Tunnel Rat Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Tunnel Rat



    Survive the swarm.

    How to unlock Tunnel Rat

    This is a side-quest that you can begin by talking to Wrex/Wreav after "Priority: Tuchanka" which is referred to as "Investigate Missing Scouts" on the galaxy map.

    Obtained: After completing the side-quest Attican Traverse: Krogan Team.

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  • The collectors return?
  • Im thinking Rachni. But then there is that choice in ME1...
  • There are husk equivalent/reaper indoctrinated rachni in the game. I'm wondering if it will be some sort of sequence within a mission involving them that makes the achievement pop.
  • i hate the word swarm when its related to an achievement on a game that i intend to play on insanity lol..usually swarms own me on hard difficulties
  • Tunnel snakes rule!
  • The Hive Mind of the Collectors was wiped out, and by extension, likely all of them. Alternatively, surviving pockets could be left around the place with no head the guide them any more, just fighting for their survival, Seeker Swarms with them.
  • This achievement is awarded after the mission with Grunt and the Reaper-infused Rachni.
  • Grunt rules. Glad he's back!
  • @5 Lol you just pulled a Fallout 3 reference.
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