Last Witness Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Last Witness



    Extract ancient technology.

    How to unlock Last Witness

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Thessia.

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  • Cross your heart, hope to die, stick a needle in your eye. Achievment looks like the Marker from Dead Space
  • May have something to do with one of the uncharted worlds from ME1. Like the Leviathan of Dis on Jartar, or the Lost Crypts on Klencory.
  • I believe the Leviathan of Dis was supposed to be a Reaper, could be derelict again. I'm personally thinking it's more likely to just be a very old race what was wiped out by the Reapers before the Protheans. You never know, though. I'd very much like it to be the Leviathan of Dis.
  • The Leviathan of Dis was believed to be Sovereign / Nazara, but there is no proof of that either way. I'm guessing it's most likely something left behind by the Protheans that COULD help right the Reapers.
  • maybe prothean as it has been leaked you have a prothean squadmember
  • SPOILER: #5 you are right. At least im pretty sure you are. I bought the art book and it was shipped early and I stupidly looked at the ME3 section and it revealed a Prothean Squad Member.
  • @#5: Well, gee. Dick. You're supposed to put a spoiler alert of sorts if you're going to spoil stuff like that. Like so; -SPOILER- The Prothean Squad member is part of the day-one DLC pack, 'From Dust'. As such, an achievement for it shouldn't likely be included on the main list.
  • Could be you find another Prothean beacon...just a guess.
  • Could be Object Rho from Arrival
  • This achievement is awarded after the mission to Thessia to recover the Prothean beacon. The description confuses me, since someone steps in and stops you from extracting it. "Last Witness" is appropriate though.

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