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    Kill 5,000 enemies.


    How to unlock Veteran

    This is a lot of enemies to kill. If you die, the enemies you killed will have counted. Therefore, it is technically possible to get this in one playthrough of the campaign. If not, you may get the rest in another playthrough or within the multiplayer "wave" based gametype. 

    Note: Even after dying, the ones you have obtained count. They count across all playthroughs as well as multiplayer (which you can play by yourself).

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  • Hopefully this doesn't take forever...
  • Maybe we get to blow up another star system. Boom, done in one. Seriously though, this will probably come just though normal play. If not you'll probably be close by the end and kills will likely carry over to NG+,plus multiplayer kills might count as well.
  • Should be easy enough. As Andy said, you'll probably get this one within two single player playthrough's anyway (assuming you are the completionist type when it comes to side quests and whatnot).
  • we'll probably get this in a 2nd or 3rd playthrough
  • This means that either the game is really, really long, or the game requires a repeat playthrough. I'd like either of those possibilities.
  • Hopefully this will be cumulative between singleplayer and multiplayer.
  • Over 5,000!!!
  • To be honest I'm not really worried about this one, I usually do multiple playthroughs of mass effect games so this should be no problem.
  • damn, it will take for ever ....
  • kill kill and kill again ...
  • They should have made it 99,999 kills cuz that's how long I will be playing
  • I like killing things.
  • lets do this
  • I bet that the MP kills count towards this as well.
  • If the MP kills do count then this will be a breeze.
  • I know just off of my ME1 playthrough, i have this many kills. It should have been titled... Reaper Madness......
  • @14 I believe so
  • Multiplayer does count towards this goal.
  • I confirm NUMBER 18's comment. Single player and multiplayer kills are added.
  • Are they also added across multiple play throughs?
  • Im not done with the storyline yet (at Priority: Thessia) and im sitting at something like 700-750 kills. So this will probably take 2-5 runthroughs depending on difficulty and how much work you let your squadmates do (not sure if their kills count)
  • I was just wondering if they were carried over another play through. I was playing through till some of the missions were bugged and decided to start over. I'll let you know if it does carry over the kills. (FYI some missions are bugged if you go ahead and do another mission you'll not be able to complete a pending mission)
  • This is the last achievement I need, I had gotten 3,745 kills. Played online and went down to 0 WTF!
  • Im at 2,000. One play through got me around 1,000 or more, and mp going to level 19 or 20 got me another 1,000 or so. Not bad if you already planned on going through the game multiple times and play a little mp.
  • First play through on insanity netted me about 2k then i got another 250 from multiplayer. another play through on normal and ill be there.
  • my counters keep resetting and game keeps losing the "resume" not sure what causing it. but lost kills for 2 level 20 co-op players and a whole playthru on game.. :(
  • going through the game and doing all the extra N7/side missions will net you over 2K each play through, you might even be able to do it in a single play through, i got a little over 250 kills my first play through i was at over 2K before i even got half way through the game. so if you play your cards right you might be able to get 5K in one playthrough but you'd have to do absolutely everything. also @11, not two shits were given about how long you plan to play the game, achievements shouldn't be based on the fact that you haven't any life and plan to get 99,999 kills, 5K is fine and not obscenely stupid like your suggestion was.
  • After finishing the campaign on Insanity and playing a little multiplayer, I only have just over 2,000. I am curious as to how some of you got over 2,500 in the campaign. After one playthrough, I was only missing 5 achievements. So I did virtually everything. Did you guys die a lot or something?
  • i wish they still had the achievement progress in your room like in 2 and not just in the extras
  • @27, Dude, i'm with #28, curious to know how you got over 2k in one single player playthrough. I'm a completionist and have done every mission up to Priority Thessia. I'm also level 14 in Multiplayer. All together, I'm currently in the 970s range. I can bet by the end of this playthrough with my multiplayer gaming, I'll probably end at around 1200 -1300. There is no way to get 5000 kills in one single player playthrough without tapping some multiplayer. I call bullshit on your comment.
  • @28, 30 It doesn't matter how many playthroughs are needed for this. As long as your droping enemies the counter is still going. A single playthrough for me on normal netted a little over a thousand kills which makes me believe #27 is either really bad and kept dying or kept reloading missions over and over.
  • @26 I did every mission on my insanity run and didn't realize my tracker reset so didn't get some achievements. If its constantly resetting it'll make getting 5k kills hard
  • 2 playthroughs & got to level 20 in multiplayer and still only have 3400 kills. I might just find a spot with lots of enemies and keep playing that section so I can get this over with.
  • Guess I'm gonna get this done faster than I thought.
  • yeah reset on me again today ...anyone heard whats causing this or how to stop it ?
