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    Hijack an Atlas mech.

    How to unlock Hijacker

    To hijack an atlas, you will need to focus fire on the yellow glass on the front to shatter it and expose the driver. This should take 8-10 shots with a sniper rifle or more with a weaker gun (less on a lower difficulty level than Insanity). From there, kill the driver. Once he is dead, simply run up to the stationary mech and hop in.

    I personally got this during the From Ashes DLC in the final battle. Does not count by jumping in an already abandoned mech! You have to personally kill the driver and take over one that was previously attacking you.

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  • cant wait for this one
  • I can't remember if you get this for the one you find empty in the story or not. I think it just applies to one you actually defeat and climb inside though.
  • Just got this one, you have to shoot the driver out and run up to hijack it. Really fun addition to this game that ill be using a lot.
  • @#3: THANK YOU!!! I was wondering how this works.
  • any suggestions as to how to not get your teammates to take it out while you try to shoot out the glass? I am just doing my first run threw on Normal so if a higher difficulty is required I'll get it on my insanity challenge.
  • @#5: SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS As far as I can confirm this. The earliest best spot is when you return to the CITADEL during the attack of CERBERUS. I tried it before on different missions but no luck. I'm also playing on NORMAL. So best thing do to is, get rid of all the minor enemies and better yet let some or both of your team-mates die and don't revive them. This way you have enough time for the mech. The spot on the Citadel is perfect since your starting position is within a building lookalike so have enough cover. This one seems to be definitely a missable achievement cause you can simply destroy the mech and go straight into the lift.
  • i was able to do this on casual on a non-citadel mission. just kept pressing d-pad down every couple seconds to tell my team to rally, which distracted them long enough that they didn't blow the atlas up while i was shooting the glass (takes a whole lot of shots to do it, too)
  • How do you shoot out the driver? I'm hitting it with what would be headshots on the pilot, but instead of killing him, it only kills the mech. No chance to kill the pilot and hijack. I also got the one on Grissom, killed the pilot before he could get in, and took it myself, but no credit on the Achievement.
  • OH ok i thought it was the empty one in the jack mission no wonder i didnt get it
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FIl2J1S255g Too bad this feature isn't in the multiplayer XD
  • As i understood the only place to hijack the Atlas is that Citadel mission? Others just don't allow you to break the glass. ((
  • Got this on the Ex-Cerberus scientist mission. You just have to concentrate your fire on the glass and hope your team doesn't go ape shit on it.
  • This is actually pretty easy. Can be done on any Atlas. Just use a sniper to break the glass then kill the diver. It just opens up and you can jump in. (Even on hardcore it only took me about 5 or 6 shots from a level 5 sniper to break the glass.)
  • Driver* And as long as there are a few more enemies to pick off you should get to it well before your squad take it out.
  • i got this on the mission the final assult after the 50g master and commander achieve, i used the javalin sniper 2 shots and i went over and got in the atlas
  • I followed the link that #10 posted and it worked perfectly first time.
  • @13 AS far as I can tell, that is not accurate. I tried repeatedly on the Sur'Kesh mission, and after killing the pilot inside with the mech at 20% health... it would simply blow up. Repeatedly. This was on Insanity and I let both my squadmates die. The mech would just blow up as soon as I killed the pilot. Not sure what Mechs are flagged as eligible, but I'm reasonably sure you can't do it at all on some missions (definitely sure on Sur'Kesh).
  • @10 Use the video guide...there you got it.
  • not actually @10, i meant use the video he posted :D
  • This achievement is ridiculous. I've tried with various sniper rifles in various different places, on Normal, Hardcore and Insanity difficulties and all without luck. I did manage to break the Atlas open once, on the Cerberus Scientist mission but it glitched on steps and though the option to climb in was there it wasn't working when I was pressing it. After that I either couldn't break the glass again or the glass would break and it would suddenly blow up anyway.
