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    Upgrade any weapon to level 10.

    How to unlock Gunsmith

    SP: In the shuttle bay of the Normandy, there is a weapon upgrades station. Here, you can upgrade any of your weapons for a price. As you purchase upgrades, the cost starts getting higher. The first upgrade choice will be level 2 for each weapon you own and you can get up to level 5 in a single playthrough. To get it to 10, you have to start a New Game+ and find the weapon a second time. This will unlock the final upgrades, allowing you to purchase up to level 10.

    MP: Buy the recruit packs consistently and you will have a level 10 weapon fairly quickly. This is probably the quicker/easier of the two options of unlocking this achievement. I got three upgrades for the Mantis sniper rifle in my first five purchases.


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  • Note that this achievement cannot be earned in one playthrough. Unlike Mass Effect 2, where you found weapon upgrades in the field, you simply purchase weapon upgrades on Level 5 of the Normandy. However, during your first playthrough, you can only upgrade to weapon grade 5. On subsequent playthroughs, you can upgrade to 10, unlocking this achievement.
  • I imagine this can be unlocked in MP as well, seeing as I unlocked a few level 10 guns in the demo.
  • @ #2 you can unlock level 10 weapons. but that doesnt mean you "Upgraded" them, you can only upgrade them in the normandy as you go through your second playthrough you can purchase upgrades to level 10
  • unlockable in the MP i'm at 7/10 after I got the N-7 rifle to VII
  • @ #1 Ah, thank you. Woundered why the weapons disappeared from the list after 5 levels.
  • Also, if you import a ME3 character into a NG+ you keep all of your guns and any gun you find again automatically get upgraded to level 5. For example, when I found the M-8 Avenger, it got upgraded to level 5 when I picked it up.
  • @1 incorrect. I have a weapon at level 8 and am only on first playthrough.
  • @8 just wondering, was it through purchasing them on the normandy, or did you find another place to upgrade them?
  • @7 You must have imported. When I imported, I was able to reach above weapon level 5. For most people who have import issues or are starting from scratch, they'll have to play twice. Just do the Earth tutorial and the first mission, and you're good to go on the Normandy to upgrade.
  • no.. not sure what everyone is talking about... but i didn't do a import. and i have 8/10 in my first play through...
  • I think you can upgrade above 5 before the final mission.... Can't wait to get a level 10 scorpion
  • Can tell you on a second playthrough when you pick up a weapon you already have it instantly gains 3 levels. Also, is there a chance that preorder/CE guns are able to be upgraded to 10 without a NG+? I didn't try it myself, so not sure.
  • Do you find many more weapons after the Geth rifle? Didn't want to waste credits on upgrading if I was going to keep finding them anyway.
  • I have been getting "upgraded" weapons thru the MP and so far my ticker on this has gone up to 8 of 10 and I'm still on my first play-through. So apparently you can this through MP upgrades as well as SP upgrades.
  • @1i am on my first playthrew with an upload from me and me2 and have found no way to get them past lvl.5 and have tried everything. so eather u ar on 2nd playthrew or ur a game modder. if so, i pitty u, modders ar little girls that cant play a game the way it was made to b played.
  • Seems to be some inaccurate info here, I am still sorting it out but: * Highest level you can buy of a weapon is 5 in the first playthrough. They don't appear in the store until you find them. * Multi-player weapons do count for this achievement. Even if you are on your first playthrough in SP. Easiest way to ge tthis achievement is to play MP and get all Recruit packs until you get to 10 on a weapon. * Your weapons are NOT automatically upgraded to level 5 after the first playthrough. * When you bring your character into a second playthrough (my second PT is on Insanity so that may affect how it works) you can buy upgrades up to level 7 on the Normandy after you speak to the council at the Citadel for the first time. * Finding weapons in a second playthrough does upgrade t
  • [continued] * Finding weapons in a second playthrough does upgrade them several times - not sure if this is related to having them on the first playthrough or not. * This means you can only get a weapon to level 10 by buying it to level 7 and finding it again in the second playthrough. * I got this achievement with the Vindicator AR. I had it a level 5 after the first playthrough. I found it in the second playthrough (I got it before I got to the Citadel) and then was able to buy upgrades 9 and 10 in the Normandy. * So you should be able to unlock this early in the second playthrough by upgrading a starter weapon once you can get to the Normandy.
  • I used a imported character for my first playthrough and had each of the gun types to level 5, just one of each i mean. My second playthrough is a different new class that i just made the save for me3. Does this mean it wont register the weapons as its not a me2 save and is a new character? or is it still a second playthrough?
  • Well, based on my experience, two SP playthroughs is going to upgrade weapons to the right level faster than relying on MP pack purchases. I've bought a few dozen packs, including like 7 Spectre packs just to get good stuff, and DARN few weapons showed up. I suck so bad at killing things, I might TRY a harder mode for that second playthrough, but I have like zero expectations of finishing it...
  • You can definitely only max your weapons out to level 5 on your first playthrough. When I started my second, I went into the shop on the Normandy and promptly started upgrading the Scorpion (my favorite!)... but could only get it as high as level 7 before it disappeared from my menu. Only when I picked the Scorpion up again during the Sur'Kesh mission did it automatically level up from 7 to 10.
  • Multiplayer weapons count. I got a Level 10 shotgun out of a Recruit pack and the Achievement popped. No second playthrough required...
  • So a weapon will automatically level from 7 to 10 when you find it the second time?
  • My first playthrough I imported a character from ME2 and was only able to upgrade to level 5. My second playthrough I imported another ME2, a different character from the first, and I'm still only able to upgrade to level 5. Which sucks. So I guess I'm going to have to start a third playthrough using one of my ME3 saves in order to get this achievement. Which is very annoying.
  • Just keep buying the $5,000 packs in multiplayer .... you'll have this in no time! That's what my friend did. He popped this achv within 2 days.
  • @24 spot on! thats wot i did! got it in bout 3 hours of playing multi! easiest way by far!
  • When playing MP, if you purchase a pack which contains a weapon you already have, it upgrades your current weapon by 1 level. So with a bit of luck and a few hours play, you can get a weapon to level 10 by purchasing lots of recruit packs.
  • I am on my 4th play through of the series. in ME3 I only have 4 achievements left to get. 2 require me on insanity, 1 overload 100 shields, and the gunsmith one. How do I upgrade a weapon to 10? Down in the shuttle bay I can only go up to 5. I've bought out Specter store, and all the stores in the citadel, and no matter what, I can only go up to 5.

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