Hard Target Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Hard Target



    Call down an orbital strike.

    How to unlock Hard Target

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Rannoch.

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  • Sounds Epic..Can't wait
  • The only way to be sure.
  • Since when does Shephard care about Danger close?
  • @3 lol
  • I'm slightly disappointed in this one. Too much like the hammer of dawn from gears of war
  • Great, now I won't be able to get that one Gary Busey line from one of the Saints Row 2 videos (Heavy Weapons) out of my head as I call one strike in. "Come with me! You'll be fill with more lead than a Chinese toy-eee!"
  • This achievement is awarded after the mission to defeat the Reaper-enhanced Geth on the Quarian homeworld. To my knowledge, it is given even if Tali and Legion die.
  • (no spoilers) Wow what an enormous difference between the two choices at the end of this mission. It is a testament to this game's ability to give you tough moral decisions that neither feels truly good or evil and both bring so much destruction. If you have Tali alive I recommend picking the "Paragon"(top-right) choice at least once to see her reaction. It was so tough to deal with I actually fell back on my auto-save to take the other choice.
  • Awesome boss, awesome scene.
  • oh my god this is hard for me for some reason and i'm playing on normal!
  • it took me a couple tries to figure out how not to die and even then i went back to try and save the other...i cant win :'(

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