  • Again it glitched for me on steps. Tried turning the difficulty down instead of up and broke the glass first time but it seems you have to trigger the get in option while standing directly infront of the Atlas and because it keeps happening on steps for me I'm too low for the "get in" option to turn white when standing infront. So, beware.
  • And naturally, when I'd decided I'd given up and reloaded my autosave, staying on normal difficulty I thought "why not attempt it this one last try and then just continue if I dont manage it" well of course I managed it then. Broke the glass with the Atlas at the very bottom of the steps and climbed in fine. Sorry for my spamming, just wanted to warn others about the steps and vent a little. More venting than warning though lol.
  • If Atlus is the last enemy in the area, then it will explode after you shoot the pilot. I found out about this via trial and error. I made sure I kept at least one trooper alive until you get the cheev. I kept a combat engineer alive and after I shot the pilot he just walked up to it and started repairing, paying no more attention to me.
  • I got lucky with this one, tried all game to snipe the Mech's screen and they just wouldn't crack, then randomly it worked on Cronos, the Mech had about 3% health left.
  • glad to see this had some trouble getting this till now
  • It's a bitch, but I did it on the Bomb diffusal quest on Tuchanka. The Atlas at the end. I put Garrus and Liara behind cover and sniped the Atlus with the Mantis sniper. Took me a bunch of retries, but I got it.
  • i just got this one. i did it on the Cerberus HQ, after sending the fighter jet through the hanger doors. there is a few troops and 2 Mechs. just tell your squad to focus on the troopers, while you shoot the crap outta the first mechs' cockpit. it took about 2.5 clips with the geth pulse rifle, then the other half clip to kill the pilot. oh, and dont forget to dodge...
  • Got this myself in the "From Ashes" DLC. Last wave of cerberus troops you fight off contain an Atlas. Just keep a squad mate at both entrances to the building you are in, take cover, and snipe the glass, then pilot. Honestly I saved the Atlas for last as cerberus troops + grenades + insanity + grenades + getting stuck on cover = very frustrating restarts.
  • Will be a challange as i keep blowing the thing up but will be fun
  • Agree with #27, 3 Atlas mechs come at you in the first room of Cerberus HQ so there's lots of opportunity there.
  • Easiest place to do this is on Priority: Citadel II when you get some clear sight lines to use the sniper rifles to take out the glass. Tip on this: The glass will break after the shields are down and (on Normal) half of the armor. Using the sniper rifle insures you put every shot on the glass. Then shoot out the operator.
  • easiest way to do this is with a sniper rifle it only takes about 3-5 shots to the glass, depending and youll kill the driver with minimal damage done to the mech.
  • Even easier than the sniper rifle. When saving the academy students you get in an empty mech. Just kill everyone until a second mech shows up. Shoot it with the mech you're in (2 hits broke the glass for me) and then leave your mech, jump in the other one and bam! unlocked.
  • What I keep running into is after I kill the driver and stand in front of the mech, I see the "press a" prompt, but nothing happens.
  • Same here every time I kill the driver the atlas jus blows up...im doing this on insanity the life was half & on the Cerberus base mission...gaaah I wonder if it matters what difficulty it's on
  • I was unable to do it on insanity, so I returned to Cerberus base mission after completing the game (Atlas is just at the begining). There were no issues with it on Narrative difficulty. Glass smashes nicely. When Shooting with Black Widow V driver was killed instantly. What I've noticed is that Atlas "door" opens when driver is killed. It quite quickly closed before me several times, so stay close to the Atlas when shooting and run to it as soon as "door" opens. Doing it on Narrative difficulty is very easy, as Atlas is virtually unable to break your shield. If you fail, just reload autosave or restart mission and try again.
  • See I've tried this one and it seems impossible for me, I have level 10 weapons with Level 5 Piercing mod and level 5 barrel extension. I use my favourite Black Widow *though I have tried Javelin and Mantis and even the M-98 Window anyway, 3 shots shields are down, Two shots .... no broken glass 3rd shot Atlas dead on EVEY mission i do even on insantiy. so my question is do i need to start a second carer and uses a lower level weapon?
