Eye of the Hurricane Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Eye of the Hurricane



    Kill a brute while it's charging you.


    How to unlock Eye of the Hurricane

    You will be introduced to the Brute enemy during your mission on Palaven. This is the first main story mission after visiting the Citadel for the first time. As you are killing husks with a turret defending a barricade, your next fight will be against this monstrosity. Wear down the armor first, and try to avoid the husks that are also attacking. When you get it to 1 bar left, wait for it to charge at you. When it does, shoot it with your most powerful power or weapon. If it dies and isn't charging, you can try to let the husk enemies finish you off so you can restart the battle. These also appear online in the later waves if you miss them all in the campaign.

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  • Bulltrue!
  • isnt this an achievement in Halo:Reach? its how you get Emile's helmet for your avatar lol
  • dead space crossover?
  • just bring it
  • Come at me, bro
  • Best be done with the very first Brute you encounter on PALAVEN. Easy breezy. If you fail simply reload your auto-save.
  • Popped when fishied one off with a panic rocket in multiplayer on silver.
  • The brute I got this on (on Palaven) wasn't even charging me directly. He was going for a squadmate. Guess it doesn't really matter who they're after as long as you get the kill while they're charging.
  • got it on multiplayer... best way is to use the rocket when its charging or using the geth shotgun when it has one bar of health left(the way I got it...)
  • i think singleplayer would be more reliable to get this on. MP is full of nothing but people wanting to steal kills of the larger foes. so its almost more about luck to do this in mp
  • This is not that hard, find a fight with a Brute (make sure you have room to manuever) take him down to a few bars, piss him off and shoot him in the face as he runs towards you. I got it with the Mantis sniper, was able to shave off the last 2 bars in one shot on Priority: Pavolon
  • If you miss the chances to get this early on, I recommend Tuchunka en route to the shroud. You'll have a few to deal with here with a long battlefield that's wide enough to evade them if they get too close. Make sure you're using the full length of the field and you should be able to time this easily.
  • I totally brought down a Brute as it was charging me during the final standoff on Tuchanka, and the achievement didn't pop! Grrrr!
  • Got this one on Palaven with the multiple Brutes. I was a Vanguard a Brute charged me and I had no shields so I Biotic Charged him and it killed him. So, I guess Biotic Charge > Brute Charge :)
  • Same as #7 went crazy with a missle and took him down. there was me worring about this one lol :-)
  • I got this one by killing a brute that was charging one of my team members (single-player). The brute was charging in the opposite direction of me.
  • There's LOADS of Brutes on the final mission (Earth) so don't worry if you haven't got it by then. I think there's 4 at once in one of the very last waves of the game. SMDH if you don't get this in one playthrough.
  • Also, I killed my Brute when he did the 'preparing to charge you' pose, so they don't have to actually be running to get this.
  • Yeah, this finally popped for me last night during the final stand on Earth and I was facing down four or five brutes at once. The one I took down wasn't even charging; he was just standing there after having charged one of my squadmates. When I took him down, I got the achivement. Really weird, considering that I had previously killed brutes that WERE actually charging me, with no achievement. :-/
  • multi player, reaper enemies wave 8 or so brutes show up, missile launcher......see ya pal! then pop!
  • Biotic explosion + warp grenades are a joy to behold. Oh yeah..
  • Gaah every time I lower their health enough to do this achievement either the stupid bots or someone online kills them instead :c
  • I did this twice on palaven but no achievement.
  • Had the same as #20 during the final mission on Earth. One was attacking one of my squadmates, and this suddenly popped up. Oh well, I'm happy, haha.

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