Shopaholic Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Shopaholic



    Visit a store in the single-player campaign.

    How to unlock Shopaholic

    The first chance you get for this is when reaching the Citadel. When you go to the Huerta Memorial Hospital, the store is straight across from the counter. It's actually a computer that you can buy things from. If you press and click the , you'll see a map. Stores look like coins with an arrow going around them in a square shape. You do not have to actually purchase anything, just visit one by pressing on it.

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  • I am Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite achievement on the list.
  • shame they didn't put that in the discription
  • so I only have to visit and store, and not even buy anything, to be considered a shopaholic? lol okay. It would have made more sense if the requirement was to spend half a million credits throughout the game or something but at least its easier this way.
  • @1 Perhaps the achievement description will change to that when you unlock it!!
  • Shame that the achievement system wouldn't be able to accept information from the game, it'd be cool to do that 'I'm commander sheperd and...' thing with the actual name of the shop you visit
  • it would've been funny if this achievement was visit EVERY shop in the galaxy or buy absolutely everything possible!
  • @1 lol i hope the description for the achievement says that.
  • Should be: "As Shepard, wonder around a store and walk out without buying anything or as FemShep, open a line of credit and max it out."
  • @1 Nice. That is all.
  • I got this just by going to the Med Bay on the Normandy and clicking on the reset powers icon.
  • It should have been called 'favorite store on the citadel'
  • It should've been called - we're too lazy to come up with real achievements, so here's 10 gs for doing next to nothing.
  • @#11 - Seriously? You made a video for this achievement? And you're trying to get views through this site? Sorry, but that's kind of pathetic.
  • I was a little disappointed cuz when I saw this achievement I thought you could go back to the shops you endorsed in ME2. Still nice and easy 10g.

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