Combined Arms Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Combined Arms



    Perform any combination of 50 biotic combos or tech bursts.


    How to unlock Combined Arms

    A combo indicates you have used 2 powers on the same enemy, one after another. These should come naturally. There are many combos and you'll probably use them without thinking. An example is Singularity which raises an opponent up, then using Throw to knock the enemy flying. A tech burst is basically a weapon power. Both powers have to be of the same type to raise the counter (using a biotic Singularity and then a tech Incendiary won't count, for instance) and at least one needs to be done personally by you.

    Note: Even after dying, the ones you have obtained count. They count across all playthroughs as well as multiplayer (which you can play by yourself).


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  • 'Tech bursts' sound nice. =3
  • Singularity + Warp here I come lol
  • I wonder if these can count on your online character as well?
  • Easy done: Use PULL/SINGULARITY/ETC. with your character and WARP etc. with one of your team-mates right after that (best while enemy in the air)! Confirmed.
  • There don't seem to be any specific achievements for non-biotics this time around, but plenty for biotics... Guess I know what my Shepard will be then!
  • Can this work if you are a soldier and use your biotic squadmates. Ive done that in the past.
  • @#6 Yes it works like that. I got this from using Slam on my Soldier, then using Jarvik to do Push while they were in the air.
  • @#7 i thought soldiers didnt have powers like slam. Ive been trying concussive shot but doesnt seem like it even registers or counts. I double check to see if i got slam and try it thanks.
  • @#8, you learn slam later it's like in ME2 when you increase loyalty to your team you could get a power from them, it's like that in this, talk to all your team members, it's either liara, javik, or jake (the human male) be nice and one of them will unlock it. After it's unlocked you can go to the medical area of your ship and in one of the two best on the right hand side in the back you can buy your ability i think it costs 5K. As for a follow-up question to #6, does it work if ONLY your allies use the abilities like say i have liara use singularity and then have her use warp while singularity is still up, would this count? also would it work if i had liara use warp and javik use push or something of that nature?
  • Can get this as a soldier using ammo power and concussive shot. Been getting credit while using cryo or incendiary ammo, wait for the enemy to freeze/catch fire, and kill with the concussive shot. Only get credit if the shot kills them (Shatters with cryo / explodes with incendiary) but you still get credit toward the 50 needed.
  • This was fairly easy to do on the mutiplayer with some friends it just took some timeing
  • Thanks for the tips #10, they are coming in handy.
  • Indeed. I've been getting Liara to Singularity an enemy then using concusive shot on them myself. Seems to be working, but only if they die from it.
  • @10. Confirmed. Very effective method dude!
  • You can also use the ADEPT in MP. Throw a Singularity and then when you recharge, throw a Warp at the floating enemy.
  • in MP engineer as the quarians use cryo then inferno
  • I'm not so sure soldier powers do work now. I assumed they were working for me because I'd see the progress counter pop up every so often but I was doing it way to often, successfully, for it to take as long as it was. I eventually found it much easier to use Liara's Singularity or Statis (which I love in 3 btw) and then use my own Slam (aquired from the Squad Mate powers in the Med Bay). Seems they have to die from it, but I got the achievement in no time. I'm pretty sure Soldier powers dont count toward the achievement because they are neither Biotic or Tech powers as the achievement says, but Combat. There is a distinction because one of the Glyph upgrades effects powers and in it's description it says something along the lines of "effects biotic, tech and combat powers".
  • For some reason, I unlocked this cheevo by using Carnage. I'm an infiltrator and just purchased Carnage as my bonus power.
  • i got this doing multi player! when someone lets say uses incinerate u can smash them up with one of your powers then bosh it should show up in the corner how many uv done! took like 3 multi games to get this!
  • I'm playing as a soldier, and have alternated between using Carnage and Slam as a bonus power in concert with biotic teammates. After about 1 and 1/4 playthroughs, I have a measley TWENTY-FIVE credits registered towards this achievement. How do you get the combos to count??
  • They only count if it kills the enemy.
  • Very easy to get in multiplayer. Use a human adept, equip only the predator pistol, play on bronze. Because you'll have very little cooldown, on every enemy you see, use singularity then warp while they're in the air.
  • I don't think it works as a soldier that well if at all after 1 playthrough only managed 10 but after 5 hours on multiplayer using other classes have bout 40
  • guys, it's EASY with the soldier. just upgrade disruptor ammo and concussive shot a few each. Then, zap them with disruptor until stunned, then concussive shot (reaction occurs)! works few times on each tougher ememy too. youre welcome
  • Brilliant place to boost this achievement is with an Adept at the end of Prologue: Earth when you are waiting for the Normandy to pick you up. Because you only have a pistol and assault rifle, your weight allowance lets you recharge powers like a flash You can cast singularity and then pull/throw them to your hearts content. By the time the Normandy arrived to pick me up, I'd boosted my Sky High achievement level by 33/100 and my Combined Arms achievement by 17/50. And that was just in a 5-10 minute gap.

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