Overload Specialist Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Overload Specialist



    Overload the shields of 100 enemies.


    How to unlock Overload Specialist

    Shields are on specific enemies. You will know there is a shield because above the health bar of the enemy you will see a blue shield bar. Overload is a specific power that looks like electricity going in all directions. Use this 100 times on enemies that have shields.

    Note: Even after dying, the ones you have obtained count. They count across all playthroughs as well as multiplayer (which you can play by yourself). Must be done by your Shep! Squad uses do not count.


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  • You would either need to be a Sentinel or an engineer for overload
  • ME2 allowed you to use your squad members' abilities to complete these types of achievements.
  • Does this have to be you? Because I have used Overload with Garrus and idk if it is making any progress?
  • @3: Yeah I've noticed this too. Seems that you have to use the power (OVERLOAD) by yourself.
  • @ 3 & 4 i think you squadmates can help out with this. the overload has to be the action that depletes the shield and gets down to the next layer of the enemies health. basically, if you use overload and they still have some shield left, it won't count. could be wrong.
  • If you don't want to use a ENGINEER CLASS (OVERLAOD) like me, simply play MP. Maximum 2-3h with a good team and you have your 100 down easily. Don't bother to run trough the SP with a class you don't really want to play with.
  • If your single player character does not have overload, you can't work towards this achievement. Your squadmate does not count, unfortunately.
  • Really, we can't get credit for directing allies to Overload? That's bunk.
  • So Annoying! At least in the last game when they had special biotic achievements it counted when you used your allies.
  • They still do. Don't listen to 8,7 and 6 instead listen to 5 who has it exactly correct.
  • Easiest way to get this one is in MP, especially if you picked a SP class that doesn't have overload.
  • It 100% does NOT count when you direct allies to use Overload. I've tried it a hundred times, a hundred different ways and I don't even 1/100 for the achievement. It definitely does NOT work like it did in ME2.
  • Yeah, it doesn't seem to count if you use a squad member's Overload technique for this achievement. I've had Garrus in my squad ever since I got him and I've done way more than 100 full Overloads on enemies and it hasn't popped. On the other hand, you can get "Combined Arms" using squad mate abilities. So it's very silly they didn't allow us to use them for this. Oh well. Looks like my FemShep will be an Engineer.
  • You have to do it yourself, ive used Overload with my squad mates all the time and i was still at 0/100! Best way to get it is in multiplayer if you dont want to use a class you dont like. I got most of mine using multiplayer, ie - mail slot, combined arms, bruiser and sky high :) its easier as well in single player, just get a good team and you will have it in no time :D
  • Did no one play ME1 where they had achievements for useing powers by yourself
  • @15 Yes. But we also played ME2 and that game allowed you to use your squad's abilities for the different Kill X with X_Ability achievements, thus the confusion.
  • @6, 11, & 14: Fuck that, I'd rather gargle a glass of elephant semen than play any more mutliplayer. It'll take longer but be FAR less painful to just start a new game, pick engineer, dump all points into overload, and go to down.
  • i completed the game with a overload using teammate and it didnt unlock. then when i use vanguard i think on a new save it 1/100 for me. definately needs to be you personally.
  • @17 - Hahhh!! now that's funny! ...and I'm right there with ya'! I'm not a fan of multiplayer to begin with, but co-op is something I'll usually try. Gears of War 3 was the last game I actually enjoyed playing co-op with, mainly because of the rarely found 4-player setting, which I think is key for any good co-op game. (hoping the new Rainbow-6 will bring it back) But this ME3 multiplayer is just about the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. I really just don't get it. It seems completely pointless to me. The only reason I played it as long as I did was to reach the 100% Galactic Readiness rating (and the chievo, of course). It has no business being called ME3... in my opinion. Cheers :)
  • I highly suggest doing this in multiplayer, I had 51 and just got the rest in 1 match against the Geth on bronze, it seems you don't need to actually destroy the shields.
  • Im on my 2nd play of the story, used Garrus and EDI to overload thousands of times(on Insanity, pretty much all enemies have shields) but im on 0 out of 100. It must be BS that the squad members count.
  • I leveled up my Human Engineer's Overload early, and used only one weapon, to cut down the recharge time. This achievement took no time at all; just played a few matches against Geth.
