Driven Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Driven



    Return to active duty.

    How to unlock Driven

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Earth.


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  • we better not die again...
  • In this one, if we have to die it'll probably be at the end :p
  • I believe Shephard is housebound to Earth for what he did in the Arrival DLC. Someone calls on him and gets reinstated.
  • #3 has got it right, after the events in arrival you get your rank stripped from you and at the begining of ME3 you get a .... let's call it a field promotion back into the rank and file :)
  • ah yeah i remember seeing that somewhere
  • "Consider yourself reinstated!"
  • @#6 *read in David Andersons' voice* "Consider yourself reinstated commander. You've got a galaxy to save!" awwwww yeeeah :D
  • Was there any doubt though? ha
  • That sounds very hard.
  • Thx for the free gamerscore...
  • @7 hahaha, holy shit, in the new mass effect 3 trailer, he actually says that :P
  • Free gamerscore ftw
  • 1000 starting GS and no points for MP so far.... hmmm - strange
  • easiest one ever
  • Damn that was hard (sarcasm). I thought these were supposed to achievements.
  • Free points=) Gotta love story achievments.
  • Love story achievements!
  • I bet this will be the first achievement unlocked in the game for most gamers!! ;)
  • Shepard is back!
  • Baaaaaa
  • The ending to this game sucks

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