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    Attain the highest level of readiness in each theater of war.

    How to unlock Defender

    This is the only achievement that REQUIRES you to play online (unless you have an iOS device - see below). Many others can be made a bit easier through the MP, but this will force you to either buy the game new for the code or purchase an Online Pass. You need to have each theater of war on the Galaxy at War map at 100% at the same time. The fastest way to obtain this is to play Bronze, Random matches. This way you will receive a 3% increase to each theater of war per match at once (instead of only one theater), requiring only 17 matches to unlock (you start at 50% readiness).

    The only alternative to buying the Online Pass to play the normal MP portion of the game is if you own an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and download the "Datapad" app (free), or purchase the "Infiltrator" game ($7) which can also increase your Galactic Readiness.

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  • What could this possibly mean?
  • I guess you need to go around to other plants and gain there trust so they well fight the Reapers with you.
  • I believe this is a multiplayer only achievement. Your Galactic War Assets are what you collect during the single player, but your Galactic Readiness Level holds at 50% of your assets unless you play multiplayer. I think multiplayer is bugged at the moment, since the galaxy map in MP is split up into sections, but you gain the same percentage boost across all of them. This might be changing in the future to what I've heard, that being that you need to play every map to boost each sector.
  • @ Raynre - There are no multiplayer only achievements
  • @DarqStalker Trying getting your readiness above 50% without playing multiplayer you will soon see its not possible.
  • @#3 It's not bugged based on the design. If you play a "random" map, you will gain %s in every sector, because you're playing random. If you manually choose a map, you only gain for that sector.
  • @3 That would explain it. It's the only option you should be choosing since you get bonuses for random. :D
  • Thanks guys. Been wondering about this one. I've got the bar almost completely filled w/green and the % hasn't moved from 50. Was thinking I had missed something. Guess I'm off to MP next time I play. Thanks again.
  • Also, you can raise your Galaxy At War rating by playing the iPhone/iPad game Mass Effect: Infiltrator. You find intel during the course of the game that you can either upload and raise your Galaxy At War rating or trade in for in-game credits. Over the course of an entire playthrough (three hours tops) I found enough intel to bump my Galaxy At War rating 10%. The game itself is fine. The story is crap, the only Paragon/Renegade decisions you can make are whether or not to kill or let go scientists and there are the kind of occasional control hiccups you'd expect with a touch screen but other than that it works as advertised. You also unlock a unique War Asset at the end of the game. If you don't want to slog through the multiplayer (dunno how long maxing out the Galaxy At War rating
  • would take) it's an option.
  • Sadly your percentage drops down by 2% after 12h.
  • From what I can tell you have the option of getting military strength very high, choosing most renegade actions allows more support while being a douche, or be nice in every situation and have to play online. My military strength was 3k with full nice actions while someone else who commented on another achievement had 7k and I performed every available mission and scanned every sector. I had a poor chance of success until I played multiplayer to average 65% then chance went from poor chance to even( press more info (( Y )) until it lists your odds to find out your chance of success and global dominance. Hope this helps.
  • @12 Damn i guess i got to start being a douche then haha. No wonder mine is so low.
  • People who don't have gold can still get this. Remember each copy came with a free 2 day pass of gold. So just play a crap ton of MP for 2 days. Should be no problem.
  • dude the story is amazing
  • Details: So you can do multiplayer or try out those iOS games to raise galactic readiness, whichever is easier. Though I don't get the amount of sobbing over this one achievement that requires multiplayer. Play it or not, whining doesn't help anybody.
  • Yep, this requires that you play online. Just got it when I got all the systems to 100% during MP.
  • @14 What about people that don't have/can't get internet for their Xbox? I'll be getting this soon and I love the multiplayer, I'm just saying it's kind of gay that Bioware said our Achievements wouldn't be effected by multiplayer, yet here we are with one that requires it. That's what we call lying.
  • @18 then you're shit out of luck. QQ
  • I agree with #18. I remember bioware saying that you could obtain all the achievements with out MP mode. This one is obviously requiring you to play MP mode.
  • @18 + @20. I recall them saying it as well. The good news is, it takes about 20 games (around 20 mins per game) to get 100% readiness. The game comes with a free two-day Live Gold pass, maybe that was their way around that, haha. ;P
  • Bioware has stated that ways to raise the Galactic readiness without MP will be coming soon. Could be facebook related or a possible single player dlc that makes it happen.
  • Can someone enlighten me on this please? In order to get this do i have to get 100%? Because im on 50% and its not going up :/ If i can only get the other 100% in multiplayer then ok. Im just wondering can i still get this after completing the campaign?