  • two and a half play through s and finished all mp achievements and still just got 2500 kills very later last night
  • Got 1,500 kills on my Insanity playthrough and had 1,500 from multiplayer before I even started. Final achievement for the 1000Gs! Obviously finding the right class for your style on multiplayer and going loco is the key. Found the Soldier firing concussive shots or an Engineer, any power to be pretty easy as they return super quick and can be used relentlessly.
  • About 1500 in SP and today hit 1000 in MP, only half done.. damn
  • Good lord. Multiplayer mode, here I come... I finished the campaign last night with just over 1000 kills to my name. At least that got me the "Soldier" achievement...
  • At3k on my second playthrough and a decent amount of Multiplayer. High number, but certainly not impossible. How do you check how many you have though? Other than it popping up at certain "milestone" numbers?
  • On the main menu, go to extras and choose accomplishments, all the counters are in there.
  • I have played 2 full playthroughs and lots of MP and net 3900s, I have a friend who found a spot early in the game (with Anderson when you first see Husks) Anderson says take cover but instead kill the husks and they will continuously spawn. Took him roughly 3 hours to get his remaining 1500 kills. I will try that next because MP only has roughly 50 enemies per battle and there is no guarantee you will kill all 50 to count!
  • You get about 100 kills if you complete all 11 waves on bronze
  • Yeah...had around 1,600 kills from normal, then around 2K from Insanity...multiplayer can get you the rest, but you're bound to run into some like minded players and end up competing for kills. I just went into single player, turned the difficulty to narrative, turned off conversation decisions, and picked up the remainder in a few hours...You can take Atlas missles, sniper shots, grenades and rifle fire without even losing half your shields/barriers, while most enemies go down in on point blank shotgun round; that's at Eden level 5.
  • I just started my third campaign on the same character, and all my kills just got reset to 0. Is something happening?
  • just do solo MP
  • Good place for this achievement if u have already been through campaign is to load a save on priority: earth right before going back onto citadel. At end of that mission there are three waves, the last one is infinite and hectic (even on narrative after a bit).
  • *priority earth: London
  • My counters always seem to keep counting up even if I die and have to redo a certain task or mission. My counter keeps ticking up based on whatever it was at when I died, not before. I actually got the Lost & Found achivement this way. Haven't had a counter reset to zero on me once (yet). That said, I have 49 out of 52 achievements on this game now, so I'm going to have to launch into an Insanity playthrough and see how many kills that nets me. I had just over 1000 after finishing on normal, and I'm not really racking up that many in multiplayer beacuse assists don't count as kills. :( I guess single-player is the way to go for this one, but it's still likely to take a few playthroughs... a hell of a lot of work for just 25G, if you ask me.
  • I had barely over 1000 kills after one runthrough in the campaign so I guess two more campaigns and a bit multiplayer games and that should do the trick ;)
  • #45 Evidently there is a glitch that occurs where all achievement progress gets wiped for no reason whatsoever. I was well over half way to getting this with around 2700 kills after I beat the single player the first go through and with multiplayer. This progress, along with lots of others (which I had them already), got erased and reset to 0. I only hit 2000 Kills again today. Sucks man. I'd have had this already by now if shit didn't get erased.
  • Does anyone know at what tier of kills the counter pops up? I hit 2500/5000 a while ago.
  • Oddly enough my only counter which has been reset on the accomplishments page is the two DLC Achievements, which I have and are obviously one off, but are blacked out on there now.
  • Just finished my second playthrough last night (on insanity), had a level 20 soldier on multiplayer before premoting him and now have a level 15 engineer. I am currently sitting at about 4200 kills. Going to start a third playthrough and mix in some MP until I get my last achievement.
  • @52 I seem to recall it is in 500 kill increments once you get past the earlier ones. My 5000 popped with online play after I'd racked up 4300 or so in single player. FYI - if you want to do this fast, just replay high kill density missions in single player. Online is more time-intensive as kill stealing is common.
  • As much as I enjoy the multiplayer, I can't get enough kills online. I hope some new DLC comes soon so I can rack up more kills in SP.
  • If you do two playthroughs and a few hours on multiplayer, you should have this achievement no problem.
  • I did 2 playthroughs, one on insanity and had about 10 hours into multiplayer and was still 550 short and I was getting an average of 50 kills every mp match. mp def is not the way to go, you can get about 200 an hour if you're good and don't have d-bags rushing into every pack of enemies to kill steal them all. However #34's video got me my last 550 in about 15 minutes
  • @47 This, especially if you don't mind grinding. I dropped the difficulty to the lowest setting and I think I managed 1K kills inside of 45 minutes.
  • i had over 2500 kills until my counter restarted :/. on my 3rd playthrough and im not even at 100 yet. this pisses me off
