-Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10
-Offline: 66 (1475)
-Online: 2 (75) (Defender, Master and Commander)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 68+ Hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (2 if not importing save)
-Number of missable achievements: There is no replay of chapters, so you want to get all the side-quests done in one playthrough. The major ones are Paramour, Saboteur and Liberator. Also watch for missable achievements in the single-player DLC; Freedom Fighter in the From Ashes DLC, Conspiracy Theorist from the Leviathon DLC and Meticulous from the Omega DLC.
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements? Yes (Insanity Difficulty)
-Glitchy achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements? None
-Extra equipment needed? Kinect can be used for voice control (optional). What is required to do multiplayer is the Online Pass. So if this is a rental, you will be alone.
-Is there DLC? Yes

You can play Mass Effect 3 from scratch if you have never played the previous games. If you have a save file from a previous Mass Effect, you will be able to import your character and save yourself an entire playthrough. This game has a lot of story-related and kill-based achievements with a few other random ones. There is only one basic difficulty achievement, which is for Insanity. There are no collectible based achievements in this game, so you can cross that off your stress list. Also, in the main menu, you are able to look up your achievements and see a tracker that shows how many you have towards that achievement. It will also pop up your status as you play, so you never have to look at it.

Step 1a (New Game): New Game on Easy/Narrative:
If you're new to Mass Effect and are starting from scratch, that's perfectly fine! The game does not require you to have played before. You can play on easy to get the hang of things and build up your level before moving on to a 2nd game. This playthrough is up to you. You can even put the difficulty on "narrative" which is easy mode to the extreme.

Step 1b (Imported Character): Insanity Playthrough:
If you have imported a save from a previous Mass Effect, you only have to beat the game once. You should be gaining all of the campaign based achievements.

Step 2 (New Game): Insanity Playthrough:
After playing the game for the first time, you are ready for Insanity. You'll have to be more patient while fighting in this playthrough. Make use of your powers and squad as much as you can.

Step 3: Multiplayer/N7 Missions
There are a few achievements that can be done easier online, such as using some of the powers that your single player character may not have (especially if you are a Soldier). It is also much easier to max your level online and be promoted than to get max level in the campaign. However, doing the N7 Missions on Insanity is probably easier than finishing all the MP maps on Gold unless you have a few high-levels friends to help.

Step 4: Mop Up
At this point if you only did one playthrough and did not get a level 10 weapon online, you'll want to do a NG+ and finish Gunsmith, as well as any other power or kill-based achievements you may have missed.

Step 5: From Ashes, Leviathan and Omega DLC
These story missions are easy as far as achievements are concerned. Other than missable achievements such as Freedom Fighter (From Ashes DLC), Conspiracy Theorist (Leviathon DLC) and Meticulous (Omega DLC), you can focus on simply enjoying the story and gameplay.

Step 6: Citadel DLC
First you should proceed to follow the main story of the DLC. You will earn achievements along the way, for completing certain missions, which of course makes these unmissable. Completing the story will earn you 4 achievements, worth a total of 125. After you have completed the story, you can then proceed to complete the miscellaneous achievements, that you can earn at your leisure. There are 5 remaining achievements that you can earn and they are all easy and straight forward. The first 2 are for throwing a party for your friends and to win a prize in the arcade, both of which are straight forward and should pose you no problem.

The remaining 3 are all earned in the combat simulator. 1 of these is for fulfilling a request within the simulator, a sort of mini-mission. The other 2 are for reaching certain goals within the simulator, but you can choose whether to do them on normal, hardcore or insanity difficulty, so you shouldn't struggle with these as you can do them on normal and breeze right through.

Aside from the difficulty of Insane and Gold online, the achievements are all fairly simple here. Be wary of the timed side-quests (see the link in "Unwavering") and you'll be set for your 1550! Also watch for the missable achievements in Leviathan and Omega.

[x360a would like to thank Tyger7 for this road map]
[x360a would like to thank Asturgis and Scotty for the DLC additions]

Mass Effect 3 Achievement Guide

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There are 68 achievements with a total of 1550 points

  • Return to active duty.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Earth.

  • Chase down an assassin.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Mars.

  • Bring a veteran officer aboard.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Palaven.

  • Destroy an Atlas dropped from orbit.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Sur'Kesh.

  • Explore a lost city.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Tuchanka.

  • Survive the swarm.

    This is a side-quest that you can begin by talking to Wrex/Wreav after "Priority: Tuchanka" which is referred to as "Investigate Missing Scouts" on the galaxy map.

    Obtained: After completing the side-quest Attican Traverse: Krogan Team.

  • Sabotage a dreadnought.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Geth Dreadnought.

  • Call down an orbital strike.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Rannoch.

  • Disable a group of fighter squadrons.

    This is a side-quest unlocked after completing the main story mission "Priority: Geth Dreadnought." It will be marked as "Geth Comm Hub" on the galaxy Map. The main quest will appear near this one (labeled "Reaper Base") if you do "Rannoch: Admiral Koris" first - make sure you DO NOT do that mission before completing this, or this one will not be available anymore.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons.

