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  • Sky High



    Lift 100 enemies off the ground with powers.


    How to unlock Sky High

    Lift is not actually a power itself. There are a few powers that make enemies fly off their feet. Examples would include Throw, Pull, Biotic Charge, Concussive Shot and Singularity. Despite lifting enemies in the air before dropping them, Slam does not.

    Note: Even after dying, the ones you have obtained count. They count across all playthroughs as well as multiplayer (which you can play by yourself). Must be done by your Shep! Squad uses do not count.


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  • Lift grenade would work for this right?
  • Pull, Throw, Singularity, Lift should all work
  • You would have to be either a Sentinel (throw) or Adept(throw, pull, singularity) for this one.
  • I'm working my way toward this achievement using concussive shot.
  • Do you have to use your character for it to count or can it be a squad member..having trouble with this overload and the tech combo
  • Amusingly, the biotic charge also counts when they go flying backwards.
  • I got one by shooting a husk with my special move connsive shot
  • liara's singularity + vanguard biotic charge = rape.
  • It seemed to count squad attacks for me, but only when you specifically direct them to use the power against an enemy. Lift grenades work as well, and can add four or five to your total easily.
  • Concussive Shot works for this. I wish there was a way to get Overload without changing classes.
  • Squad lifts do not work; you have to do it yourself. If you're planning to play the multiplayer, you can get this and other combat chievos there.
  • Shouldn't slam work for this as well?You can get that from one of your squadmates and can use it as any class.Trying it out right now.
  • You yourself must perform the power for this one. Depending on your powers you should get near this through regular play. Im at 25ish/50 by only using Concussion Blast, Carnage and Power Drain
  • Using Slam on its own doesn't work for some reason, but if Shepard uses Slam and Liara uses Warp whilst the enemy is still floating it counts for some reason. I'm an Infiltrator and am on ~25 now as I only figured it out late last night.
  • @ #14 I'll have to try that out, thanks for the tip. I was pretty annoyed when I realized slam didn't count towards this for some reason.
  • @ #14 That didn't work for me when I tried it. On a funny side note, I somehow got 1 point of progress to this with sabotage. 8nm guessing it's because I used it on a geth and when he blew up, he knocked another geth off the ground slightly. Obviously this isn't a good method to use though....
  • @ #16 Same. I got 5/100 using my Infiltrator's Sabotage followed by a sniper rifle headshot. The explosion is apparently enough to knock surrounding geth around.
  • @ #17 Yeah, it's entertaining, but not really an effective method of getting this achievement. Also I misread #14 and was using slam with singularity (instead of warp) because I apparently suck at reading.
  • Weird that you can't get this using squadmates powers :/
  • Okay, my soldier Shepard has probably used Slam on at least 100 enemies and I have literally THREE credits towards this achievement. Why would Slam not work for this? You ARE lifting enemies off the ground using powers, after all. Should I change his optional power to Lift, or something like that?
  • I actually got this using my Soldier in MP. Leveled up Concussive Shot early, and spammed it everywhere. Took about an hour and a half.
  • I can confirm that Slam + Warp (Liara) after will net you points towards this achievement. I earned the achievement earlier today using this tactic. Now I just need to do multiplayer to get overload. Bleh.
  • I can confirm that #21 is the way to go. I went into multiplayer last night using my Soldier, and used concussive shot every chance I got. Nailed the achievement so fast I couldn't believe it.
  • It makes no sense to me why 'Slam' wouldn't work for this achievement :
  • This was a really wacky chievo that just popped for me last night, about half-way through my Insanity play-through. My 1st play-through was on hardcore and I used my imported Infiltrator-Shepard (from ME1 & ME2). I was using "Slam" on everyone until I realized that it wasn't counting at all toward the "Sky High" chievo. I tried every combination of Squad Members, but by the end of my 1st play-through I only had 4-100, which were completely random. Now during my Insanity run (same Shepard imported from my 1st ME3 play-through), I noticed that by using the combination of Garrus and James, I got "Sky High" chievo progress notice updates. But I still have no idea why? Needless to say, I've done every mission thereafter with Garrus & James and the chievo just popped last night. So
  • ...(continued) Sorry I can't tell you specifically what I was doing that counted toward the chievo, but if it helps here are my loadout details... Shepard (Infiltrator - Level 60): N7 Valiant-10 / Cryo-6 (Sniper Rifle) M-12 Locust-10 / Cryo-6 (SMG) Scorpion-10 / Disruptor-4 (Heavy Pistol) Garrus: N7 Valiant-10 / Armor-Piercing-6 (Sniper Rifle) M-37 Falcon-7 / Armor-Piercing-6 (Assault Rifle) James: M-37 Falcon-7 / Incendiary-6 (Assault Rifle) Disciple-10 / Incendiary-6 (Shotgun)
  • Does using Slam count?
  • Nope.
  • I like using liara's singularity to get an enemy floating and then hit it with a concussive shot from Shepard if you're playing as soldier in SP, sit back and watch them fly away. Seems to work quite well with progress towards this, I'm at 80+ and not even done with the game yet.
  • #21 & #23 are bang on with this. Soldier, upgrade concussive shot and spam it. 2-3 rounds of MP or a few missions in SP. Done!
  • I used lvl 6 Flare, i can get 3 or 4 at a time if enough enemies are close together and got this achievement in no time. funny thing is i saw noone mention that flare worked for this. my shepard is a lvl 60 engineer, took flare as my extra power and i tell you, this one rip through group of enemies in no time. i carry only 2 guns, 1 of which has almost no weight so my powers recharge 200% faster and can be used every 3 seconds or so.
  • I used Liara's Singularity to get this! Use Incendiary Ammo and when the enemy is burning and in the air just shoot Concussive Shot so the enemy explodes! That counts as one and in the same time you get progress towards the Combined Arms achi! :)
  • Concusive shot on MP farms this one really quickly. Got it after a handful of matches
  • When I imported my ME3 character for a second playthrough I chose Lash power which also works towards this achievement.

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