  • (In order to get this do i have to get 100%? ) Yes. (can i still get this after completing the campaign?) Yes.
  • @22, well, I hope that comes soon. My connection isn't the best and when I can connect properly I always get booted from matches.
  • I can't believe they're forcing us to play that shitty MP mode just to get the good ending for the single player.
  • Did they ever say that we could get all achievements without multiplayer though? As I recall it they stated we could get the best ending without multiplayer, but not that they ever mentioned achievements.
  • im pretty sure i remember seeing them say all achievements could be obtained without multiplayer, but i just dont see how you could do this without touching multiplayer
  • there are IOS apps you can download to raise the readiness levels Mass Effect 3 Datapad which is free just needs internet connection and Mass Effect 3 Infiltrator which does cost money.
  • Not that difficult. I have enjoyed this mp, actually. Easiest way to get this, host your own match, and set the locationto where you need to get 100%. Put the mode as bronze, and if u have solid teams, you should be able to clear each level and all objectives easily. This will net you approx. 7% for that theatre +1% for galactic readiness. It took me about 12 matches to get 100% in each whilst playing single player, also. Good luck.
  • This really isn't too bad! Just play multiplayer on bronze for two to three hours. I got my 52% rating up to 82% galaxywide in just a couple of hours (and even failed on a few maps). You don't even have to set a location. Just play whatever you get; all the areas of the galaxy map seem to go up in overall readiness simultaneously. I'm going to finish the job tonight!
  • Used the iPhone games, Infiltrator for a little readiness and the rest by the free app, no multi for me at all ;) yay!
  • The biggest joke, well next to the joke of MP in this game in the first place, is that galactic readiness drops the next day so you're forced to keep playing until you get the achievement. Then I assume this affects your promoted character and drops the EMS as well so in order to get the best ending you'll have to go back into MP for a few matches. I hope the idiot who thought this whole process was a good idea gets fired for being a dumbass.
  • If you have your readiness between 50 and 60%, it seems to take several days without playing before you start to lose percentage points. When I got all my collective galaxy map into the upper 90% range, though, I lost a few percentage points literally overnight. I thought I'd need one more match to bring everything to 100%, but it ended up taking three. All told, though, multiplayer is pretty fun (especially if you get a team who knows what they're doing), and it only takes a few collective hours of play time to hit 100% across the map (and this, really, only because each round you play lasts 11 waves and takes approxiately 20 minutes to complete). And if you keep playing after you hit 100%, you get a 5% XP bonus on every match you play. This actually added up nicely once I started
  • ...up some new level 1 characters to play with.
  • Mass Effect Interceptior is the easiest way to get this. You can run through the 2nd security check level over and over. Once you get Salvo at level 2 or 3 and then Storm at level 2 or 3 too you can start killing the big Ogre Mech almost or even before the first gaurdian comes out. That mech drops intel every time. I got 82 pieces intel doing this an hour or so, and then my readiness level jumped from 72% (it got that high from multiplayer) to 100% in all sectors. Of course you have to have an iOS device (iPod, iPad, or iPhone) to do this...
  • Seriously people stop your crying, the MP isn't that bad, at least it's not versus and just team based, it takes a few hours out of your day to get it. Hell once you get your character up to level 9 or so you can play single player MP on bronze the rest of the way, chances are you won't complete a level but you'll slowly get it up if you really don't want to play online, personally I find the MP a little addicting
  • I did it using very little MP and free iOS App called Mass Effect Datapad. My Xbox died and before I got a new one I had a break so I really had no other possibility ;). App is very boring, you just direct your fleets to one of five sectors. In each sector you have 3 types of missions. Then just wait 1-6 hours, and redirect your fleets. At the begining you also buy additional fleets and upgrades, but maxing out is quick Long one - takes about 5,5-6,5h depending on your fleet level. Gives you most money/time but least readines/time (1,67% per mission with maxed fleet) Medium - takes about 3-4h depending on your fleet level. Reasonable money, readiness not so much, but better than in long missions. Short - takes about 1-1,5h depending on fleet level. Very low money, but with maxed flee
  • Short - takes about 1-1,5h depending on fleet level. Very low money, but with maxed fleet you get 1,3% readiness per mission. I suggest to go first with long and medium missions to quickly get money, buy new fleets and all upgrades. Then focus on short missions every hour and long one when sleeping. As mentioned before it's really boring but i got me from 63% to 100% in about 3 days. You just have to waste 3 minutes every mission cycle to redirect fleets and make the magic happen in the background ;) When in app it's 100% then just run ME3 and achievement is yours when game menu will connect to EA servers. You don't even need to start playing MP or SP game.
  • What do you have to do to get this achieve? I'm not really sure what it means. Can you get it just on single player?? Hope so.