  • Win a political stand-off.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Citadel 2.

  • Extract ancient technology.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Thessia.

  • Defeat an old adversary.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Cerberus Headquarters.

  • Send a warning across the galaxy.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Horizon.

  • Discover an enemy's monstrous origin.

    This is a side-quest obtained by speaking with Liara after "Priority: Citadel 2" which is labeled as "Investigate Asari Colony" on the galaxy map.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery.

  • Stop a Cerberus kidnapping.

    This is a side-quest unlocked by talking with Traynor after "Priority: Palaven. Do this as soon as you get it, as it is time-sensitive and can be failed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Grissom Academy: Emergency Evacuation.

  • Evacuate a scientific facility.

    This is a side-quest unlocked by talking with Traynor after "Priority: Citadel 2."

    Obtained: After completing the mission Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists.

  • Make the final assault.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the mission Priority: Earth.

  • Legend



    Mission accomplished.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Obtained: After completing the entire main story on any difficulty.

  • Visit a store in the single-player campaign.

    The first chance you get for this is when reaching the Citadel. When you go to the Huerta Memorial Hospital, the store is straight across from the counter. It's actually a computer that you can buy things from. If you press and click the , you'll see a map. Stores look like coins with an arrow going around them in a square shape. You do not have to actually purchase anything, just visit one by pressing on it.

  • Deliver most of the Galaxy at War assets to the final conflict.

    For this you will need to have over 4000 "Effective Military Strength" before beginning the mission "Priority: Cerberus Headquarters." You will gain assets through playing the main story, doing side-quests and scanning systems to retrieve resources (see "Lost and Found").

    It is possible to do this at 50% readiness (without playing online), but you have to be extremely thorough and it will require 8000+ Total Military Strength. On top of that, some assets won't be available depending on your choices from ME1/ME2 so you may have a game that you made some bad choices and can't get some larger bonuses which would require you to play the entire trilogy over. You need to play the MP anyway to get "Defender" so you really should invest a few hours into the MP to boost your Readiness.

    To make the achievement much easier, simply play a few games online to increase your Readiness Rating. If you do not play online for a while, your readiness percentage will begin to decline. I would suggest doing the "Defender" achievement right before this one, that way you've got a full 100% readiness and will be plenty over the required amount.

    To clarify, the bottom number in the image below (with the accompanying green bar) is the one you need to have above 4000. The Total Military Strength will get reduced by your Readiness Rating which will equal your Effective Military Strength (TMSxRR=EMS). If you complete the "Defender" achievement you will get 100% for the Readiness Rating which will give you full use of your Total Military Strength. It will equal your Effective Military Strength, which (assuming you have 4000+) will net you the achievement.

    And again, you can not get the full 1000 Gamerscore without buying the Online Pass and playing the MP portion of the game ("Defender" achievement) so there is no need to kill yourself trying to find every possible War Asset available. Just play a few games online to get your Readiness up and get more use of your assets. 

    Note: If you have downloaded the free Extended Cut DLC then the amount of Effective Military Strength you need will be cut to 3100, making this achievement much easier to get playing just the single player campaign.

  • Dispatch 10 probes to retrieve people or resources in Reaper territory.

    Once inside Reaper territory you can use to scan for resources. EDI will let you know if something has been found. Enter the planet's orbit that gets marked, to start the scan, then hold while you rotate the planet until a white light shows up. Then hit and launch a probe to retrieve the resource. Sometimes you will find things related to your sidequests. If you need to "find something", many times it's something you find while looking for resources.

    Note: You may keep reloading your checkpoint after finding one if you want to get this achievement out of the way faster.

  • Complete Mass Effect 3 twice, or once with a Mass Effect 2 import.

    If you have a Mass Effect 2 save file, you may import it to this game. Doing so will mean you only have to beat the game once. Choose Insanity to do it in one playthrough. If you don't have a save, then you will have to beat this game twice and start at Level 1 progress. Start on an easier playthrough since you'll have to beat it again anyways, then play Insanity on the 2nd.

  • Finish the game on Insanity without changing difficulty after leaving Earth.

    To make sure you get the achievement, before starting a new game go to Extras from the Main Menu. Go into "Options" and to "Gameplay." Choose Insanity for the Combat Difficulty.

    If you started the game already you can still change the difficulty as long as you have not beaten the first mission on Earth. Press and go to "Options". Go into "Gameplay" and you can change the difficulty to Insanity. This must be one before leaving so do it right away. If you find yourself on Mars, you have gone too far and will have to restart.

    This mode requires a lot of patience and is best done with power heavy classes (so that you do not run out of ammo) or do the From Ashes DLC first to get the Particle Rifle weapon for unlimited ammo. If you did not import a save and have to play twice anyways, save this for a 2nd playthrough. If you have an import, go ahead and start on this difficulty right away. It's not extremely hard and as long as you save often with full health and keep a backup file, you'll be in good shape.

