Bringer of War Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Bringer of War



    Chase down an assassin.

    How to unlock Bringer of War

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Mars.

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  • Kai Leng?
  • Blatantly Kai Leng. As horrible as Deception was, I'd laugh my arse off if our first meeting with him was discovering him in our quarters, eating our cereal. The spoon frozen, halfway to his mouth.
  • Kai Leng, yes.
  • Don't care how bad ass he thinks he is, no man steals Shepard's Sugar Puffs.
  • :o Or, he could ambush us from inside the bathroom! Most Shepards don't even know that that's there, it'd be the perfect surprise! Plus, he'd have a handy supply of toothbrushes to sharpen while he waits...
  • "Hey Shepard, you're all out of Cocoa Puffs."
  • Kai Leng? I hope not. Didn't really like him in the books, or am i thinking of the wrong guy.
  • @#7: Kai Leng is the assassin from the books, yes. Whether you like his personality or not, i thought he had a great characterisation, and i'd love to interact with him in the story; possibly gain the chance to kill him, or add him to your crew (however unlikely), depending on your morality status.
  • Worth considering that it could alternatively just be Thane.
  • I hope it's Thane he was awesome
  • well didnt thane retire after he joined u?
  • god i hope it's Thane.
  • Thane retired from mindless contract-killing. Whatever he's doing now, though, he's still an assassin.
  • I was think Thane too
  • Legion?
  • Nah. Im going with Thane too
  • im playing mass effect 2 right now before getting into this one and thane is sick... his going to die, thats why you look up his son.. cant remember if you cure it, anyone?
  • *minor spoiler* its not kai leng or any other assumption. And he/she(not telling) appeared in the books Figure it out.
  • is it... Jack (Subject Zero)? That would make sense. She was one seriously angry chick to begin with. I really doubt that taking down that Reaper had a mellowing effect on her. And it probably didn't help that Shepard hit it and quit it to pursue Miranda. What?! Oh, I'm the only one? :D
  • To lay all speculation to rest, this is story based and isn't Kai Leng, Jack or Thane. You'll pick this one up early.
  • Yep, it's not Kai Leng. It isn't anyone we've seen before (as far as I know).
  • All of the storyline achievements are very, very vague its hard to remember what this one was even though i just did it a few days ago. SPOILER!!!! though I think it was Dr. Eva on Priority: Mars? I could be wrong
  • Braven10 is correct.
  • Yup, it's Dr. Eva
  • its Dr. Eva on the last part on Mars
  • Like the game!

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