Battle Scarred Achievement in Mass Effect 3

  • Battle Scarred



    Promote a multiplayer character to the Galaxy at War or import an ME3 character.


    How to unlock Battle Scarred

    SP: Importing an ME3 character can obviously not be done if you have yet to finish the game with your ME3 character. This means, you must beat the game and with that save file, you can then import. This is what people will get when starting their 2nd run through of the game if they never imported. Other players must just start a new game and import. 

    MP: You must play enough to get one of your characters to the max rank (level 20). After doing this, you will be able to promote them.


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  • I wonder what they mean by this? Is there going to be a third mode where you can use either your multiplayer or Shepard character?
  • ^there's two ways to do this. Import a ME3 character means to just beat the game and import that specific character into a new playthrough (like in ME2). For all the multiplayer achievements, there is an alternative way to earn them in the single player part of the game. Very awesome move by Bioware because you won't have to play the multiplayer at all to get all 1000G.
  • "Importing an ME3 character" means NG+. Both ME1 and ME2 had it.
  • @2 Yeah you're right, good observation, and wise for Bioware since some players have no interest in mp.
  • So, from the wording, is this simply an achievement for STARTING NG+?
  • @5: Yup thats what it sounds like
  • NG+? Or can we add a multiplayer character to the SP story? That would be amazing.
  • I'm confused by the multi player of ME3 is it going to be invite people on your friends list for co-op or is it search for matches or team deathmatch or what... because if it is TD i'm going to be really disappointed
  • I assume that "promoting" a multiplayer character can only be done once a character reaches the level cap. It's probably identical to CoD and prestige. Makes sense, since that is a comparable feat in multiplayer to starting ng+ in single player.
  • What does promoting actually mean, does the character become something like a war asset to contribute to readiness?
  • @10 I think it means exactly that. They will likely become a secondary (or tertiary?) character that will help contribute to your overall readiness. This way it's a bonus for those who play Multiplayer and doesn't hurt those who don't. That's my guess, anyway. If you play the demo you can see that there's a grayed out Promote option on your characters.
  • This is a little confusing.. I'm still not sure how the single-player, multi, and galaxy-at-war all integrate. I just solely want to play single-player, but this sounds like I'll at least have to try the galaxy-at-war some...
  • @12: Either number 9 or numbe 10 have it correct in terms of how you can unlock the achievement via the MULTIPLAYER. However, as earlier peepz have stated, this can also be obtained by finishing the SP and then starting a new game, importing the character who just finished the SP. TL;DR NG+. EITHER method will unlock this.
  • I love NG+ :)
  • I'm glad BioWare is making the 'multiplayer' achievements available in single player, too. Personally I have no interest in ME3 multiplayer.
  • Personally i think combining an achievement that is primarily a multiplayer into a single player achievable as well is a load of BS. why should a player who doesnt play the whole of the game be able to gain 100% of the achievements when a player who does and can be affected by those who dont not playing therefor lowering the number of players playing online and may stop the said online player from getting 100%. its a simple rule that bioware should of stuck too and now i read this has in someways put me off the series i love.
  • @16 they mainly did this due to the fact that EA takes down a games servers way too quickly, this way, if someone wants to play this in three ears, they can still get very achievement
  • Can anyone confirm how you get this achieve via the multiplayer yet? I'm not quite lv 20 but almost there with an engineer. Is there a feature in campaign to promote your multiplayer character or is it in multiplayer where you can promote them?
  • @18 When you hit level 20, there is an option to promote, I noticed it in the demo, and I'm sure its just as simple as hitting the button when you hit 20. If not hit the button and follow more steps necessary. Mass Effect achievements have never been all that hard. Either way, I plan on promoting all 6 classes. I think they did a very good job with the multiplayer, seeing as it is so integrated with the story compared to other games *cough cough* Assassin's Creed *cough cough*.
  • I can confirm you ca prestige your multiplayer character To get achieve once you hit 20.
  • @Chris iz Stoned If having multiplayer/single player achievements tied together spoils your Mass Effect experience, you are playing video games for all the wrong reasons. Games are more than gamerscore, it doesn't sound like you realize that.
  • @21 agreed and @20 thank you for confirmation lol
  • @Chris iz Stoned Mass Effect isn't a heavy MP game and they added it to this one to expand the offering beyond the campaign. Combining SP with MP equivalent achievements is a genius idea by BioWare and means the purist can play just the campaign and still complete everything. I tried MP last night and it is actually pretty good. Wave based fighting but with thrown in objectives.
  • In case anyone out there was wondering, if you import at ME3 character for NG+, the achievement unlocks after the opening cutscene, once you take control of Shepherd.
  • I started a new game plus and got it
  • @ #16, you're dumb as heck. Mass Effect is, at its core, a single-player narrative and most real ME fans find the idea of multiplayer in it to be unnecessary to begin with because the focus is the story. You're bitching about nonsense; if you want to play a crappy shooter, then go play MW3.
  • 2 ways to get the achievement 1: import mass effect 3 char into a NG+ (in addition you can re-customize your Shepard's look, nice over the first 2) 2: promote your multiplayer character to the galaxy at war, they become a war asset. In addition 10 levels are added to your account's N7 rank. If you do so however, that character class' level will be reset to 1. Up to you if it's worth it or not.
  • i give up hope, there are idiots everywhere, and the old saying "cant please everyone" is true don't want to do MP? fine, still get the achievement, like MP, get sooner. in other words: f**k off you whiny little kids and go back to your precious CoD, we don't care what you think, most people will buy this game for its STORY, which by the way, can anyone confirm weather people still understand the concept of a story?