  • Modify a weapon.

    Modifying a weapon requires mods (purchased or found). Once you have mods that fit a specific weapon type you own, you may go to a Weapon Bench and apply it. To do so, select a weapon and you should see the bottom right part of the screen that says "Weapon Mods." Press which brings you to another screen. Select the mod using then press to confirm. The first time this can be done is in the Citadel in the Embassies (shooting range), but there is one in the Normandy when you finally get aboard as well.

  • Establish or rekindle a romantic relationship.

    Like the other Mass Effect games, you have the ability to romance another character and get this achievement. Below is a list of characters available for romance. You must be nice to them, talk to them whenever you can, and eventually play out a romantic scene with them. 

    Imported Character
    Male - Ashley, Liara, Tali, Miranda, Jack, Cortez
    Female - Garrus, Kaidan, Liara, Traynor

    New Character
    Male - Ashley, Liara, Cortez
    Female - Kaidan, Liara, Traynor

    Basically they all have certain criteria that must be met. First being, they are actually alive. Some require you to have romanced them before. The only characters that are 100% to romance under new or imported, is Liara (male and female), Cortez (male only) and Traynor (female only). Everyone else has a special condition. The easiest romances will come from Cortez and Traynor. 

    Diana Allers Note: It has been said this character can be romanced, but you will not get the achievement for doing so.

    For a full guide on how to obtain the romances, go HERE.

  • Perform any combination of 50 biotic combos or tech bursts.


    A combo indicates you have used 2 powers on the same enemy, one after another. These should come naturally. There are many combos and you'll probably use them without thinking. An example is Singularity which raises an opponent up, then using Throw to knock the enemy flying. A tech burst is basically a weapon power. Both powers have to be of the same type to raise the counter (using a biotic Singularity and then a tech Incendiary won't count, for instance) and at least one needs to be done personally by you.

    Note: Even after dying, the ones you have obtained count. They count across all playthroughs as well as multiplayer (which you can play by yourself).

  • Evolve any of your powers to rank 6.

    There are a total of 6 ranks for each power that you have. Each rank costs as many points = to the value of rank. Rank 1 costs 1 point, Rank 2 costs 2 points, etc. Therefore, you will need a total of 21 points to rank a power up completely. You should be able to get this easily while playing through the game. To get to this menu, press  and go to "Squad." Highlight the power of choice and press . Now you will be put into a menu with the stats of the powers and what each upgrade will do for you. If you mess up, you can press  to undo the upgrade. Be aware, if you leave the menu after upgrading, you will no longer have the undo option. 

    Imported Character: If you imported your character and beat Mass Effect 2, likely you will be a level 30 already and have points to spend. As soon as you can move you may upgrade and get to rank 6 on a power if it's close. This could very well be your first achievement.

  • Kill 250 enemies.


    See "Veteran" achievement description.

  • Kill 1,000 enemies.


    See "Veteran" achievement description.


  • Kill 5,000 enemies.


    This is a lot of enemies to kill. If you die, the enemies you killed will have counted. Therefore, it is technically possible to get this in one playthrough of the campaign. If not, you may get the rest in another playthrough or within the multiplayer "wave" based gametype. 

    Note: Even after dying, the ones you have obtained count. They count across all playthroughs as well as multiplayer (which you can play by yourself).

  • Kill 100 enemies with melee attacks.


    To perform a melee attack, press . You will learn this attack early on in the game and if you want, you can even level up the power "fitness" which helps with melee damage. Holding  will give you a heavy attack. The most useful melee attack will be when you are in cover and an enemy is on the other side of the barrier . In most cases, if you hold  when there is an indicating arrow, you will do an instant kill. I found the easiest enemies to kill were the Husks. They also only melee, and there are always plenty of them when they attack.

    Note: Even after dying, the ones you have obtained count. They count across all playthroughs as well as multiplayer (which you can play by yourself).

  • Escape a Reaper in the galaxy map.

    The galaxy map is located on the Normandy and is required for space travel. While in this view, you have the ability to fire a sensor pulse (see "Lost and Found") which detects War Assets for you. Reapers (an alien enemy) have a chance to pick up on this signal. You will notice a "Reaper Alertness" bar on the bottom left of your screen. After it gets full Reaper vessels will fly after you. They are faster and it will be game over if they get on you.

    The achievement requires you to get the alertness up full, and then go through the Mass Relay to escape. The best thing to do is save before trying. Get your alertness up and escape. Afterwards, just reload. An extremely easy way is to follow the route in the video which is extremely short. You can get this achievement in a minute or two.

  • Attain the highest level of readiness in each theater of war.

