Lost and Found Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Lost and Found



    Dispatch 10 probes to retrieve people or resources in Reaper territory.

    How to unlock Lost and Found

    Once inside Reaper territory you can use to scan for resources. EDI will let you know if something has been found. Enter the planet's orbit that gets marked, to start the scan, then hold while you rotate the planet until a white light shows up. Then hit and launch a probe to retrieve the resource. Sometimes you will find things related to your sidequests. If you need to "find something", many times it's something you find while looking for resources.

    Note: You may keep reloading your checkpoint after finding one if you want to get this achievement out of the way faster.

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  • "Reaper Territory" eh... Sounds fun :)
  • Probing Uranus!
  • I love probing.
  • First one I got is within EXODUS CLOSTER, UTOPIA, Planet ZION.
  • Be sure to use your scanner while in clusters to find what areas to probe
  • How do you probe?
  • I used the following strategy when scanning systems: -Enter a Reaper-controlled cluster with full fuel. -Don't scan the initial system you arrive in (I call them "relay systems"); go to other systems in the cluster first. -When scanning, position the Normandy in such a way that each scan will hit as many planets as possible. This will cut down the number of scans you need to find stuff. -Scan every planet before you leave a system. -If you alert the Reapers before you're done probing, you can usually get in another scan or two, and even a couple of planet probes before you need to haul ass out of the system. -Probing a planet actually freezes the Reapers in place, for as long as you're on the planet. -The Reapers move very slowly at first, but they do pick up speed as time goes by
  • ...contined -After a few seconds, they actually start flying faster than the Normandy. Get used to how much time you have, so you'll know when to run away. -After finishing one system, look at your fuel gauge and refill if you need to (you may need to go to non-Reaper-controlled cluster to find a fuel depot). -Repeat the procedure with each system in the cluster, saving the relay system for last. -Once you've scanned the relay system, jump through the relay to get away from the Reapers. -Repeat with other clusters. -If you don't fully finish a cluster, just go complete one mission, and it should reset all of the Reapers, so you can go finish those systems safely. Now go probe the s*** out of those planets.
  • what happens if you run out of fuel or the reapers get you
  • Deadies

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