Executioner Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Executioner



    Defeat an old adversary.

    How to unlock Executioner

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Cerberus Headquarters.

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  • Sovereign maybe
  • Mrlacob--> sovereign is died at the end of me 1 , I think it's the batarian terrorist balak
  • yea thats a good call since you killed billions in Arrival.
  • Evil Udina, I so hope I can shoot him in the foot.
  • Problem is you can kill Balak in Mass Effect 1. Still, I hope your right, I considered killing him my Shep's unfinished business in Mass 2.
  • Perhaps Harbinger? It's been a while since I finished ME2, but I remember there being a scene of his ship or whatever exploding, and him presumably being dead. But if there's no body on-screen, you never know for sue, amiright?
  • Harbinger is possible... but I'm thinking the Illusive man. One game doesn't really make you an "old" enemy. Cerberus has been around since me1.
  • No. This is DEFINITELY the Illusive Man, considering that it's not at the very end, it probably isn't Harbinger.
  • If Saren was alive some how, that would be 1 of the many WTF moments they are going to throw at us. I cant wait till this game is out.
  • @ Qwerty, I think by "old adversary" they are going for one who was in the first ME.
  • i hope its the illusive man, i wanted to kill him in the second one, he needed a reality check
  • It could be Harbinger, he IS still alive - he's a Reaper who controlled the Collectors (wasn't actually one of them), and he appears at the end of the Arrival DLC.
  • The Illusive Man or Harbinger...
  • I hope Saren gets resurrected.....i enjoyed killing that asshole in ME1
  • i dont think its going to be saren but it could be a enemy that looks like him there a lot of those corpses i cant remember the name lol i think husks
  • I'm kinda hoping it's Matriarch Benezia, mainly because of her enormous, heaving, enlarged... ego?
  • It probably isnt TIM, since TIM wasnt really an "Adversary" per se.
  • I wonder if it's going to be Kai Leng? I think you chase him down early in the game. Perhaps he gets away at that time and maybe this achievement is unlocked later on when you actually kill him. Just speculation though.
  • Totally harbinger
  • It won't be Kai Leng cause most people wouldn't know who he was unless you had read the books/comic. Who ever it was would surely be around in the first like @11 said so more than likely be like @14 said Cerberus or Harbinger
  • Bear with me, guys. What if.. this is.. Khalisah al-Jilani, of Westerlund News? You KNOW it makes sense.
  • It's TIM. No questions.
  • Maybe is wrex urdndnot? Who knows interesting...
  • @25 that's not interesting, Wrex is a crewmember this time around.
  • @25 yeah definitely not Wrex. I think its the Illusive Man. I can't remember if its ever explained what's up with the Illusive Man's eyes but his eyes always make me think he's almost a sort of reaper puppet, like Saren, except his indoctrination is less obvious and that makes him a great spy pawn. just a thought.
  • It's either Conrad Verner or Saren. There are no other options worth it being.
  • You are all wrong it's the turian counselar : D
  • TIM does sound like a decent guess to me.
  • Someone from the 1st game perhaps, thats my guess anyways ^^
  • Maybe Balik if you let him live?
  • @29 maybe turian councilor. I shoulda let the council die to save the alliance fleet.
  • They're not going to make an achievement that's only obtainable by certain choices you made in Mass Effect 1 and 2. It can't be the Turian Councilor because if you chose to save the Alliance Fleet the achievement would only be limited to players who saved the Council. Same goes with the far-fetched idea that it could be Wrex. In my own opinion it's either The Illusive Man, Saren, Harbinger, or maybe even Sovereign. Can't wait to find out March 6th!
  • Kaiden is coming back with vengeance.
  • Realistically, i think it makes the most sense for it to be Harbinger. You've interacted with him enough over the past game and DLC for it to be considered and old adversary.
  • #Spoiler# its kai leng youre going to run into him several times hell win a few scuffles then you beat him towards the end #Spoiler#
  • plz be Saren
  • I really don't want this to be Saren. It could be a new character, as per what #37 said, were it to be persisten enough throughout the game. One old enemy that every player will have, regardless of their choices, is the Thorian. Fuel for thought.
