Bruiser Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Bruiser



    Kill 100 enemies with melee attacks.


    How to unlock Bruiser

    To perform a melee attack, press . You will learn this attack early on in the game and if you want, you can even level up the power "fitness" which helps with melee damage. Holding  will give you a heavy attack. The most useful melee attack will be when you are in cover and an enemy is on the other side of the barrier . In most cases, if you hold  when there is an indicating arrow, you will do an instant kill. I found the easiest enemies to kill were the Husks. They also only melee, and there are always plenty of them when they attack.

    Note: Even after dying, the ones you have obtained count. They count across all playthroughs as well as multiplayer (which you can play by yourself).


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  • This should be no problem, going by what I've seen on the demo. Heavy Melee ftw!
  • Should get this before doing Insanity I think
  • heavy melee every husk you meet as its a 1 hit kill and fun to watch
  • Super easy, like Mr Bubbles said, just melee husks.
  • Well this one has glitched out on me. It's says I've got 100 melee kills, yet it's not popped.
  • @2 its not hard on Insanity. 50/100 myself right now on my Insanity playthrough. Just melee husks. They are EVERYWHERE.
  • I presume this will carry across playthroughs? Has anyone gotten most of the kills on the first playthrough and finished it up with the second? I've been playing too snipey to get very many melee kills.
  • does anyone have a glitch for a achievement called STRIKER? which says 25 melee kills! it only exists on my extras achievement menu in the game. can anyone confirm this?
  • @8 That's for an Avatar Award. The actual achievement is for 100 melees.
  • #8 The Striker Achievement is just that, an in-game achievement in the Extras Menu which is listed under Accomplishments Sub Menu. #9 There is no such Avatar Award for the Striker Achievement.
  • #10 You unlock the Omniblade avatar prop for the Striker Accomplishment
  • Found out that you can hit baby rachni that emerge from pods and they count towards this. Been stomping on them the whole mission with Grunt and gained about 20. Hit the husks and you have the potential for 30+ In that mission alone. Plus it’s fun!

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