Always Prepared Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Always Prepared



    Obtain two non-customizable suits of armor.

    How to unlock Always Prepared

    You need to buy 2 suits of armor (each costing 50,000 in different Citadel stores), or supplement that with two other promotional bonus armors. These cannot be upgraded or or interchanged with each other. You can buy them and reload your checkpoint if you want just to get the achievement. The following sets all count toward the achievement:

    • Reckoner Knight Armor (Kingdoms of Amalur demo bonus)
    • N7 Defender Armor (Gamestop pre-order bonus)
    • Blood Dragon Armor (Hanar Store)
    • Inferno Armor (Kassa Fabrications)
    • Collector Armor (Nos Astra Sporting Goods)
    • Terminus Assault Armor (Batarian State Arms)
    • Cerberus Armor (Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies)

    After you have visited these stores from the Citadel, you may get to them anytime from the Normandy. There is an armory in the Shuttle Bay which when accessed, has a list of stores and the stuff you can buy from them.

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  • Wonder if the N7 Defender Armor and the Reckoner Knight Armor count towards this.
  • hope so or maybe some secret armor that's in the game
  • Always bring a change of underwear! I'll probably unlock this once I get back on the Normandy -Cerberus Armor -Blood dragon armor -Inferno armor -Terminus armor -Collector Armor -Kingdoms of Amalur armor
  • @3 damn i unlock all those except the kingdoms of amalur armor :(
  • @#4: We'll still likely get the achievement from importing, anyways.
  • I wonder if you can get the for the pre-order armor
  • Just got an achievement progress 1/2 towards this achievement by buying all the books & stuff in the Citadel hospital "SIRTA SUPPLIES" (first visit).
  • Yeah, I got it when I bought the Medi-Gel upgrade. Probably from the preorder/Amalur stuff it was unlocked, just had to purchase something for the game to notice lol.
  • @ #8 I just got the same thing. When it popped, and I checked it on the list and saw it said 2 suits of armor. I got totally confused. It makes sense, though. I do have the reckoner armor and the N7 armor, I just haven't been able to access them yet.
  • I bought the Tennyson books for Ashley in the hospital and this popped for me. I did not buy the medi-gel upgrade. So don't really know what happened there lol.
  • I bought the flowers at the Serta station in Huerta Memorial and the 1/2 message popped. I don't think it matters what you buy.
  • What do the books from the hospital have to do with armor??
  • Terminus armor Kingdoms of Amalur armor
  • @3 I have all those armor in the previous game ,but in this third part, I only have the normal N7 and the one from the amalur demo, how i unlock the other ones? :(
  • ^ Good question
  • My Terminus, KoA, and all my old armor didn't count towards this :/
  • It unlocked for me when I bought medigel upgrade in Huerta Memorial on the first visit to the Citadel.
  • the preorder armor counted for popped when i bought the first set in the normandy's kiosk
  • I own nearly all the armors and my achievement still says 1 of 2. And that 1 was getting the medigel at the hospital. How do you get the second one?
  • buy the collectors armour and the others armours in the citadel stores near the presidium
  • I bought flowers for Ashley at the hospital. DING! No 1/2, just full unlock. Hooray for glitches!
  • The Reckoner Knight armor from the Amalur demo definitely counts as 1 out of 2 for this achievement. For the second, just buy some exotic suit of armor somewhere on the Citadel, like the Collector, Blood Dragon or Terminus armor. They're expensive, but if you're an achievement farmer, it's worth it. :D
  • Is the Kestrel armor set in ME3? I used that for most of ME2.
  • Just go the the requisition kiosk in the Hangar Bay of the Normandy. Save. Buy two set from any store you've visited on the Citadel for 55,000 each. Achievement pops, and you can load if your tight on money.

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