Mobilizer Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Mobilizer



    Bring a veteran officer aboard.

    How to unlock Mobilizer

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Palaven.

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  • Hacket? Please? =D
  • #1 My bet it's Anderson.
  • Or Kaidan/Ashley o_o
  • Nah it's Kaidan/Ashley.
  • But Kaidan/Ashley are already aboard by the time the tutorial ends.
  • I'm going to bet it's Kaiden/Ashley
  • Hell, even Garrus could be a "veteran officer."
  • I want Hackett to be the Veteran Officer
  • it might be vega
  • Its either Anderson or Hackett in my opinion, in one of the leaked Mass Effect 3 vids (one from the closed demo that was leaked on xbox live a while back) stated that Admiral Hackett was "missing" so there likely is a mission to find him. Or, it could be an entirely new character introduced in ME3? I still hope its either Anderson or Hackett as I like and respect both of them.
  • #10 Good point, Anderson keeps saying 'Where is Admiral Hackett?' 'Why haven't we heard from him.' I honestly think it's Anderson and Hackett is involved in the Cerberus kidnapping achievement.
  • i think the kidnapping could be saving hacket but then i have no clue who this on could be maybe liara and / or garrus?
  • I reckon it's a prothean, as i've just been on the mass effect wiki site an there is a picture of a book with a prothean in it. in the book it says, "the look of the collectors influenced how we created the prothean squad member." I don't know how legit this is, but it got me excited.
  • Its a new squadmate
  • @#13: Could a Prothean be a veteran officer? Not really. =/ Spoiler alert, by the way. -SPOILER- The Prothean, a new squad mate, is in the day-one DLC, 'From Dust'.
  • Maybe its Zaeed from ME2
  • @16 While Zaeed is indeed a veteran, he is not a part of any military force and is therefore not an officer. Sorry to disappoint you.
  • my first geuss would be garrus but what if he did in the second game... hmm. are you then gonna miss out?
  • I'm gonna agree with everyone else. It's most likely Hackett, he was part of the fleet guarding Earth, and he could of taken what was left of the human fleets and regrouped at Arcturus Station or the Citadel.
  • Confirmed from a video that this is Garrus.
  • Oh man, wouldn't it be hilarious if it ended up being Conrad Verner? Hahhh! But it would probably make more sense if he ended up being the Assassin you chase down for the "Bringer of War" chievo. He was clearly unstable, and maybe Shepard (his hero) publicly humiliating him was just the push he needed to go all Galactic-ly Postal on everyone in the Citadel.
  • I bet its Comander Bailey and I just messed it up by telling him to stay :/
  • You get this when you bring Garrus back into the fight.
  • Primarch Victus
  • It's garrus
  • Though you get Garrus from this mission, it refers to Primarch Victus. Garrus is not an officer.

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