    This is the only achievement that REQUIRES you to play online (unless you have an iOS device - see below). Many others can be made a bit easier through the MP, but this will force you to either buy the game new for the code or purchase an Online Pass. You need to have each theater of war on the Galaxy at War map at 100% at the same time. The fastest way to obtain this is to play Bronze, Random matches. This way you will receive a 3% increase to each theater of war per match at once (instead of only one theater), requiring only 17 matches to unlock (you start at 50% readiness).

    The only alternative to buying the Online Pass to play the normal MP portion of the game is if you own an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and download the "Datapad" app (free), or purchase the "Infiltrator" game ($7) which can also increase your Galactic Readiness.

  • Overload the shields of 100 enemies.


    Shields are on specific enemies. You will know there is a shield because above the health bar of the enemy you will see a blue shield bar. Overload is a specific power that looks like electricity going in all directions. Use this 100 times on enemies that have shields.

    Note: Even after dying, the ones you have obtained count. They count across all playthroughs as well as multiplayer (which you can play by yourself). Must be done by your Shep! Squad uses do not count.

  • Lift 100 enemies off the ground with powers.


    Lift is not actually a power itself. There are a few powers that make enemies fly off their feet. Examples would include Throw, Pull, Biotic Charge, Concussive Shot and Singularity. Despite lifting enemies in the air before dropping them, Slam does not.

    Note: Even after dying, the ones you have obtained count. They count across all playthroughs as well as multiplayer (which you can play by yourself). Must be done by your Shep! Squad uses do not count.

  • Set 100 enemies on fire with powers.


    There are a few powers that result in the enemy becoming on fire. These include Incendiary based powers. Incendiary ammo with the Soldier class is going to be the easiest.

    Even after dying, the ones you have obtained count. They count across all playthroughs as well as multiplayer (which you can play by yourself). Must be done by your Shep! Squad uses do not count.

  • Kill a brute while it's charging you.


    You will be introduced to the Brute enemy during your mission on Palaven. This is the first main story mission after visiting the Citadel for the first time. As you are killing husks with a turret defending a barricade, your next fight will be against this monstrosity. Wear down the armor first, and try to avoid the husks that are also attacking. When you get it to 1 bar left, wait for it to charge at you. When it does, shoot it with your most powerful power or weapon. If it dies and isn't charging, you can try to let the husk enemies finish you off so you can restart the battle. These also appear online in the later waves if you miss them all in the campaign.

  • Kill 10 guardians with headshots from the front while their shields are raised.

    Guardians are the enemies that walk around with shields in front of them. On the shield there is a rectangle hole for them to look through. For the achievement, you must shoot through this hole to kill the enemy (shooting in the hole results in a headshot most of the time). 

    Note: Even after dying, the ones you have obtained count. They count across all playthroughs as well as multiplayer (which you can play by yourself). 

  • Hijack an Atlas mech.

    To hijack an atlas, you will need to focus fire on the yellow glass on the front to shatter it and expose the driver. This should take 8-10 shots with a sniper rifle or more with a weaker gun (less on a lower difficulty level than Insanity). From there, kill the driver. Once he is dead, simply run up to the stationary mech and hop in.

    I personally got this during the From Ashes DLC in the final battle. Does not count by jumping in an already abandoned mech! You have to personally kill the driver and take over one that was previously attacking you.

  • Defeat a harvester.

    Harvesters are the giant flying horse type enemies. You'll only encounter about a half dozen or so throughout the campaign. Use ammo and powers that are effective against armor for best results. You'll first start seeing them on Tuchanka. Specifically, you will be after one on that planet trying to save a team of Turians. Don't worry if you don't kill them right away, as it can fly off. The end of the mission mentioned specifically makes you kill it at the end. When fighting it, just make sure there is something in the way and you can shoot one of it's body parts that are exposed.

  • Start a character in multiplayer or customize a character in single-player.


    If you use the default character in single-player, you will not get this achievement. If you use a customized one, you will at the start of the mission (when you can actually walk around). If you start up a multiplayer, you will be given the option to customize a character as well. This is an easy achievement and very well may be the first. If you wish to use default, then you can also start a random game just for the achievement then erase it.

  • Finish all multiplayer maps or all N7 missions in single-player.


    There are a total of 6 multiplayer maps, and 6 N7 missions.

    SP: The N7 missions are not story related and are optional quests found within the campaign. You must actually do them all before you finish the game or you will have to resort to multiplayer in order to gain the achievement.

    MP: You just have to finish all of the waves for each map. This can be done on the Bronze difficulty to make things easier. Best done with a full team and with a few levels under your belt to have upgraded weapons and powers.

  • Obtain two non-customizable suits of armor.

