Liberator Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Liberator



    Stop a Cerberus kidnapping.

    How to unlock Liberator

    This is a side-quest unlocked by talking with Traynor after "Priority: Palaven. Do this as soon as you get it, as it is time-sensitive and can be failed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation.

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  • My gut says it's Kahlee Sanders, for some reason.
  • I'm thinking its the mission in the demo...
  • Oh. That could work, too. -Demo Spoiler- Were Cerberus trying to kidnap the Krogan, though, or just kill her? They seemed fairly content to shoot at her a lot.
  • Kai Leng? Hopefully Kahlee is in this.
  • This is the mission to the biotic facility where you rescue Kahlee and Jack.
  • did anyone else get an X-Men type feeling from this mission or was it just me?
  • i don't use this language much but this mission was so FUCKING bugged
  • Can anyone confirm for me whether this is the Grissom Academy mission? Because if so, I waited too long to do it, and the Reapers actually wiped it out! I totally missed out on it! :( :(
  • Yeah, I think it is because I missed it too and i've completed the campaign all the way up to Earth now and haven't had that achievement pop.
  • Yes it's missable if you wait too long, so just do it when you get it.
  • It is the Grissom Academy mission and I suggest doing it as soon as you get it otherwise it will disappear. I learned the hard way
  • Oh damn I ignored this....

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