Enlisted Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Enlisted



    Start a character in multiplayer or customize a character in single-player.


    How to unlock Enlisted

    If you use the default character in single-player, you will not get this achievement. If you use a customized one, you will at the start of the mission (when you can actually walk around). If you start up a multiplayer, you will be given the option to customize a character as well. This is an easy achievement and very well may be the first. If you wish to use default, then you can also start a random game just for the achievement then erase it.

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  • 'Customize a character in single-player.' What?
  • @1 probably as in the armor that your wearing in single player of the game.
  • Does anyone by any chance know if multiplayer can be played offline by any chance if anyone knows please write me back I've seen it before it's awesome and I want to play it so bad but no online :(
  • and also the best game series :D
  • Easy one. The first achievement probably everyone will unlock. Simply CUSTOMIZE YOUR FIRST CHARACTER just as in ME1 & ME2. Unlocks as soon as you gain control of Shepard.
  • @5, I have changed my armour countless times, yet it hasn't unlocked for me. I haven't touched MP yet though...
  • I've done the Armour thing as well and no achievement. I think it's customising the face or profile when you create a character. Unfortunately for me, I've imported my ME2 character who uses the original face, so I'm having trouble as well. I have to go the multi-player way to get this one.
  • i imported my ME2 character and just changed his hair and i got this
  • @3 yes you can as this is how I got it. You can mess around with a lot of the multiplayer settings 'offline' so this is a easy one to do
  • How can you access multiplayer offline? It keeps telling me I need an Online Pass Activation code. I got my ME3 used so it never came with a code. What should I do?
  • Buy an online pass on xbox live, if you dont have online then consider buying a new copy & joining

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