  • I used scope (to be able to hit glass thru smoke) and clip extension. I think also no ammo power was applied. I had similar observation at first, that my weapon is too powerfull, so using something lighter might serve you. But first try to change mods, maybe lvl 10 is still good. Do it on Narrative as I did. On insane glass seems tougher than the Atlas itself. It might be a bit counter intuitive, but worked for me nicely. Also don't kill other enemies, leave them for your teammates to keep them occupied away from Atlas. Use weak shooters. I chose EDI and Liara. Ashley/Garrus/etc might shoot to well in this case. Last thing - shoot thru shield, don' Overload it. Hope it' helps.
  • Worked on Eden Prime for me. N7 sniper level 4, Liara and James. End of level before opening pod on normal diificulty. Cracked the glass with about 8 rounds, killed driver, climbed in. Bleep bloop.
  • every-time i kill the driver the thing blows up automatically
  • Guide sux. Best way: Play on easy, get geth pulse riffle. I hjacked 2 in a row.
  • You can't get this on Sur'kesh 100% positive. Do it an Cronos Station since you can replay this level after you finish the game. Use an upgraded gun and manipulate the combat difficulty if need be.
  • Just got this achievement, after trying in 3 different places. Was the last one I needed to get 100%, now have the trilogy done 100%!
  • this is a bitch for me so far....granted i'm trying it on my insane playthrough which is probly not the best plan but the damn things just explode all the time when i shoot nothing but the glass on it
  • @#5 Send your team mates to stand in a position that is out of the way before an atlas lands on the field. Use on the D-pad to do this. Also: "Xbox360achievements.org" and the video is PS3, made me laugh :)
  • I mist it on my first play. Did it on Omega DLC. Probably easier that another play from the start.
  • I can confirm that this can be done at grissom academy. When you get your atlas after you kill the engineer standing next to it and you have to defend the students escape with it, just wait for enemy atlas to show up in the final wave of cerberus troops and fire your cannon at the atlas's cockpit. Should take about 5 or so shots to break the windshield and kill the pilot. Then just exit your atlas and enter the other one. I was able to do this one on normal difficulty.
  • Did this on insanity; Scorpion X to break the glass; then Geth Pulse Rifle VIII with Incendiary Ammo to kill the pilot. Garrus & EDI were squad-mates; I tasked them to the building to the left to minimize them shooting at the mech.
  • Oh,the level was Priority -Citadel II and it took about 5-6 tries...the glass doesn't always break.
  • Or you could use one atlas to hi jack the other! Did this on the Grissom Academy mission. When, you hi jack the easy one at first going into the last room...I waited for the enemy atlas to come out and focus my main cannon on the glass. Broke the glass, killed the enemy inside; easy as pie. And with no enemies to kill afterwards, my team never went after it!
  • just did like 50 above, worked like a charm...
  • I was wondering how to do this, My team always seems to blow the mech up instead of breaking the glass. Will give the sniper a go and see how I do. :)
  • For what it's worth-- The Atlas in Jack's Grissom Academy Mission seemed to blow up intentionally once I killed the driver. But the 2nd one-- with the pilot outside-- that you're forced to pilot... after you defeat the enemies, & a 3rd Atlas appears- I un-intentionally hit ONE shot from my Atlas, toward the general area of the 3rd's cockpit, & it broke the glass & killed the driver. Thinking I had blind luck- I ejected, & climbed inside the new one, & the achievement popped. I'm playing on Insanity difficulty. Unfortunately, this is before a save point-- but anyone reading this-- it's worth a try. No sniper rifle required-- just one shot, eject, & climb into the new Atlas.
  • This achievement SUCKS!
  • Finally I got it. My last achievement in this game for the original 1000G. MASS EFFECT 3, 1000/1000G, Nov 15th 2013
  • which level is this best to do on regular campaign?
  • Everytime I try this it wont let me in the mech. The option is there but when I press 'A' to enter Shep just doesn't climb in! What am I doing wrong?

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