  • Has anyone had a problem with your profile not being able to connect to the EA server? That has kept me from getting this achievement for almost a month now.
  • Oddly enough, been playing MP for ages, and at 100% readiness about 90% of the time, still haven't unlocked this achievement.
  • If anyone wants to add me to help with multiplayer, add me at "Travis2310". I have a level 20 Engineer and playing on Silver is pretty easy with that character (using the Widow and Overload).
  • #41: There have been issues connecting if you have disc 2 in the drive. If you switch to disc 1 it usually works better. No guarantees tho
  • Do I need to have online pass activated for using iOS Datapad?
  • @2 When I try to gain the trust of plants, people look at me weird... OT: This is annoying. Whenever I get about 90%, something always distracts me from going the extra mile :@ Meh... I'll get it eventually :p
  • Finally got just keep playing multi player and it will come around
  • It will be good if the Datapad app worked! EA at their best as usual i downloaded it a week ago it has worked twice just long enough to collect and start more. But all it does is tell me i need an internet connection when i am always on WIFI! I am not buying an online pass because i am going to borrow it off a friend sometime.
  • Yes to whomever is still wondering about this. Even if you use play the Infiltrator game and use the Galaxy at War app you must have an online pass to access the extras. You can see for yourself when you look at your war assets on the Normandy. If you hit "x" it will show you the Galaxy at War stats. If you don't have an online pass, it says it cannot connect because you aren't connected to the EA servers.
  • So just to add to my last comment. Must you play multiplayer games to get to 100%? No. Must you buy an online pass to get to 100%? Yes.
  • @48 and for anyone else wondering: To use EA's glitched Datapad App, you must constantly tap the bottom right corner of your screen roughly, where the upgrade button is located, while your galaxy map is loading. The message 'You must have an internet connection..' will still pop but all you have to do next is click ok, then back and it should bring you to the galaxy map. Just note that this trick never works if you press the reload button. You must exit out and back into the map for it to work. Works like a charm for me.
  • I play online MP and my rating never budges from 50% in any of the theatres of war?!? Do you have to be so far along in the SP campaign before it changes? Thanks.
  • Is there a quick way to get this ? like a specific set up for private matches ?
  • online required here, i guess it's the only achievo i'll miss. at least it's not like dungeon seige 3 where half the achievements are online only...
  • I have just read that that EA have retired the Datapad app. You can access the same mini game for Galaxy at War readiness on the N7HQ website now though. It runs a hell of a lot more smoothly too.
  • I just borrowed the game -- Went to multiplayer --- & went to purchse it & it was FREE -- so u can get all 1000 gamer score LOL
  • hello anyone want to help me get this achievement and maybe try to get the gold medal achievement HOLLOWZANPAKUT0
  • I also am looking for team members to get this achievement, add me AAA MOEDER
  • Gamestop has this for $5 now and online is still free for it.
  • I this one still achievable?
  • Got the online pass yesterday and it was still free. I dont know if it has been updated since the guide or if I am just really crap but I am only getting 2% galactic readiness when I complete a MP mission. However, I do get 8% readiness for that area of the galaxy map when completing ab MP mission so I am just gonna select the map I wanna play and keep going till it pops. Gonna get infiltrator too so that should make it easier.
  • Looking to help people get this achievement. I also need to raise my Galactic Readiness to get the Master and Commander achievement. GT: TechnicallyCalm
  • @55 - Nice one. I hate MP, so this should sort that out.
  • i went on line and checked out that free app that is mentioned in top of the page and it said not available in the U.S.A. so that is one achievement that will not be gotten. but luv the game.
  • Anyone looking to do this? I'm decent enough at the game but can't communicate(no headset), am willing to grind this one lol.
  • You do not need to actually play multiplayer to get 100% readyness. Ive just got the ach by going to Login with your EA ID (or create one and link it to your GT) and you can do simple "missions" to add to your readyness. The missions are simply clicking and waiting and theres no skill involved, just time. It took me a few days but i just kept it going while i was playing through the game. The best missions are the 1 hour ones if you keep redoing them as soon as theyre done.
  • Is ea's website even working? Can't get galaxy of war to work ugh
  • I need help getting this, the n7 hq wont work so it seems online is my best bet, i dont have a headset either
  • Just started playing ME3 and still working on sp, not to mention the dlc's. However, from the looks of things in the comments and at this late date it may be prudent to get out in front of it. So anyone still needing or looking to team up and grind some mp please msg me. Gt: TropicUniform27
  • I'm down to try do some multiplayer anytime. Xbox Cimpliicity
  • I´m also needing this achievement, if anyone wants to play add me, also if we have common games can help with others too. GT: RodMex2894
  • Anybody still up to do this? Add me on Xbox/One Gt: Ayo Peso

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