    You need to buy 2 suits of armor (each costing 50,000 in different Citadel stores), or supplement that with two other promotional bonus armors. These cannot be upgraded or or interchanged with each other. You can buy them and reload your checkpoint if you want just to get the achievement. The following sets all count toward the achievement:

    • Reckoner Knight Armor (Kingdoms of Amalur demo bonus)
    • N7 Defender Armor (Gamestop pre-order bonus)
    • Blood Dragon Armor (Hanar Store)
    • Inferno Armor (Kassa Fabrications)
    • Collector Armor (Nos Astra Sporting Goods)
    • Terminus Assault Armor (Batarian State Arms)
    • Cerberus Armor (Elkoss Combine Arsenal Supplies)

    After you have visited these stores from the Citadel, you may get to them anytime from the Normandy. There is an armory in the Shuttle Bay which when accessed, has a list of stores and the stuff you can buy from them.

  • Complete one multiplayer match or two N7 missions.


    Complete one multiplayer match or two N7 missions.

    See "Tour of Duty" achievement description.

  • Complete three multiplayer matches or five N7 missions.


    See "Tour of Duty" achievement description.

  • Upgrade any weapon to level 10.

    SP: In the shuttle bay of the Normandy, there is a weapon upgrades station. Here, you can upgrade any of your weapons for a price. As you purchase upgrades, the cost starts getting higher. The first upgrade choice will be level 2 for each weapon you own and you can get up to level 5 in a single playthrough. To get it to 10, you have to start a New Game+ and find the weapon a second time. This will unlock the final upgrades, allowing you to purchase up to level 10.

    MP: Buy the recruit packs consistently and you will have a level 10 weapon fairly quickly. This is probably the quicker/easier of the two options of unlocking this achievement. I got three upgrades for the Mantis sniper rifle in my first five purchases.

  • Reach level 15 in multiplayer or level 50 in single-player.


    See "Peak Condition" achievement description.

  • Reach level 20 in multiplayer or level 60 in single-player.


    SP: Level 60 is the highest level you can obtain in Mass Effect 3. Once you hit this level, you will automatically gain the achievement. If you played Mass Effect 2 and imported your character, you will start the game leveled up. You can be as high as level 30 when you start your new game, meaning you are already halfway there.

    MP: You must stick to one character and focus on leveling it up. It doesn't matter if you win or lose the matches, you will still gain experience. This is probably the faster option of the two to unlock this achievement.

  • Promote a multiplayer character to the Galaxy at War or import an ME3 character.


    SP: Importing an ME3 character can obviously not be done if you have yet to finish the game with your ME3 character. This means, you must beat the game and with that save file, you can then import. This is what people will get when starting their 2nd run through of the game if they never imported. Other players must just start a new game and import. 

    MP: You must play enough to get one of your characters to the max rank (level 20). After doing this, you will be able to promote them.

  • Finish all multiplayer maps on Gold or all single-player missions on Insanity.


    SP: There are a total of 27 missions, one of which (Priority: Earth) never shows up in your quest log. This achievement will unlock while going for your Insanity playthrough achievement, just be diligent that you complete side-quests as they are available because some are time-sensitive and can be failed (if you complete a "Priority" mission first). The full list of required quests can be found HERE, including instructions for when they open/close.

    MP: You just have to beat each of the 6 maps on Gold (hardest difficulty) by finishing all ten waves. This is fairly difficult, so try to find a good team with communication and have high-level characters with a range of abilities.


DLC: From Ashes (Store Link)

There are 2 achievements with a total of 50 points

  • Find all required intel to help Eden Prime's colonists.

    There are intel on computers scattered around the area in buildings. Luckily, you only have to find 3. Below is where they are in order as you should get them. Make absolutely sure you have all 3 intel before you open the pod after destroying the Atlas mech.

    1. Moments after landing, to your right is a building with a 6 on it. Inside is a terminal with the intel. This is before going down an elevator/lift.

    2. After you take a lift/elevator down, you'll fight off some enemies. The first building on your left has a 5 on it. Head inside and find the terminal.

    3. From the building intel 2 was in, head into the building that has a 2 on it. Head through the room past the 9s on the walls. Turn left, and you should see the terminal which is different looking than the others. It's a desk looking computer with 3 keyboards. Intel is on the middle keyboard.

  • Learn more about the Prothean Empire.

    Story related, can't be missed.

    Besides finding the intel, all you have to do is fight your way through and open the pod at the end. This is basically a side quest in the game which gives you an extra squad member.

DLC: Leviathan (Store Link)

There are 4 achievements with a total of 125 points

  • Investigate a sinister conspiracy.

    This achievement is story-related.

    When you land on Mahavid, take the elevator down, dispatching the Marauders and Brutes. Nothing to see here so move on, take a Medkit on the left and go for the door. Watch the scene. Inside the office is a Datapad worth 2500 creds, but nothing else. Another Datapad worth 1250 creds is on a bench, near the female Miner you can talk to. There is nothing else of interest here, so you can use the drone to repair the elevator and move on.

    As soon as you exit the elevator upstairs, look on the bench on your left, behind some rocks, and you’ll find a hidden Datapad worth 1250 creds. In the Mineral Lab, a Datapad worth 1250 creds lays in the middle of some flower pots. Opposite is a Terminal on the wall worth 1250 creds as well.