  • Another good place to grind kills is near end of game in earth mission, just before shuttle picks you up (if you don't have savegame there just restart last mission from autosave after finishing the game).! I used lvl 60 Shepard with particle rifle due to infine ammo, but anyway lot of ammo lays around so any pther weapon should be good. Getting 500 kills takes about 20-25 minutes on Narrative difficulty.. I liked this place better than the one from #34 as it seems to be faster (at least for me). Shuttle have a timer on extraction and enemy number is limited (although very high), so it's easier to keep track of tme and kill count in your head. For me it was about 40+ kills for 3 minute "round". Just remember NOT to get into the shuttle as it will overwrite autosave in this place
  • Just remember NOT to get into the shuttle as it will overwrite autosave in this place. If shuttle timer expire or if you manage to kill all enemies just reload autosave and reapeat.
  • Comment #43 by xguard10 Friday, March 23, 2012 @ 04:15:46 AM You get about 100 kills if you complete all 11 waves on bronze sorry pal are you lost or is the ps3 network down again
  • Odd to hear so many counters being reset. Sorry to all that has happened to. Made me obsessive to check my count often. Mine never reset. Anyway, my advice is to play the mp! I think it's better than advertised here. I bought a gaming modem recently and it's helped tremendously. I leveled up my Drell adept and Quarian engineer to 20 and was racking up 50-70 kills minimum per match. Had 1 round close to 100. I also had 2 full playthroughs on SP. Yeah, this one takes patience, but not too bad.
  • oh god after 1 playthrough on easy ( because it was my first mass effect ) i had 1000 roughly and after levelling up to level 20 on mp got another thousand i can tell this will take a while.
  • yea just play the multi-player for awhile
  • If anyone wants to add me to help with multiplayer, add me at "Travis2310". I have a level 20 Engineer and playing on Silver is pretty easy with that character (using the Widow and Overload).
  • I'll never get this, it keeps resetting every patch. pff
  • Was at 4600-something before my stats reset. Back up to 3k so far because of multiplayer. Not as fun to get when you know you're grinding to get an achievement that should have unlocked a while ago.
  • Did one run on normal and one on insanity - all missions. Now I' ve got about 2500 kills. This will definitely take a while.
  • Had 3800 after insanity play through. Best way to get the last lot faster is to start a new game + and put it on Narrative. On earth, just after you find the injured soldiers you have to fight some Cannibles. If you back straight out of cover then start shooting them it is an infinite respawn point. Just don't go back into cover and they will constantly spawn. There is also infinite ammo spawns as well. Just got to 4500, about 25 minutes for about 700 kills, much biker than playing campaign or MP.
  • uh ... I definitely had about 1400 after my insanity play through, unless you reload a million times, I can't imagine being anywhere close to 3800 after it. The game wasn't that hard, and I did EVERYTHING! I'm just going to have fun playing MP for the rest.
  • I have 2600 and I beat the game twice boooo
  • @72 - To further clarify, which will help people acquire these kills FAST. Start the game, put the difficulty on narrative, and in the prologue, get to the part with the downed soldiers, once the fighting starts, never go into cover. You can just stand close to the left of that scrap metal the soldier seems to be pinned under. Now shooting with the pistol is all well and good, but if you want to do this EVEN FASTER select CARNAGE as a bonus ability when you start the game, UPGRADE it all the way, and MAP IT TO A BUTTON. Once you get to that part, just AIM AT THE MIDDLE SPAWN of the cannibals, and every time you use carnage you should get 2 kills. The respawn almost instantly, so the only thing to limit you is how fast carnage cools down. I tested this out and was able to gain approx. 60 ki
  • .... I was able to gain approx. 60 kills per minute. At that rate it would take 1 hour to acquire 3,600 kills, making this by far the easiest and fastest method I've seen.
  • Thanks a lot for the tip Chef not Chief. It works great.
  • EASY WAY to get the Veteran Achievement with NO ONLINE
  • 4014 after 3 playthroughs on insanity.... this is definitely a grinder if you dont wanna boost
  • i bought it for $22 used and got a multiplayer online pass on ebay for $4.oo so im playing it online, and its really really fun to play, so this cheevo is no a concern for me cuz im really enjoying this MP game :D .. btw i only got 3 cheevo left to unlock (including the ones of the FROM ASHES DLC) ;D
  • An easy way to nab this achievement is to start a new game from an import from me2 as an engineer, put your points into combat drone and sentry turret. When you get to the area with the injured soldiers, get out of cover and throw over your turret and drone. I managed to get 2500(ish) kills in about an hour and a half and i was hardly playing, I was actually watching big bang theory on my other screen.
  • this is the last achievement i need for this game and i'm only something like 100 kills away...should get this comfortably doing the leviathan dlc on my second playthrough and have done loads of multiplayer
  • thanks 72 and 75 got my last 500 there
  • I'm at 4500 after two playthroughs and lots of multiplayer, but I fully intend to do another.
  • Does anyone know if you can get this achievement between two separate characters? Im almost done with ME3 and I would need to do another play-through but could that play-through be with a new character and still count towards this achievement?

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