Tour of Duty Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Tour of Duty



    Finish all multiplayer maps or all N7 missions in single-player.


    How to unlock Tour of Duty

    There are a total of 6 multiplayer maps, and 6 N7 missions.

    SP: The N7 missions are not story related and are optional quests found within the campaign. You must actually do them all before you finish the game or you will have to resort to multiplayer in order to gain the achievement.

    MP: You just have to finish all of the waves for each map. This can be done on the Bronze difficulty to make things easier. Best done with a full team and with a few levels under your belt to have upgraded weapons and powers.

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  • I am going to say that finishing all the MP maps will be the easier of the two. That is unless you are a quest junky.
  • Single player is easier. There are only six N7 missions and they are shorter versions of the multiplayer maps.
  • 1# why would u play mass effect if you are not a quest junkie? lol
  • I got it and didnt even realize that they were N7 quests
  • It says I have done 5/6 of the multiplayer maps. How can I tell which of the maps I have left to do?
  • #5 the best way i can think of is just to start a mach and if you Know the map then you have done it that is what i am doing
  • If you wait too long to help out the Grissom Academy, the Reapers wipe it out and you forever lose your chance at completing the mission. Is that one an N7 mission??
  • Grissom Academy is not a N7 mission.
  • N7 missions have the N7 tag in your journal. I think I got three so far (stopped playing because of Grissom Academy bug, and returned to it after the patch two or three days ago).
  • There are six, and they are as follows: - N7: Cerberus Abductions - N7: Cerberus Attack - N7: Cerberus Fighter Base - N7: Cerberus Lab - N7: Communication Hub - N7: Fuel Reactors You can read more about them here:

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