Untouchable Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Untouchable



    Escape a Reaper in the galaxy map.

    How to unlock Untouchable

    The galaxy map is located on the Normandy and is required for space travel. While in this view, you have the ability to fire a sensor pulse (see "Lost and Found") which detects War Assets for you. Reapers (an alien enemy) have a chance to pick up on this signal. You will notice a "Reaper Alertness" bar on the bottom left of your screen. After it gets full Reaper vessels will fly after you. They are faster and it will be game over if they get on you.

    The achievement requires you to get the alertness up full, and then go through the Mass Relay to escape. The best thing to do is save before trying. Get your alertness up and escape. Afterwards, just reload. An extremely easy way is to follow the route in the video which is extremely short. You can get this achievement in a minute or two.

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  • this sounds like you're actually going to play a mini cat and mouse game on the galaxy map
  • Hahaha that's awesome!
  • ..I wonder what happens if you don't? XD
  • Sweet!!!
  • @3 You probably have to fight it like any other RPG?
  • You probably still have all the mods and gear for the Normandy from ME2. What's the point of removing all of it?
  • Lets hope Garrus's calibrations come in handy...
  • @7 yer lets hope he's finished them
  • @6 You never know the Alliance may have removed them when they impounded the Normandy because they didn't meet safety regulations. I've seen more tenuous retcons! @7 Might be in trouble, my female Sentinel kept interrupting them for some kinky alien butt play!
  • #9 BioWare has said that your ship upgrades carry over.
  • Ugh, if these reaper galaxy map attacks are randomized, that's going to get annoying real fast.
  • This achievement so should've been called Don't Fear The Reaper.
  • @12 i think thats a better than name then untouchable IMO, and then after you get the achievement it plays the song, now that would be awesome
  • Can't wait for this, but I hope it's not going to get in the way too much when gathering
  • This sounds really fun :3
  • i wonder how many reapers will be on the map
  • wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • @16 i imagine it'll be shit loads...it'd be to easy if it was just 1
  • @16 At the end of ME2 you could see hundreds of them incoming, I imagine more than a few of them would be on patrols.
  • For anyone wondering how to do it, its easy. Just go to a system and go around scanning until you alert the reapers. Book it to the Mass Effect Transporter (not sure if thats the name, but you know what I mean) and just cland just get out of there.
  • scan and then mass out of there easy as 123
  • Over use your scanner until the reaper bar is full then Get outta there
  • This has got to be the dumbest part/achievement of Mass Effect 3. I miss the scanning for elements from 2!
  • I did this one super easy C: Just scan until your reaper alertness bar is almost full and fly over to one of the system exits, scan once more and when they start attacking fly out of the system. They can't follow you out of it.

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