    At the end of the hallway is a blast door you can bypass. Do so and enter the room. A Datapad worth 1250 creds can be found next to the next door you need to bypass. Do so, and voilà. One Datapad that will unlock a cutscene and 2500 creds, and a SMG High-Velocity Barrel mod. You can now take the upper door to Sector 4, where for now you can just recover a Datapad worth 1250 creds in the little office, and the ID number we need to go get a hidden mod. Now backtrack to the Security Console and activate it.

    After the scene, you get the file number required to progress the story, but first, let’s go get that mod. Do not follow your objective but unlock the Crew Quarters with your access code. You will find inside 2 Datapads (might wield some EXP for you), and another mod, some Pistol Ultralight Materials. Now go towards your objective and unlock the door there with the file number, and move on.

    In the Medical Bay, examine the body on the left to get a scene. The next section is not timed, so you can actually turn around and get the Medkit. Then, move on.

    Outside, dispatch a few Husks and continue. On your path, impossible to miss, will be a SMG Mass Pulse Recoil System mod. Grab it and progress towards a large area where a big fight will take place. Stay at the beginning because you need a cover in front of you, but also to your left. Nothing you can’t handle except 2 Banshees at the end, but you have a Blackstar all the way to the left. When the area is clear, cross it but do not enter the door yet. Instead, look on the right and you will find some grenades, a Medkit and a Pistol Cranial Trauma System mod. Now try to enter the door.

    You will have to escort the little drone to 2 places while staying close to it. The first place is right next where you start, so it is not hard to reach, but be prepared for a good fight once you do. Expect a good amount of Ravagers, and when you reach the second point, exactly where the Blackstar was, a Banshee will appear, but she’s far, so nothing to worry about. Go back for the door.

    After the scene and some chat, you will unlock the No Stone Unturned achievement.

  • Uncover an ancient secret.

    This achievement is story-related.

    Back a third time to Bryson’s office. After the scene, no need to go outside, the mods didn’t respawn a second time, sadly. For fun, if you talk enough to James, you can take the Husk head with you on The Normandy. It will be in your room. Now play the next scene however you like, but know you can win 2 Paragon or Renegade points by acting, or not. After the scene, get back on your shuttle and get ready for the last part of this DLC.

    As soon as you get down from the Kodiak, it’s christmas, but also one tough fight on Insanity. First, the christmas part. Right in front of you, one level below, is an opened container with lots of goodies outside: a M-55 Argus (you normally already have it, so it will give you 3 levels), a mod (an Assault Rifle Omni-Blade augment), some Star Charts for 2250 creds right of the container, and behind you some Survey Data for 2250 creds on the right side of the « tent » with ammo inside.

    Left of this tent is another Survey Data worth 2250, some Pure Eezo Samples worth 2250 creds going towards your objective, and other Pure Eezo Samples worth 2250 creds as well a few meters away towards the ocean (on the left side when you look at Cortez). A little bit farther, near the water, is another easy to miss mod, a Pistol Cranial Trauma System. Regarding the fight, only the 2 Brutes could be a problem. Do not forget to check the destroyed Mech and also destroy every Artifact Sphere you see, as it might have an influence later on*.

    After jumping the gap, some Mining Equipment is worth salvaging on the right for 1500 creds. Going towards Cortez is another easy to miss mod, same place as the one before, to the left near the water (Pistol Ultralight Materials).

    You should now have every new AR and SMG mod up to level 3 and every new Pistol mod up to 4!

    You have a Hydra behind Cortez. Talk to him and launch the next fight. Just Brutes, Husks and Cannibals. Keep your Hydra for the third pick-up when Brutes spawn 2 by 2 to help you in the last push towards the Mech. You have 2250 creds of Xenotechnology to salvage on the left of the Triton ADS before jacking it. Destroy everything, then EXIT your Mech.

    *We are going to backtrack now. I am not sure when exactly during the last few battles all of this spawned, but there are new goodies at the beginning of the level. It may be because I destroyed all the Spheres (the last 2 are left of the Mech), or it just may be scripted. So, backtrack to the first container. You now have Skeletal Remains to check and 5 Datapads all around this area. They didn’t give me anything because I’m maxed, but maybe they will give you EXP. I’m pretty sure a lot of people missed this.

    Now go back to your Triton ADS and go see Cortez. It's now just a long walk and a long chat until the end of this short DLC. After all the scenes, the Under Pressure achievement will unlock just as you end your chat with Ann Bryson.

  • Use clues to pinpoint the exact location of an objective.

    The purpose of this achievement is to find 6 clues in an Office to refine your search, and deduce the EXACT location of Doctor Bryson on the Galaxy Map by activating only 3 of them. You can leave after having refined your search just a little, so do not do that at any cost. Refine your search until you have ONE location and one location only.

    When you are able to move freely, check the Galaxy Map, then go outside, left of your shuttle. There is a Pistol Cranial Trauma System on some containers. At the end of the garden you’re in, behind a tree, are Pistol Ultralight Materials.

