Pyromaniac Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Pyromaniac



    Set 100 enemies on fire with powers.


    How to unlock Pyromaniac

    There are a few powers that result in the enemy becoming on fire. These include Incendiary based powers. Incendiary ammo with the Soldier class is going to be the easiest.

    Even after dying, the ones you have obtained count. They count across all playthroughs as well as multiplayer (which you can play by yourself). Must be done by your Shep! Squad uses do not count.

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  • For incinerate you would need to be a Infiltrater or an Engineer.
  • I hope Inferno Grenade is good for this otherwise I'll have to start a class specifically for it. Ahh, ME1 flashbacks ...
  • Ordering your team to do the moves works as well, its just like ME2
  • Also kills with ammo powers count as well unlike in ME2
  • Incindiary Ammo makes this so easy, also Carnage and Incinerate work too. I believe squadmate powers work too
  • Interestingly, Warp also works for this. I unlocked this achievement earlier by using Warp with my Sentinel character in MP.
  • If you play Engineer in MP, using only one weapon, this achievement takes no time at all, with Incinerate's super-fast recharge time.
  • PS : !!! Do not listen to #5 Braven10 ! -_- Carnage does not work.. Hoping that warp will work.. Imma let you know later.. :)
  • Warp works :. :))

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