Button.

    This sequence will open up a medi-gel upgrade and 1200 iridium. After you grab or skip this use the vehicle lift to open up a passage way down. Activate the vehicle lift again to open up a PDA and a Med Kit under the elevator. You will continue a bit to your right and then find a door on your left. Go through it and find a security log to listen to, a locker to give you credits and an off switch for those lasers. Stay close to the wall on your right, the guard on your left will be looking right at you, your heart will drop..... but he does not see you. Alas we prevail. Continue down the hallway, hang a left and open the door. You will get your sneaky achievement after the cut scene.

  • This one should be interesting.
  • It's interesting to see that it's tying in with those letters from the Cerberus Daily News. Amanda Kenson has been mentioned a few times.
  • This will probably be missable which is cool. I like it when they need to be earned!
  • Probably, but this one might be the toughest out of them 3.
  • Now this sounds like it's gonna be a challenge. I wonder how it will play out?
  • all i can say is save often. LOL!!
  • Maybe you'll be able to disguise yourself and will only have 5 minutes to do it, or sneak past cameras and guards Metal Gear Solid style lol.
  • This is awesome i like challenge. Definetly going to use my Infiltrator Shepard the first time i play this. gotta love the cloaking
  • this achievemt is easy, just dont shoot anyone any you can void detection... and just so you know the beasts in the beginning of the level dont count
  • @9, well thats good news. as im playing it now and just killed a varren that attacked me. :)
  • Agreed with #9. Another tip is at parts were you think you might attract attention, just save before moving on. Got it on the first try :)
  • Yeah, indeed easy to get. All guards are looking in the wrong direction :D
  • i got no attention and still no achievement??
  • went through it again and ive do it now noworries
  • lol it took u 14 minutes to do that achievment. it must not be hard
  • It helps to know where you're going
  • Was this supposed to unlock right when you found her? I didn't get it, I accidentally shot someone and reloaded, but then I didn't get it when I found her.
  • This achievement is really quite simple. There are about 3 pairs of enemies that you must make it around. For the first there is a panel that shuts down an energy fence then all you have to do is climb on the truck and climb up and you are past. For the second and third just walk past the rooms they are in and once you talk to Kenson this achievement will pop.
  • Very easy. You should unlock it right after the conversation with the Doctor. Just save & reload if you are having problems getting it to unlock. And don't worry the Varren in the beginning will always agrro and it won't affect the achievement. I did this as a Level 30 sentinel. Class doesn't matter either. Might be a bit easier with a the infiltrator's cloak.
  • I didn't alert any of them but the achievement didn't pop for me. Oh well, will have to go back and play it again since I missed the battle of Object Rho one.
  • Just did this three times without being detected. The first time the first pair of enimies just hovered a few feet off the ground. Reloaded and replayed three times so far and no achievement.
  • For people who mysteriously aren't getting the achievement: It is possible to alert the two guards in the room overlooking the shuttle bay after you have passed them. Follow the catwalk around the room, and immediately go through the door on the left as the shuttle arrives. If you head to the right on the catwalk when the shuttle arrives, the guards see you through the glass windows and become alerted, but do not open fire or move. See if that helps.
  • All too easy.
  • Can confirm @22, guards are alerted on shuttle-bay catwalk.
  • Note: Engaging Tactical Cloak at any point while you are sneaking in will result in you losing the achievement.
  • @ 14 oh good because i was super worried you would miss the achievement....
  • Great walkthrough link 25
  • I found that if I killed the varren too close to the security lasers, you can hear the guards say "there is someone in the sewers, release the varren" and I wouldn't get the achievement.
  • @25 I used tactical cloak while sneaking in and even heard them say "The enemy is cloaked" and "Ah there he is" when I decloaked but I still got the achievement.
  • Got this one today. It was easy...
  • @25 ohhhh thats why it didnt unlock...thanks
  • Easy; getting out w/ her though on insanity was the challenging part (I was only level 15)
  • I thought it was going to be really hard but it turned out it was rather easy. As long as you don't walk directly in the guards line of sight or fire your gun they will never know you were there.
  • Rescue? But the bitch dies! This one makes no sense at all...
  • @34 Thanks for the spoiler, dickhead.
  • great now i know she dies -_-
  • I used the cloak, ran through this pretty quick. Killed vermin etc. No problems with the achievement. I even had the "lost visuals" comment and still got it.
  • @34 Yeah you're a real ass face...that has nothing to do with the achievement
  • I missed that achievement when I posted that. You should assume that merely by reading a walkthrough about an achievement will result in a spoiler since, well, you're reading about what goes on to get the achievement unlocked. My bad for missing it since I thought there was much more stage to cover before I got to the part where I needed to sneak around. My apologies for slipping up about a two-second character dying. If it's any consolation to you guys--I didn't get the achievement. Whoops.
  • Yes just got it! ME2 is now 100% complete!
  • Was a cinche.
  • For your info, Tactical Cloak doesn't work.
  • god this is one of the worst ones on the game
  • @43 This achievement's a piece of piss It's so easy...
  • most of the time when you hit "cloak" they'll yell that they lost visuals, but you still get the achievements as long as no one has shot at you.
  • #42 by Fiery Phoenix - you're wrong, it works just fine.
  • Achievement pops AFTER the cut scene where you talk to her. Pro-tip, if you have been spotted, the save option in the pause menu will be greyed out.
  • Thank you for doing a written walkthrough, I can't stand to watch video walkthroughs.
  • This one is fun to figure out on your own after a couple of playthroughs.

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