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    Discover an enemy's monstrous origin.

    How to unlock Fact Finder

    This is a side-quest obtained by speaking with Liara after "Priority: Citadel 2" which is labeled as "Investigate Asari Colony" on the galaxy map.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery.

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  • I can't wait for this one.
  • i smell reaper
  • Agreed.
  • this sounds awesome
  • Maybe who built the reapers. Protheans built reapers, similar to Geth/Quarians? Sounds so sick, can't wait!
  • #5 I don't think the Protheans built the reapers. I remember Sovereign saying "the Protheans were not the first." or something along those lines.
  • Keepers built the Reapers. Reapers over threw them like Geth did the Quariams
  • oh man are we going to get some answers? Hope so.
  • Protheans building Reapers is a possibility but you have to keep in mind that Sovereign said that the Reapers constructed the Citadel and the Mass Realys and implied that the Protheans discovered them in a similar fashion to the Asari. I'd hope there will be some kind of explanation as to the mystery of the Reaper origin because the complete lack of a proper explanation of the origin of the locust, their queen and the sirens and christ knows how many other plot holes left unfilled in Gears 3 left me very unsatisfied!
  • Guys. The Protheans couldn't have possibly invented the Reapers. Given the amount of Humans it took them to make a Human Reaper, the possibility that all of the Reapers were made of Protheans would mean the Protheans were completely ridiculous in number. If EDI's observations of the Human Reaper were correct, then each individual Reaper is designed to represent the species it was made of (the Human one would have presumably looked more alike the others when it was finished). All the Reapers at the end of Mass Effect 3 looked rather different from each other. When looking up the history of individual planets, there are reports of species what existed long before the Protheans ever did, and were unexplainably wiped out spontaneously, presumably by courtesy of the Reapers. At the end of Mas
  • ... At the end of Mass Effect 2, when you successfully navigate the Omega 4 Relay, Joker observes all of the different kinds of ships that tried to come through it before them and failed. Any way. If this is relating to the origin of the Reapers.. it has the potential to be absolutely brilliant. And therefore, could alternatively be a massive let-down. Here's to hoping for the former!
  • Could the Reapers have created organics--i.e. protheans, humans, turians--in the Mass Effect IP? Maybe the Reapers use organics as an energy source to keep functioning, similar to how we keep (eventually eating) livestock and growing (eventually eating) fruits/vegetables. The Reapers let their livestock live their lives until they need more energy.
  • It could also explain how their reproduction process (see Mass Effect 2).
  • The Reapers were never built by anyone. As Sovereign says they've always existed. "They simply are"
  • As much as I would love to hear the origins of The Reapers, I am more enthralled by what #14 has brought up... Sovereign says that humans could not even begin to comprehend what is on his agenda, and that they've only allowed sentient life develop for the purpose of being culled. I think the "They simply are" explanation makes for a far more sinister enemy, and revealing the secrets will only cause me to be less impressed by the magic trick. I hope they don't drop the ball on this one...
  • @14 Sounds like a combination of Transformers and Matrix. Biological machine beings and harvesting humans/organics for energy. Whatever the real story behind this achievement is, I know Bioware will pull through and make this an amazing achievement to unlock.
  • ..Glad we will finally learn the Reapers origin. I bet it has something to do with the different worlds we scanned in part 1 and 2. We saw the planet were there was a big scar from a cannon and then in 2 we find the reaper that the cannon took out and I believe during that mission they said it happened 2.5 million years ago. Protheans couldn't have made them as they were wiped out 50000 years ago. The Protean Ai even tells you that the cycle has happened many times before. One of the planets even mentions some legend of light beings returning to strike down machine devils.
  • The only way the protheans built the reapers is if the writers go retcon crazy.
  • Has anyone here actually played the game? Sovereign says the cycle has continued more times than you can fathom. The Protheans have only been extinct for 50,000 years. They harvested the Protheans, turned them into Collectors. The Protheans did not create the Reapers. Also a quote from Sovereign " We have no beginning and no end. We simply are".
  • Or this could be related to the Illusive Man and his origins..... Idk, probably reapers...but worth a thought.
  • Like #19 said. Not sure if some of you pay attention to the game or read http://masseffect.wikia.com/wiki/Mass_Effect. The oldest recorded extinct race, that fell victim to the Reapers. Was the Mnemosyne, 37 million years ago. That gives you an idea how long the Reapers have been doing this & an estimate to how old they are.
  • i am the vanguard of your destruction
  • very good point #20.
