Problem Solver Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Problem Solver



    Evacuate a scientific facility.

    How to unlock Problem Solver

    This is a side-quest unlocked by talking with Traynor after "Priority: Citadel 2."

    Obtained: After completing the mission Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists.

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  • Shroud facility?
  • Most likely Grissom Academy where you run into Jack. They send a distress call when the Reapers arrive.
  • Or maybe not, got a different achievement for that. Still playing...
  • This achievement is earned through the mission "Ex-Scientists". To my knowledge it is the only side mission you can retain up until the very end, with the point of no return (which means I'm pretty sure it's not missable). This mission features Jacob. Note that all side missions with achievements feature characters from past games.

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