Mail Slot Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Mail Slot



    Kill 10 guardians with headshots from the front while their shields are raised.


    How to unlock Mail Slot

    Guardians are the enemies that walk around with shields in front of them. On the shield there is a rectangle hole for them to look through. For the achievement, you must shoot through this hole to kill the enemy (shooting in the hole results in a headshot most of the time). 

    Note: Even after dying, the ones you have obtained count. They count across all playthroughs as well as multiplayer (which you can play by yourself). 

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  • I've picked up a decent amount of these in the demo. Not as difficult as it looks.
  • This is pretty easy with the Mattock in MP.
  • I'm already predicting my Infiltrator's Widow sniper rifle with headshot many a Guardian.
  • If Adrenaline works the same way it did in ME2 then this should be no problem on a soldier
  • The hardest part of doing this is keeping the other Cerberus guys off of you. You can usually use your squad to distract the others while you focus on this. BTW, the cheevo name is awesome.
  • This achievement seems to be a little buggy. Clear headshots through the slit (heads exploding and everything) sometimes don't register.
  • easy way to get this is to kill the 1st 2 guardians you encounter in the game (mars mission) then die and resume game. when you resume it will load up right when you encounter the guardians. repeat til you have all ten.
  • Soldier with Adrenaline Rush is the easiest way but its not that hard without it. If your having problems try these tips: FIre at them when theyre stationary or walking towards you, will keep the slit steady Use a controllable assualt rifle or pistol instead of a sniper or assault rifle with a large recoil. The former weapons can be fired rapidly with relatively good aim
  • Very easy with the Prothean gun!
  • just use the armor peircing ammo prob, ESPECIALLY with prothean assault rifle
  • Easiest done with a sniper rifle. I was an infiltrator and you'll have a few seconds in "slow motion" after zooming using your scope. This is more than enough time to aim and fire through the holes in their shields.
  • too bad this isnt just get X headshots, those are easy to do.
  • Try a Widow/equivalent shot to the top section of the shield (just above the slot)? Results in a head shot all the time in MP.
  • I found on my Insanity run that if I used the Tactical Cloak when the Guardians couldn't see me, then walked so I could see them, they would just stand still, wouldn't even attack my squadmates. Gives you all the time in the world to scope in and get the kill, without the camera jiggling all over the place while you move. Not sure about the lower difficulties, especially Casual, as you can take more bullets than a Reaper without dying, you don't even need to cloak before zooming in.
  • This was my favourite achievement to get, I did it on insanity and i used a Mantis sniper rifle with level 6 inferno ammo on it.

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