Paramour Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Paramour



    Establish or rekindle a romantic relationship.

    How to unlock Paramour

    Like the other Mass Effect games, you have the ability to romance another character and get this achievement. Below is a list of characters available for romance. You must be nice to them, talk to them whenever you can, and eventually play out a romantic scene with them. 

    Imported Character
    Male - Ashley, Liara, Tali, Miranda, Jack, Cortez
    Female - Garrus, Kaidan, Liara, Traynor

    New Character
    Male - Ashley, Liara, Cortez
    Female - Kaidan, Liara, Traynor

    Basically they all have certain criteria that must be met. First being, they are actually alive. Some require you to have romanced them before. The only characters that are 100% to romance under new or imported, is Liara (male and female), Cortez (male only) and Traynor (female only). Everyone else has a special condition. The easiest romances will come from Cortez and Traynor. 

    Diana Allers Note: It has been said this character can be romanced, but you will not get the achievement for doing so.

    For a full guide on how to obtain the romances, go HERE.

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  • i'm gonna have make up sex with Ashley
  • Tali!
  • Ashley or Miranda? Miranda of course.
  • Garrus all the way!
  • @3 Actually, that's a good question. I have no idea what's going to happen when one or the other finds out about my unfaithfulness.
  • maybe we see some boobs now
  • @ tali finnaly gonna see her face =O? probably bioware's gonna be a bitch and now show it : (
  • Can't wait to have my character lay some pipe on Miranda once again
  • My Shep has secretly been pining for Alenko since he first came on board the Normandy. Now he might just have a chance...
  • Liara and Jack are gonna have a bitoic bald chick fight. =D
  • Awwwww yeah.
  • im staying faithful to tali XD
  • Liara!!!!! .....I might have to do a secondary character just to romance Jessica Chobot
  • Time for me to become the Love Doctor.I'm gonna mate with all possible ladies.(except Jack she's too Ruthless for me.)
  • Since I have playthroughs, Liara, Ashley & Miranda, Tali, Tali again (Tali FTW!), Garrus, Lesbian Liara & Thane...
  • Liara is the only one for me. I hope she┬┤s forgiving me the One-Night-Stand with Jack. ^^
  • I cannot wait for Ashley to reward me for my faithfulness! lol
  • Talimancers unite!
  • Garrus is going to be my Valentine for this Achievment with FemShep. He's smart, loyal, honest, classy and has stuck by your side in all games. Sexiest Turian in the galaxy is the only match for FemShep.
  • Definitely Tali.
  • Garrus, prepare yourself.
  • Jacob
  • LET'S TRY THIS AGAIN. Jacob, not a lot of people like him, but I don't care.
  • Liara is a babe
  • Liara T'soni......biotic specialist, vision viewer, promise keeper, shadow broker, lover, and soon to be.....WIFE!!!! In ME3 I mean. Liara I hope you we have twins of little blue children
  • Liara in ME1, Miranda in ME2 and then Tali after the Suicude mission just because I could! Wonder how that triangle will plan out!
  • I hope Thane is still alive for my Shepard to reunite with!
  • mass effect 1 liara got it from my lady shepard, mass effect 2 i chose to pick Kelly as my personal dancer but i kept liara sweet so who knows
  • Thane with a dude Shepard for the lulz.
  • Gonna have to stay faithful with Miranda!
  • awesome, cant wait to see how Kaidan's romance plays out in ME3, also Garrus and Tali's
  • *crossing fingers* Hope can rekindle with Thane! :D Even if he's supposed to only be a temporary squadmate. :( *sulks*
  • Kaiden or Garrus? bugger :/
  • Please no love triangle drama! One playthrough for Liara and one for Miranda. Maybe one for Tali cuz i feel sry for her.
  • Miranda for sure :) DAT ASS :O like geoff likes to say But i would like to see Tali's face. It's creepy that I have done her without seeing her face,,,
  • Miranda I'm coming for Dat Ass
  • im hoping for a threesome with an elcor diplomat and a hanar merchant
  • It's time to get it back on with Tali!
  • I wish there was an achievement for a long term relationship, but i know that would piss people off that didnt play 1 and/or 2
  • Ashley for the win, shes looking good in the demo.
  • Ash all the way
  • Ashley or Miranda will get it.
  • Would have been funny to see a Captain Kirk achievement: Have a relationship with three different aliens across three playthroughts of Mass Effect 1, 2 & 3
  • Ashley or Miranda for me as well. Definitely not Tali, as for some reason, I essentially made my renegade Shepard (Starting Shep ATM) bully her over the course of the 2 games xD That, and shes dead...
  • @ 24 That's because Jacob is a boring-ass loser with the personality of a concrete slab.
  • If I can see Tali's face.. I'ma ditch Liara in a heartbeat. :D
  • see... Tali wears the suit to protect her since quarians immune systems are weeker.... Shepard has the strongest sperm in the galaxy... she is gonna die after he gets through with her... :-D