    In one corner of the lab, where it’s written « murder TZ 995 », « murder N0.3L.9 » and « murder IN.CTRN8 » on some screens, you’ll find 2 Computer Consoles to examine. Do so and it will refine your search (1/6). Well hidden in this corner is a SMG High-Velocity Barrel.

    There is a Prothean Artifact to check on the right side of the map, behind glass. It will refine your search (2/6).

    In the other room is a Video Log on the left, next to some Encrypted Data you can partially check for now. Next is a Sovereign Fragment, on the opposite side a Picture (kid’s drawing N°1), another Video Log, and a Computer Console (3/6).

    Behind all that is another mod, a SMG Mass Pulse Recoil System, and next to it some Rocks that will require the use of a Scope for another update of your search (4/6). Continue your tour to the right, checking some Creature Sightings which will need the use of a Light on the right, then another check. Search refined (5/6).

    There is a PDA on the counter (may hold EXP for you), then you will have to move upstairs for another Picture (kid’s drawing N°2) and an Audio Log. The Picture will bring you back to the Encrypted Data. Decrypt it with the code on the kid’s drawing and you shall receive your last filter (6/6).

    Now back at the map, you should have 6 filters with everything you checked, but only 3 are relevant. To get your achievement, activate everything just to be sure, and then DEACTIVATE Rachni Activity, Blackout Crimes and Prothean Activity. EDI will tell you that you have a match, and the Conspiracy Theorist achievement will unlock on the spot.

  • Rescue a civilian from Reaper forces.

    This achievement is story-related.

    Back in the lab, you need to search for clues, again. Check the Data File next to the Husk Experiment, then the Microscope, and the Project Information in the other room. Finally, check the messages upstairs.

    You can then go away, or search for 2 more clues. Do so.

    Check the Sovereign Fragment again, the Datapad, the Scope, the Stone Paintings near the bathroom, the Creature Sightings, the PDA, the Computer Console TWICE, and the Icarus will appear on-screen. Check it and unlock your first clue (1/2), then the Prothean Artifact again in the other room, and finally the Blackout Crimes.

    Go back outside behind the tree for another Pistol Ultralight Materials mod, and another Pistol Cranial Trauma System mod near your shuttle. Get back in, then check the Drawer left of the Husk head, and unlock the Locker. Jackpot. You will get an Assault Rifle Omni-Blade upgrade and the second clue. Activate both clues on the map, and you get your next destination.

    When you get there, it seems ecctic at first, but it’s just shaking a lot. You have all your time and only weak enemies to dispatch until you reach the AT-12 Raider Shotgun on the floor next to a dead body (when your temmates say you have to find another path). In the next room, you have a SMG High-Velocity Barrel mod on the ground. Go up and activate the bridge, preparing for a Banshee.
    After moving on, you’ll have to enter a building. There is a SMG Mass Pulse Recoil System mod here. Continue and during the next fight is some Data to salvage for 2500 creds. Upstairs, it’s just a lone Cannibal, a Medkit and some grenades. Moving on. There is nothing for a good long while except fighting, then you’ll encounter a Harvester. When it’s gone, in the next building is your second Assault Rifle Omni-Blade augment. Next to it is some easy to miss Machinery to salvage for 2500 creds before moving on.

    When you reach the elevator, there is worth 5000 creds of Data to salvage inside the structure, on the left. There also is a Medkit. Ride the elevator and meet Ann Bryson. There is only 2500 creds to salvage on the other side of the next massive fight with the Harvester. Enemies don’t respawn here, so you can kill everything and go get the creds. Then go for Cortez. The achievement will unlock here.

DLC: Omega (Store Link)

There are 3 achievements with a total of 125 points

  • Savior



    Free Omega from Cerberus Occupation.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will get it at the end of the last huge fight, when you're done securing the area, before you even go talk to Petrovsky. You will unlock your rewards at the same time.

  • Talon



    Find the Talon leader.

    This achievement is story-related and cannot be missed.

    You will unlock it after reaching Talon HQ for the first time and watching the scene there.

  • Complete all the Command Center side-missions on Omega.

    This achievement requires you finished 3 side quests and can be missed.

    Quest 1 : you will have to find and activate Terminals between Aria's bunker and Talon HQ. You will have to take the quest from the Hacker at Aria's bunker before talking to Aria and progressing the story. You do not have to turn in this quest. Look for the red and bold indications in the walkthrough for all Terminals.

    Quest 2 : you will have to find a Kehri Inverter and give it back to the Mechanic. You will have to accept this quest from him first at Aria's bunker the first time you get there, find the piece at Talon HQ (on the left on the ground when you're free to move) and bring it to him. Look for the red and bold indications in the walkthrough for a more accurate position of the item.

