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    Mission accomplished.

    How to unlock Legend

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the entire main story on any difficulty.

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  • If this comes after a self sacrifice ending i'm going to go nuts.
  • @1: Me too haha
  • the description reminds me of george bush's famous line
  • @3 Photoshopped for ya. http://tinyurl.com/me3ma
  • @4 you sir have made my day :D
  • @4 ffing awesome XD
  • @1 I wouldn't worry too much about a self-sacrifice ending. We've spent 3 games and 5 years making our own individual stories within the Mass Effect universe, I can't see Bioware forcing an ending like that on us. You may have that choice, but I trust in Bioware to make the ending satisfying for as many of us as possible. Although there will be many who aren't satisfied no matter how good they make it!
  • @1 After all the decisions we've made by the end of ME3 i'm sure we'll have multiple endings.
  • What if it's a play on words? Shepherd get's his legs blown off by Cerberus, so 'leg end', and Cerberus's mission is accomplished. Man, that would be a sad ending for Shepards story...
  • @7 so true
  • Well there are no achievements for "everyone surviving the final assault". I wouldn't be surprised if one of the endings involved Shepard's death. Whatever ending I get, I know this game is going to be fucking epic.
  • I Think this might be just completing the game....
  • You get this achievement once you initiate any of the ending sequences, whatever it may be. So it's story related and cannot be missed.
  • I bet its gonna be another one where anybody can die depending on you choices, Shep included. I wonder if saving the Rachni so they could help will have a huge play on the ending...
  • @11 At least one of the companion characters (besides Kaiden/Ashley) is guaranteed to die by the end of the trilogy. It is unavoidable.
  • Those endings.... I feel gutted
  • I have a good summary of this achievement: Imagine going on a wonderful adventure filled with mystery and wonder. Upon reaching the conclusion to the most epic time of your life, you are touched inappropriately by someone (or thing) you thought was your friend. Your fantastic adventure is suddenly smashed into the ground and your carefree dreams are ripped from your mind as this friend has abused your trust and confidence. In this case, Bioware was that friend. And they touched me in places I dare not mention....
  • yeah, kinda dissappointed in the three endings. @1 you must be bouncing off the walls in the nuthouse by now
  • Extremely dissapointed how it ended. They dont take ANY of your choices you made throughout the 3 other games into account. It feels like you played the whole game making choices for nothing.
  • There are 16 possible endings although each player only has access to 8 of them. THere are 8 if you destroyed the collector base in ME2, and 8 if you saved the collector base in ME2. If you didnt import a character from ME2, then by default it picks that the base was saved. A lot of the ending options depends on your war assets and readiness rating. If you are getting undesirable endings then you probably rushed through the game too fast. Take the extra time to do side quests, explore galaxies, and play multiplayer. If ppl insist on complaining about the endings, I can post the possible endings and conditions to them so that they can see what they need/missed.
  • oops, made a mistake in my last post. If you didnt import a ME2 character, the game will assume you destroyed the collector base. Not saved it. sorry for the mistake.
  • The ending was like the Lost finale, I felt like Bioware had slapped me in the face. The trilogy is still awesome though but it's been slightly ruined with the ending.
  • the endings weren't that satisfying I think they could and should have done better
  • originally i thought like #7. Having played the ending, smashed the Galactic readiness rating by a huge margin (thanks iPhones games!) and maxed out my Paragon bar... #17 has nailed it. Took a week off work and played all three back to back 100% completion on the first 2, for that last epic adventure. And last week WAS one of the most enjoyable weeks of my life. But pow! the endings were just, so unsatisfying, I feel as if it rendered the whole journey moot. I can only hope, that due to large numbers of vocal and unsatisfied fans, in some future DLC they tinker with the ending. Much the same way bethesda did for Fallout 3.
  • @22 - yeah, I can see how you could feel that way. The whole game (ME3) kind of had that feel to it. Really awesome moments, but on the whole... just kind of half-assed and unfinished, you know. But I still loved it, and I'm already doing it all over again... ME3 that is :) @17 - Seriously? Wow... sounds like someone needs to be touched a little more often, inappropriately or not. Sheeesh, lighten up a little, will ya? Your friend made a move on you, big deal. If you weren't interested then fine, but there's no need to twist him/her into some perverted representation of EA/Microsoft. Besides, if Mass Effect really was "the most epic time of your life"... well, then you may want to call that friend back. I'm just saying :)
  • How do you choose your ending?? I beat the game last night, and didn't seem to get any choice at all (even after the kid on the Citadel explained all my choices to me). I just got the "Synthesis" ending, and that was it. I think I'd've rather opted just to destroy the Reapers. How do you choose? Either way I may have shot myself in the foot, because I started a New Game+ to go back and do some achievement farming, and now my previous game saves seem to have disappeared. I should have just restarted from inside the Citadel and tried to go for each different ending, first. Oh well, time to lauch into another 40 hours for a second playthrough... which is fine, because I loved this game every bit as much as the first two. :)
  • @26 my brother only got the renegade option while i got all three choices (16 options my foot) But, i used an import form ME1 while he made a new character in ME3. Hope that helps.
  • @7 Eating your words now huh. Damn Bioware
  • After i compeleted the game it took me back to my save right before attacking the illusive man's base. Any help?
  • After compeleted the game it just does that so you can get Galactic readiness to 100% and i got to says the battle with Galactic readiness to 100% freaking amazing. and the ending if you want to see all choices after you talk to child just turn off the auto-save reload the auto-save again and again. PS:import ME1 to ME2 and then ME3 gives all your choices of ally's better shot in final battle against reapers.
  • Same with me @29...no achievements no nothing....WTF????
  • @29: If you select "Load" in the menu, you can choose "Restart Mission. That'll take you to just before you kill Marauder Shields (RIP) and enter the Citadel. @31: If you didn't get an achievement, you probably got the worst ending. You get that if you either refuse to stop the Reapers (either by dialogue or by shooting the Catalyst with your gun). Only the three main endings (Destroy, Control, Synthesis) makes this achievement pop.
  • with the dlcs and the extra 2 gig of stuff for the endings, you kind of understand a lot more. personnally, i never saw the ending before they added all the new stuff but what i saw of how it is now, i kind of liked it, made sense anyway...
  • epic game

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