Long Service Medal Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Long Service Medal



    Complete Mass Effect 3 twice, or once with a Mass Effect 2 import.

    How to unlock Long Service Medal

    If you have a Mass Effect 2 save file, you may import it to this game. Doing so will mean you only have to beat the game once. Choose Insanity to do it in one playthrough. If you don't have a save, then you will have to beat this game twice and start at Level 1 progress. Start on an easier playthrough since you'll have to beat it again anyways, then play Insanity on the 2nd.

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  • Man, I was really hoping for one for carrying a playthrough right through the trilogy.
  • You're not alone. I would have loved that to be included.
  • I think alot of people were( Myself included). Almost seems like a wasted oppertunity. How many games will we ever have the chance to do that?
  • Long Service really should be for completing all three. They could've made it "or for completing ME3 three times", so no one would be locked out. Shame.
  • They wouldn't have done that though because Mass Effect wasn't one the PS3. To have two separate chains would have had everyone calling unfairness. Would have been a nice tip-of-the-cap to us who have cleared the previous two though.
  • Shit. I just bought another copy of ME1 so I could go through all 3, in preparation for a "play through all 3" achievement.
  • Damn I was hoping it was going to be all 3 as well, at least I can hope that there are special in game rewards for those who have played the original Mass Effect...
  • oh well easy 50G guess
  • I don't think they would ever had an award for me1 and me2 double save playover, due to 1 never being released on ps3. It would have become the first game to have alternate 360/PS3 cheevos.
  • Have to agree I was hoping for a complete the game with a save from ME2 and is from a ME1 save... ohh well can't wait
  • Also #9 are you not aware that there are plenty of PS3 games that have different achievement lists from 360 games... and that Mass Effect 2 is one of them. In ME2 for the PS3 you have to complete the prologue interactive comic that acts as a substitute for ME1. So either you play that and then you can play the game once, or you have to play the game twice, so they could have done the same. Having played both versions to 100% PS3's trophies were far easier.
  • the box should have one for beating me1 and me2 or at worst maybe an avatar unlock I mean why can't they do that. Hell i am 100% on achievements so i spent all the $$ on DLC and beat every aspect of the game. gimme me some love back or at least a reach around
  • Rofl @ 12
  • they shouldve had a beat all 3 games on insanity with one character achievement that would be a kick ass ach
  • Am i the only one that thinks the achievements for ME3 look good, cause all i've read is people complaining...
  • @15 im with you
  • atleast you can do one import save, they would of been total twats and let you do none
  • they could have been***
  • Son of a bitch, They really should have just made separate lists. I'm all for games being cross platform for everyone to play, but I have to admit it kind of pisses me off that I've been anticipating a "complete all three games" achievement for years, and it's nonexistent simply because ME1 isn't on the PS3. I think everyone can agree that's pretty gay. @15 it's not a great list. It would have been cool to see them throw in some achievements for going out of your way and doing interesting things, but they opted for the cookie cutter achievements. It's really too bad, it is the finale of Mass Effect after all, and there's really no excuse for it now that devs have had so much time to perfect achievements. anyone can sit down and write a list made of "achieve level 50, use this a hundred
  • *times..." but it's not a list that had very much time or care put into it.
  • @1 Yeh me too, would have been nice to be rewarded for doing it all. Ah well
  • #14 i am with you all the way
  • daft q, but does anyone know how to start a new game plus for me3, i lost my me2 save an cant go back thru an complete the game again, so the play thru with an me3 character twice is my only option, iv finished the game but cant find the new game plus option bioware mentioned was in, btw if it helps i took the d option at the end out of the three an i had my war assests around 4000
  • doesnt matter i found it, its the second option from the bottom on new game, missed it due to the fact i thought it was asking for import of a male me2 character and a female me2 character
  • My ME2 save file got sucked up by my Xbox.... gotta play through ME3 twice now.
  • When you complete the game do you open up like a new game plus something? Or do you just go to a completly new game? Because when i completed my game it took me back to my save before attacking the illusive mans base.
  • anyone have trouble importing a saved game from me2? my game will not read my second play through!!
  • To gt this achievement, do you have to play through the game twice with the same character or can you create/import a new shepard?
  • Beat the game once on normal, and once on insanity. Not only did I not get this achievement. I didn't get the insanity one either. Amazing job by the makers with all the bugged side quests and glitched achievements, games a joke.

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