Arbiter Achievement in Mass Effect 3

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    Win a political stand-off.

    How to unlock Arbiter

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Citadel 2.

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  • I know this sounds far fetched but could this be the Geth and Quarian achievement? I mean maybe both of them reunite and you are the one who decides and then you explain why you chose who and then both sides join you? Lol probably super off but eh one can speculate right?
  • Yep, resolving the Geth/Quarian situation. Good call. Or maybe the Krogan/Salarian thing. Personally though I hope it's just telling the Turian councilor where to stick it.
  • it could also be convincing the council to do something useful for once.
  • the achievement tile has the spectre logo in it....maybe it means something.
  • I'd rather drink a cup of acid after chewing on a razor blade than talk to that Turian moron again.
  • I think it has something to do with the council, and proving them wrong once and for all.
  • I bet it's any of the 3. Geth/Quarian, Krogan/Salarian, or Council. Kind of like the Charismatic chevo from ME1 you could get for saving Wrex OR getting Saren to shoot himself
  • Or maybe it's to do with Anders somehow since he is the same voice as the Arbiter (name of achievement) in Halo and it's just a little wink to that.
  • Dammit Anderson I'm a soldier not a politician!
  • Ahhh, yes, "Arbiters"... The political posits whose duty is to resolve conflicts between two parties. We have dismissed that claim.
  • Maybe it's fighting the Arbiter from Halo. lol.
  • I'd say it's more likely to be Human/Batarian than Salarian/Krogan. There's not so much of an outstanding issue with the Krogans and Salarians as much as bad blood what a political stand-off couldn't fix.
  • I just hope what ever it is a get to pull a great big moonie at the council for all the trouble thay have put me through
  • I agree with Phenoviral more likely to do with the Batarians possibly to do with the advents of the arrival DLC and Shep getting the Batarians to forgive and forget given the current crisis. But I really hope it has some to do with the council and telling them to go shove it if they don't help humanity I SACRIFICED 13 HUMAN SHIPS TO SAVE THEIR ARSES THEY OWE ME BIG TIME!!.
  • i hope it is not the council mainly caused i let them die
  • @#15: I doubt they're going to make an achievement un-unlockable depending on your save. Either way, there's a still a council, whether the last ones died in the Battle of the Citadel or not.
  • Hopefully anything political involves Udina, and hopefully anything involving Udina also has me punching him in the mouth.
  • @#17: More like shooting him in the face. This achievement is awarded after completing the mission where Cerberus attacks the Citadel with the help of a certain Councilor.
  • @18: face, chest... its all the same lol pops after getting rid of that jerkface
  • SPOILER This is the one after Cerberus takes control of the Citadel. Political standoff because Udina is working with them and there is a "political" standoff between Spectres Ashley and Shepard, while the councilors look on
  • SPOILER @#20 You mean theres a "political" standoff between Spectres Ashley OR Kaidan and Shepard. Depends who you saved in the first game. Then again, for all I know, if you don't import a save Ashley is the one that is by default, alive?
  • this was my favorite moment of the entire game :D
  • @21 I believe the one alive is the one of the opposite gender as your character so if your male ashley is alive and if your female kaiden is alive
  • "political stand-off." nice choice of words, Bioware.

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