  • Can't decide Ashley or Miranda. Ashley's been with me since ME1 and is hot but Miranda is HOT and I slept with Miranda before Ashley because I played ME2 before ME1 so I might pick Miranda
  • Depnding on what playthrough I use will affect who im with
  • who do i bang? liara or miranda? do i choose the kirk option n do an alien or stay a bit more xenophobic? decisions decisions
  • Well, that spoiler went well, didn't it? Forgot how things work around here, D'oh! least no one gets to see the spoiler, even on accident :)
  • I hope Kaiden isn't gonna be as much of a douche in this one. I stayed loyal and I even tried to drag him on another insanity mission. Plus he looks extra sexy in the demo. Makeup sex ftw!
  • Kaidan first, Thane's sexy self next.
  • i want to bang EDI...
  • Liara obviously!
  • I don't know about any of you guys but I'm gonna pursue my hidden romance for Grunt
  • Kaidan is a wimp. It's all about Tali player.
  • uneventful "reconnecting" with Ashley. I save her life, check in on her whilse she's hurt, keep her from being killed numerous times, and all I get is a kiss while in the commons and then "I'm a little busy right now" afterwards in the ship...geez!, lol - at least it was 25G :P
  • one and only......besides that quick one with Jack, but I swear it's Miranda tlf starting now!
  • @#61 you will get to hit it before the final mission
  • SAMANTHA TRAYNOR is ma gurl!!!
  • if i got the achievement with Leilla can i still go with Ashley
  • Garrus ^_^
  • does anyone know how to get to do this with Garrus or James?
  • I wish you could do Miranda and Ashley, why do my renegade shepard have to have relationship morals?
  • ^ has a list of possible romances in ME3. Tali, Miranda, Jack and Garrus are avaliable for straight Shepards only if continued from ME2. PS I go for Miranda (Stop talking and kiss me)
  • i got the new chick Traynor. She come up for a game of chess, seen my personal shower and BOOM! femShep had some good sudsey fun with the new's to seeing if I can get the female reporter chick now. And pick things back up with Liara after that...
  • Why cant we have all of them? If all of the galaxy might be dead we might might be able too talk them into a threesome
  • Hey, i just got the achievement just for making out with Liara...... WTF? Why no bed fun?
  • Jessica Chobot all the way baby!!! Dead sexy!!!
  • WTF! Samantha Traynor is only a love interest only for FEMALE Sheperd?!?! Dammit!!
  • I hardly ever talked to Ashley, but the achievement popped after I Kissed her the Citadel.
  • hey everyone THIS IS NOT FACEBOOK!!! if you look on top it says "achievement guide" not post the first thing that pops into your head!
  • On The Shadow Broker's base in ME2 there's a profile on Miranda, it says she can't have children.
  • i just kissed Ash at the Citadel, is that seriously all there is to the romance plot? really got tame since ME1.
  • Its just a shame that the crappy ME3 ending wont give us closure on the romances. But i stayed faithful to Liara since ME1 and it was worth it. Anybody know the outcome to romancing Ash, Tali etc. Id like to see it but wont bother if its not really worth it.
  • This fucking achievement is giving me nightmares. I don't understand why, i just can't fucking do it, its like my shepard is gay ... I have 975 gs in this game, cant get a chick to make out with me, and yeah i have already tried Cortez.
  • Is there a way to get this without completing any of the previous games in the series? Nd who is the easiest to get the achievment? Thx
  • Ya, it says Begin OR rekindle. So no playing of the other games is needed
  • Cannot choose between Ashley and Miranda :'(
  • how do u do this
  • this is an achievement guide not somewhere to post who ur going to have sex with
  • sad there are some many ppl that want to have sex with a computer person get a real girlfriend
  • Kaidan .. will male shep! awwwww yeah! ;D
  • Im gunna bang the Normandy...sloppy seconds after Joker :(
  • In my first playtrough I didn't even have many chances to talk with women. So what can I do?
  • Do you need to speak with them in Citadel?
  • I've slept with miranda and no pop... any ideas why? i thought this would take care of the "establish" part since she's a new character
  • excuse me the reporter chick
  • Why can't I have sex with EDI. Or, a three way. (Honestly, I just want Liara to marry me-- ...I mean my Shepard)
  • I wanted to hook up with the niceass miranda, but I acidentally made myself gay -.- :D It wasnt written or warn in any of the guides that a dude can have a relationship with Kaiden, I just thought I was being friendly :D But then the achievement popped up ;S Ew.. :D
  • I love how no one says how to do this, this is one of my last achievements and I still don't really know how to do it. Time to Google it. You're all so helpful.
  • Definitely gonna get back with Ashley even though I am not 100% keen on her new looks! @#94 that's hilarious!
  • 94# LMFAO how nice were u to him? lol

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