    Quest 3 : you will have to find Aria's couch, yes, a real couch, for Harrot the merchant, the second time you come to Aria's bunker. This quest isn't available the first time around. The couch is located under water, before Central Support, after activating the Dam Controls. Take the ladder down, and examine the couch. Aria will comment on it. Look for the red and bold indications in the walkthrough for a more accurate location.

DLC: Citadel (Store Link)

There are 9 achievements with a total of 250 points

  • Discover a plot against you.

    This is the first achievement you will unlock, as it is the first of the story related ones. To begin the story, you need to travel to the citadel and choose the location 'Personal Apartment' when prompted.

    During the first mission, you will be attacked in a restaurant, while having dinner with Joker. After fighting your way through the level and being extracted, the achievement will unlock. The path you need to take is very linear, so you can't get lost.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Go undercover to follow a lead.

    During the second mission, you will be in a club. You will be tasked with going undercover while your new companion, Brooks, works behind the scenes. You will be given tasks to do while Brooks, does all the work and in-between these tasks you will have to 'mingle' in the crowd. Eventually, Brooks will get to her destination, whereupon, you will join back up with her, finishing the mission and unlocking the achievement.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Infiltrate an enemy stronghold with your crew.

    During the third mission, you will be tasked with infiltrating the citadel archives. Upon arrival, you will be attacked by 'someone' and have to fight your way out of the ambush and through the archives, in pursuit of your attacker. Upon catching up to your attacker and completing the mission, the achievement will unlock.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Stop an out-of-control scheme before it's too late.

    During the final mission, which carries on from the third mission, you will be continuing the chase to catch up to your attacker from the previous mission. Upon catching and defeating him, the achievement will unlock.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

  • Throw a party for your friends.

    After completing the story of this DLC and going through the end game cutscenes, you will return to your newly acquired home. During this cutscene, Joker will ask you about throwing a party and you can choose whether to throw one or not. Choose the dialogue option to 'Begin party preparations'.

    You will then be prompted to purchase party supplies from the Silver Coast casino. Proceed to do this. Then, you will need to invite your companions. To do this, go back to your apartment and using the message terminal you can choose who you want to invite. After inviting who you want, Glyph will ask you what kind of party you want, then after choosing, the party will begin.

    You just need to mingle in the party for a while. Glyph will, at intervals, change the atmosphere of the party to your choosing. Then, after taking a group photograph, finishing the party, the achievement will unlock.

  • Win a prize at one of the arcade games.

    You can only unlock this achievement after completing the main story. After which, you will need to travel to the castle arcade, where you will find Zaeed playing a claw game. After a few dialogue choices, Zaeed will walk away and you will be free to play the claw game. Using the move the claw over 1 of the prizes and press to drop the claw and claim your prize.

  • Investigate a strange occurrence in the combat simulator.

    To begin the combat simulator, you will first need to complete the main story. After completion, you will be sent an email with a complimentary pass to compete in the simulator. When you have read the email, proceed to the Armax Arena and talk to the hologram up the stairs and to the left. When you are finished talking to the hologram, head down the stairs, in the center of the room, with a barrier, that says, 'Athletes Only', to a terminal where you can set your options and begin combat missions in the simulator.

    After you have played some matches, you will begin to get requests on the simulator terminal, that are just set options that people want you to compete with. Keep completing matches, fulfilling peoples requests and buying the prizes/upgrades from the token stores. Eventually you will get a request from AAA Information Technology Dept, entitled 'Unusual Scores'. You are being recruited to help find a bug in the system and you will need to complete 3 matches with the set conditions to unlock this achievement. The first match you will need to fight super elite enemies, the second match, you will need to complete a match with all of the multipliers turned on and the third match, you will need to complete on the map 'Spin Zone', against Geth elite enemies, with enhanced enemy shields enabled.

    After finishing the third match the achievement will unlock.

  • Score 9999 points in the combat simulator on Normal, Hardcore, or Insanity.

    You score points for kills, naturally. The higher the difficulty and the more multipliers you have enabled, the more points you will earn. A good set up for this would be;

    Level: Wingman
    Enemy: Mirror Match
    Score Modifier: No Placed Ammo/ No Medi Gel

    With this set up you should reach up to 10,000 points, by the time you have finished and all of your bonuses have been added.

    *Note, if you are struggling with this achievement, you can play the match on casual/narrative difficulty, then when there is only 1 enemy left, switch the difficulty back to normal and kill the last enemy and you will still get credit for completing it on normal.

  • Defeat a group of Spectre-level opponents on Normal, Hardcore, or Insanity.

    To unlock this achievement, you need to earn a gold level token, by scoring quite high in a match. After you have acquired one, you need to spend it on 'Mirror Match Combat Set' from the gold level token store.

    When you have done this, you will need to set these as your enemy in a match and defeat them on normal or higher difficulty and the achievement is yours.

    *Note, if you are struggling with this achievement, you can play the match on casual/narrative difficulty, then when there is only 1 enemy left, switch the difficulty back to normal and kill the last enemy and you will still get credit for completing it on normal.

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