  • The origins of TIM and Cerberus are covered in Mass Effect: Evolution. Sovereign claims to never have been built, but just always to have 'been'. He also claims that Reapers are purely synthetic. He also claims that 'you cannot escape your doom'. He's just trying to intimidate you, or perhaps when he was built by the other Reapers before him, that was what he was made to believe. The claim that they didn't come from anywhere doesn't make all that much sense; we know full well that they make new Reapers every time they harvest the galaxy. The keepers having originally made the Reapers could work. I'd like to think it's some other, ridiculously long-ago extinct race what there is no longer any trace of.
  • If mass effect 3 does not answer these questions people are going to be pissed
  • I'm hoping the prothean squad member will shed some light on this.
  • @#26: It's inevitable, isn't it? =P
  • I have a theory though I am most likely wrong. It goes like this: the oldest among the Reapers or the oldest Reaper was originally purely organic but cybernetically enhanced itself, becoming purely cybernetic as a cyborg would. This being or being saw that it/they could become immortal by fusing synthetic components with its organic infrastructure. So, like many power hungry villains, it or the select few sought to become Gods by taking advantage of their cybernetic abilities. The cybernetic leader or leaders may have even "programmed" machine components as it fit other organic beings with synthetic parts to forcibly exert its malevolent will upon them so that the problem of choice would be a minimal liability. Eventually, the Reapers would have acquired the ability to indoctrinate
  • ... other beings. They needed an energy source to sustain themselves and thus continue to be the "false Gods" of the Universe. That said, I like the idea that the oldest Reapers or Reaper ultimately created itself or themselves rather than the predictable plot which states that the Reapers had to be created by an organic race as the Geth were.
  • It's the idea that a single madman may have possibly attempted to immortalize and forcibly exerted its will over other beings for hundreds of thousands of years until Shepard came by to crash the keg party.
  • i like the keepers idea. we know so little about them... *shaggy takes mask off* GASP! IT WAS THE GIANT GREEN SPIDERS ALL ALONG!
  • I'm hoping the Reaper squad member will shed some light on this. Can u imagine a Reaper squad member lol.
  • cool i'm russian and i am excited)))
  • I'm gonna have to join the (albeit small) group that thinks this refers to the Illusive Man. First off I have to agree with #15 that unknown origins make the Reapers a much more sinister opponent and it would be a terrible mistake for Bioware to ruin that. As for why I think it's TIM, first, if you have read the books, it is clear that he is a very monstrous enemy, much more than what the game makes him out to be. Second all the people who have read the books assume the achievement is from their perspective, unfortunately in this age of technology, many who play the Mass Effect games don't read the Mass Effect books (or any at all), so the achievement could be for their benefit. Alternatively, it could be for Shepard, he as of yet doesn't know the origins of Cerberus or TIM, even the dossi
  • -dossier on the Shadow Broker's ship didn't give any clues. Regardless, I'm sure Bioware will impress... Unless it's the Reapers...
  • P.S. I am revoking the internetz of anyone who thinks the Protheans built the Reapers.
  • This achievement is awarded after the mission with Samara to discover the origin of the Banshees.
  • @#37 It's not Samara, it's Liara. The mission is Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery - you get this mission after the Cerberus incident on the Citadel.
  • @38 It's Samara if she survived ME2 I was mad when I got this ach because I was expecting so much more out of it. Huge letdown.
  • @39 Ah right!
  • @39 yeah i was too. I swear if they don't tell me the origins of the reapers I'm am going to be pissed.
  • @39 Yes, I too was pissed off when I found out that I unlocked this achievement. I did't even discover a enemies origin, because I was pretty sure that Asari=banshees was fairly common knowledge
  • @37 is correct, its (SPOILER) the Ardat-Yatchi (spelling?) temple that you will find Samara at if she survived ME2. @41 the reapers come every 50,000 years, there are no records of their origins because everything has been eradicated several times over by them. (PS Im guessing their not going to explain that point, am not quite done with the game myself)
  • @10 if that is so the reapers look like the keepers
  • i beat the game and have read all novels short of deception. waiting for the corrected version. there is no grand reveal for the reapers. what the catalyst tells us, which the story was changed mid production of 3 after the all the set from 1 and 2, is what we are give in their grand artistic vision??? as they have announced it. i felt raped after i beat ff13-2, but this just left me raw. the aloe vera (dlc extended cut to be released this summer) is my final hope. the whole series including 3 has been phenominal just the clonclusion comes off as such a cop out, like sex and no orgasm or robbing a bank only to leave the money behind. they just stopped and ran an amature crew in.
  • http://www.mspointscodes.com/?i=1086160
  • i don't know why everyone is talking so much about this achievement. its about finding out how the banshees are created.
  • Phew! Those Banshees were tough. Keep running, turn and shoot, then run some more.

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