  • Who knows i just hope its a shocking moment when do foind out
  • Might be the Geth. Kai hasn't been introduced yet, therefore can't be an "old" adversary. The Illlusive Man has never been an adversary, until now. Cerberus was though, and is still a possibility. The Reapers are the end all, be all boss, and this achievement is much earlier in the story achievements. IMO, Geth Heretics.
  • Definitely Conrad Verner.
  • If Saren is back, I hope I can recruit him. I like him.
  • It is probably Harbinger or Illusive Man, as there is concept art of him being a reaper cyborg like Saren
  • Harbinger or the geth
  • Hope its Kai Leng. Wanted to kill him after book three, then book four made him troll all the readers by killing someone important..
  • Well it has to be someone that survived ME 1 + 2. So it canot be someone like Balak as you have the option of killing him or letting him live (But you never know it may be him). So it could be Harbinger, TIM, a resurected Saren perhaps. But I am almost convinced that it is going to be Conrad Verner. But maybe those few people that got the space edition versions of the game could shed some light on what truly happens.
  • Yeah... As of now, given that this game's plot has a heavy influence of direct contact with the Reapers, it'd probably be someone influencial that had a pivotal role to play related to them. Gogo Resurrected Saren!
  • @27 The Illusive Man's are explained in the comics.
  • I can't believe no one has thought of Harkin yet (the bad cop from C-Sec). He was in both 1 & 2, and the last we saw of him he was headed off to jail. He could turn out to be connected somehow to the events coming up in 3. Just a thought.
  • or, and this would be totally fucked up, if the "reapers" ressurected whoever you let die on virmire in mass effect 1...ie Kaiden or Ashley. then again it says old adversary and neither were that. but that would be crazy...
  • This achievement is awarded after the mission to assault the Cerberus starbase and defeat Kai Leng.
  • it is kai leng, who isn't built up or explained at all in the game. he just shows up and some people are like "whoa looks like we got a badass over here" and that's all the exposition he gets before you end up killing him.
  • How exactly is Kai Leng an "old adversary"? for players that have not read the books and just played the main trilogy this will be confusing. They could have brought back so many good enemies from past games to relate to this ahchievement, Kai Leng is kind of a lame add-in.
  • @54 I think the old Adversary is Cerberus in general (although I could be wrong, I literally just beat this mission) since you have been fighting them since ME1
  • No NO NO. You fools make me sick. Cerberus itself is the enemy. hence u getting it after attacking the illusive man and the cerberus base. Plus for future game reference, dont take DLC into consideration for achievements. Most game creators don't do this because it would only make sense to the people who had the DLC. like arrival. Everything that happens there has no effect at all on ME3.
  • I agree with #55, I think Cerberus itself is the 'old adversary'.
  • Thats for Thane you son of a bitch!
  • @56 "Everything that happens there has no effect at all on ME3." other than it being why he had been stripped of his command at the start of the game and needed to be reinstated you mean.
  • should have been conrad
  • @56 actually if you do not complete arrival you take a penalty hit in war assets and while in convo with anderson dialouge is directed at your actions regarding the alpha relay for him and vega taking you into custody and being held in the more pristine forms of incarceration
  • it was pure epicness...then it ended...and now we wait...for another ending
  • ********SPOILER********* I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ITS THE ILLUSIVE MAN
  • awesome...
  • So.. So satisfying to get this achievement, ESPECIALLY with what appens to a certain dickhead who never beat you by his own hand. (Well, unless you don't have two certain allies.)
  • Why are you all posting without knowing how to achieve this. This is for help with an achievement someone can not get.the fourms are for talikng. Open a mass effect 3 achievement post. God you guys screw everything up. Don't know a dam thing and come in and just screw it up. This use to be well kept till newbs came in. Go back to your PS3's. Thanks
  • How about in PREVIEWS, Yeah now your using that rock on top of your neck...

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