  • @19: Exactly what I did too. Got my readiness to 100%, got my achievement, will never play it again. And I'm certainly not going to grind out this and kill 5,000 enemies in MP just to get them faster. I still have multiple playthroughs I want to do of the SP with different characters who made different choices so I could see the different outcomes of some things (BTW, anyone else think it's sad that the events on Tuchanka have about a million times more variety based on past choices than the ending does?). I'll get 100 overload uses and 5,000 kills that way. Might take longer, but I'll have far more fun and I was going to do it anyway. Anyway, the more I think about it, the more out of place this achievement is. Why just one achievement that requires you to be the one using the po
  • What #22 said. I created an Engineer, played three or four matches against the Geth and Cerberus, and fired an overload shot at every last enemy who appeared with a blue shield gauge. I nailed this achievement super fast. @23, however... with the collective amount of time it took me to get both Defender and Overload achievements, I've realized that multiplayer may not be the best way to hit the 5000-kill mark. You have to be the character who shoots the killing bullet; assists don't count as kills. I had just over 100 kills when I finished my first campaign playthrough, but I'm only at 1800 kills after a week of multiplayer. :-/
  • ...Just over 1000 kills, I meant.
  • Just like the pyromaniac acheivement, i think you can still be a soldier and achieve this one too. I got the pyro achievement by using inferno ammo. I think disruptor ammo will get you this one. Could be wrong, but I would question why one achievement could be done with ammo characteristics (pyro) while the other couldn't. Doesn't seem consistent and Bioware usually has it together.
  • They could have at least made an Overload-equivalent bonus power that you acquire from a teammate...even if it was late in the campaign. I didn't necessarily mind grinding out 5k kills (more with the stat reset, thx Origin), but I'm not thrilled at the prospect of using a new game or MP to get this one.
  • ^^^^^ Guy Above Me That equivalent bonus power to Overload is Energy Drain. I used it all the time on my Adept it restores barriers / shield very important on higher settings plus it acts as an overload. Anyways, yeah you need to play an Engineer or Sentinel but you can reload or get it on MP.
  • This is made a little easier than ME2 because you don't have to completely deplete the shields.
  • FASTEST WAY TO DO THIS: 1) start new character with overload power 2) set difficulty to normal 3) progress to mission N7: Cerberus Lab 4) play mission until it asks you to get the 2nd reaper data/object thingy, then go to the extraction zone but make sure everyones dead(keep using overload on every shielded opponent)(only works once per enemy)5) DONT GET ON SHUTTLE!! keep moving around clock-wise and new opponents will spawn 6) move teammates to corner of map 7) keep killing assault troopers as they have no shields, overload Centurions,wait until Combat Engineers drop turrets because they ...
  • (the turrets) have shields, then overload turrets, kill, overload combat engineers, Kill 8)REPEAT until the achievement pops, around 1-2 hrs ish, Good Luck! you could also do this on Multiplayer but I dont have that so I improvised.
  • ive found a long and boring way to get this one. my main character i finished the game with didnt have overload so im having to start a new game and go from there. i found a spot that has several enemies with shields and saved before i entered combat. then i start to overload all of them i can (about 7-10 in the area). after that, i load the save before i started and overload them all again. by going to the main menu and checking your progress, youll notice that every overload counts regardless.
  • @ #30: I was just about to post this. Took me just under half an hour with narrative difficulty on.
  • You can get this achievement whilst being a character without overload/energy drain. SPOILER (although not a surprise) When Tali rejoins your crew she will ask to speak privately in your cabin. After doing this it allowed me to purchase Energy Drain as a new power. And so if #28 is correct, this can be used to get this achievement.
  • Energy Drain usage does not count for this achievement. It's seems Overload is the only way to go.
  • I would just like to support that Energy Drain does NOT count for this achievement. Team mates using this ability does NOT count. You must actually have OVERLOAD on your character to do it. The easiest way is Multiplayer, it doesn't take that long, it is kind of fun, and its increases your galactic readiness.
  • & if u got the game used -- MP is FREE LOL no MS points needed
  • I have n idea , dont no if it is going to work but , do you guys no the ├írea on the citadel , near the udinna office ,The spectre office ! Well there is inside a firing range :) And in ther you have like a difrent target tree actualy , one with Nothing to protect , one with a barrier And one with a shield :) going to try if works ;)

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