Explorer Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Explorer



    Complete three multiplayer matches or five N7 missions.


    How to unlock Explorer

    See "Tour of Duty" achievement description.

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  • I assume "Complete" means do all 11 waves?
  • So are the N7 missions in ME3 the single player version of the galactic readiness for the campaign?
  • @2 I think so. That's the way I understand it anyways.
  • Assuming it doesn't penalize you for joining a match mid-game, I think it just means you have to survive the 11th wave.
  • iv done 5 lots of 11 waves and still no cheevo! glitched much!
  • @5 I had the same issue. I think it's related to maps rather then matches. As such, it's just worded badly, not glitched.
  • You have to finish all 11 waves on 3 different maps, and i thing its on every enemy too, idk
  • N7 are single player missions that you get while going through the game
  • It could mean the standard multiplayer maps, excluding free DLC maps.

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