  • @ 27 When you say "In addition 10 levels are added to your account's N7 rank.", what does that mean exactly? It that 10 levels for your single-player guy? My single-player guy is around lvl 25, and im about to get a MP guy to 20... so i can promote him and get to lvl 35 on SP?
  • @ 29 No your N7 rank in displayed on your MP profile. It is the total levels of all your classes combined including promotions
  • @21 We all know that games are more than gamerscore,'re on XBOX360ACHIEVEMENTS. You might consider that the crowd here is into getting achievements.
  • i like eating cheese while playing multiplayer.
  • What happens if i promote? I already know my MP level will be reset to 1 I just wanna know if it effects the guns/skills i unlock on MP e.g. they get reset too and aslo, if it effects any of my SP in anyway? Thanks.
  • #16 = Stupid.
  • #16 your a fuckin retard. To be honest i have been waiting for someone to split achievements from campaign and mp. I think EA finally realized its not fair to some people who rent/buy the game used to pay 10 dollars just to get some achievements
  • best games ruined by MP: Bioshock Dead Rising Mass Effect Portal Assassin's Creed Resident Evil Dante's Inferno Who's Next? Silent Hill? i'm a SP fan, i play MP occasionally, i know games are more than GS, but i want to have all 1000 points in my favourite games, but som cheev's are hard as fuck, and more when all the gamers are experts and im new, that Bullshit
  • Dogor your also not that smart, games are rarely ruined by MP none of those that you listed I can agree with. never played Dante's inferno and never played portal multiplayer. I feel like MP can rarely hurt a game unless it adds nothing new to the game. A recent game I found ruined by MP was Binary domain. I can agree its stupid when shitty MP games make you rank out but none of the games you listed were that hard to get achievements for to be honest I think I got almost all achievements for all those games so obviously your just not very good at video games.
  • excluding mass effect 1 and Portal 2 I have all the SP cheevos of that list, few of MP too, cause everyone are experts now :(
  • @37 if all u care about is being good at video games, especialy mp games, u r vary sad. People like u are what turned me off of mp games. If ur not the best u get shit talked and/or not even picked to play. ME3 has been good, but last night i got kick from a game just because i wasnt over rank 100. I dont let my kids talk to me like that, why should i put up with some punk ass 12 year old that thinks hes the shit cuz he plays games 22hrs out of the day. i have a job and a life. but being excluded because of that is bull.
  • so back to ur comment, the game doesnt ruin mp, people like u do
  • @36 Really dude? Bioshock 2 was amazing, mass effect 3's co-op is actually good what ruined it is the the ending, dead rising always sucked so il give you that, Portal 2 is one of the best games ever made including the co-op and its also extremely easy to 1000, Assassin's Creed's multiplayer is amazing and innovative if anything its multiplayer makes the series better, co-op mode on resident evil is what made that game fun, and i didnt even know dante's inferno had multiplayer but that was a fun xbox god of war game.
  • i like sliptscreen co-op, but im a campaing mode fan
  • My only question is: How does co-op multiplayer that plays nigh on 1:1 like SP ruin this title at all? I could get on that train if the MP didn't make sense or fit with the overall story or tone of the Mass Effect universe, but it does. So all of your points are moot. Nobody is FORCING you to play MP, just take the 50 percent GRR and move on. Or play ME: Infiltrator. Or play MP with some friends, pretend it's SP, and get 100 percent GRR to compliment that 5k+ War Asset rating.
  • promoting a character resets that class but gives you plus 75 war assets and plus 10 on your n7 multiplayer rankinging
  • I got this achievement upon starting a New Game+ with my level 56 character from the end of my first playthrough.
  • Alright brthrhdofsteel you obviously didn't read or understand my comment all i was saying is how does the mp ruin the Mass Effect 3 in any way. Honestly in makes the game better or just simply stick to campaign. Never once did i say i was one of those kids so fuck off, first of all i take 18 credit hours and have a job so i probably do more than you do. 2nd of all Im naturally good at games i don't have to play 22 hours a day to be good I play mass effect mp and was just as good as the guys that are ranked 100 or 150 when I'm only ranked 15. So don't comment and insult me than bitch about your kid bc that sounds like a personal problem to me
  • Can anyone help me? I imported a new character, had to re adjust the appearence since it "couldn't read the code" and i never got the achievement. Do i need to accept the imported character design to get this? (which is now the standard sheperd)
  • #47 To get the achievement you have to have beaten the game once and then imported him/her: it's basically like starting up a New Game+. If I remember correctly, you won't be able to change your character's appearance in this mode :)
  • Can you promote as many characters as possinle to the galaxy readiness then or only one?
  • Wow way to much whining about the MP. I think its cool that they tied MP into SP. MP is fun, and for the record I always prefer to play SP. I only play MP occasionally its just another aspect to a game. All this madness about mass effect adding MP is just nonsense. I haven't gotten this chievo yet, but my friend did and he said once you hit 20 promote your character and you'll unlock it.
  • personally the mp can get a bit addicting and the added sp benefits for those who dont like mp is genius. well other than the defender achievement anyway
  • Achievement popped for me after I imported a mass effect 3 player did NOT change his/her appearance then after the first dialog was complete where u can move ur player simple as that (well after I beat ME3 on the hardest level lol)
  • Holy shit... 52 comments (until this one) on this thread, and it took literally until the 52nd comment for someone to actually explain this achievement. So much pointless bickering about stupid crap... 51 comments of pointless bickering that achieves absolutely fuck-all... ... until FINALLY someone had the decency (albeit with atrocious spelling) to mention that this achievement pops as soon as you gain control of Commander Shepherd in a New Game+ ... Just what the hell is wrong with people here?

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