World Shaker Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • World Shaker



    Destroy an Atlas dropped from orbit.

    How to unlock World Shaker

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Sur'Kesh.

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  • There's an Atlas in the demo for you to practice and kill :), it's no hard at all.
  • It was pretty hard on insanity!
  • @1 yeah it not hard to kill on normal. But insanity is a whole other monster.
  • Yeah well, anything under Hardcore doesn't even count.
  • This sounds like a fun one to do. I hope that they randomize some of the Atlas drops as well, so you don't know if/when they're coming down. This beast is gonna make Insanity a pain... unless I get to my Arc Projector back, then they are gonna fall like flies.
  • I believe this achievement is story related. You will get it when you travel to the Salarian home world, which is relatively early on in the story.
  • Sorry to double post, but it is actually the one you fought if you played through the single player demo.
  • My squadmates finished the atlus off while I was picking off the smaller guys who were taking potshots at me from the sidelines. I still got the achievement, though!

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