Estimated achievement difficulty: 6/10 [Achievement Difficulty Rating]
Offline: 54 [990]
Online: 1 [10]
Approximate time: 40-50 Hours [Estimated Time to 100%]
Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
Missable achievements: 4 - "Cryptographer," "Friendly Fire," "Alliance," & "Matchmaker"
Does difficulty affect Achievements? Yes ["Unwavering"]
Unobtainable achievements: No
Extra equipment needed?: Online Connection is required for Strike Teams

"Mass Effect: Andromeda travels deep into the Andromeda Galaxy, far beyond the Milky Way. There, you will lead our fight for a new home in hostile territory where we are the aliens. Take command as the Pathfinder, a leader of a squad of military-trained explorers, with deep progression and customization systems. This is the story of humanity’s next chapter, and your choices throughout the game will ultimately determine our survival in the Andromeda Galaxy. As you unfold the mysteries of the Andromeda Galaxy and the hope for humanity lies on your shoulders, you must ask yourself – how far will you go?"

ME:A is the fourth entry in the Shooter/RPG series, and the first on Xbox One. Combat is revamped and more fluid, though early reviews suggest the game has some bugs and animation issues, and is less immersive from a story perspective. The original trilogy all reviewed in the high 80's to low 90's, while Andromeda looks to be settling in the mid-70's.

Choice: Single Player Insanity or Multi-Player Gold?
Your first choice is to decide how you want to finish a few of the achievements. As with ME3, you have the option to do the hardest/longest tasks in single player or multi-player, but are only forced to do one or the other.

If you would rather have an easy campaign playthrough, feel free to play on any difficulty, but bear in mind this will mean spending a decent amount of time in the co-op online to get strong enough for Gold missions and Rank 20. The other choice based achievements are all easier in SP as well, and some will probably come regardless of what difficulty you play on. Personally, I think doing the single player on Insanity would be easier, or at the very least less time consuming overall (since you need to play single player anyway, you can combine everything in one go). Up to you though.

Step 1: Single Player
Whether you choose to do the SP on Insanity or on an easier difficulty, there are a few things to note.

1. All achievement progress is saved to your profile in real-time, not the save file itself. If you want to work on a specific achievement (100 melee kills for instance), you can find a spot you like, get some kills, reload a previous checkpoint, and repeat until unlocked. This worked the same way in the original trilogy as well. You can watch the progress in the Achievements app for everything except the Cryptographer, Matchmaker, and Friendly Fire achievements. Those achievements do not get tracked by the app (though your stats for Cryptographer can be found in-game).

2. You can reset your skills at any time on the Tempest in the Med Bay. See this video for a quick idea of where to go. This will come in handy, as there are a whole bunch of unique achievements that must be done in single player and require a wide range of skills. Rather than spreading yourself super thin and unlocking too many skills, simply get whatever skills you like as you play, then decide later in the game when you want to go for anything that doesn't fit your normal play style, and then make a hard save, respec to get the specific achievement you need, and reload your hard save to get your normal skills and credits back. Repeat until all the miscellaneous achievements are complete.

3. You will take damage very quickly on Insane. Make sure you use cover and only peek out when it's safe. Use power combos often to do plenty of damage. Diversify your skills from those of your squad for best results. Invest in skills that increase your health and shields, increase their regeneration rates, and lower the delay before they recharge. Do the same to increase the effectiveness of your preferred weapon and powers.

4. Make sure you follow the Cryptographer achievement carefully, and focus on getting all five planets to 100% viability, as well as checking your e-mail often for Matchmaker achievement and each of the squad's loyalty missions.

Note: There is no "point of no return" and you can continue playing after the story if you need to work on getting all the planets to 100% viability or any random combat related achievements done. You could even sort of "speed run" the main story to get Unwavering and then lower the difficulty to work on everything else.

Step 2: Multi-Player
If you chose to do all the achievements in Single Player by playing on Insanity and doing all the other miscellaneous achievements (strike teams, max level weapon and character, etc), the only achievement that MUST be done in MP is for doing the tutorial, so this step will only take a few minutes. However, if you chose to play on an easier difficulty in SP (and don't do a second speed run on Insanity), you will need to spend a decent amount of time in MP to complete five of the Gold difficulty missions.

You might get lucky and get a team that can carry you without being too high of a level yourself, but likely they would vote to kick you without even giving you a chance. Otherwise, perhaps try the Achievement Trading Thread and ask for a carry that way. In addition to completing five Gold missions, you need to complete 25 missions in total on any difficulty (the first 20 would do well to level up to prepare for Gold), and then hit Level 20 with your MP character and open a bunch of loot boxes to get a Rank 10 weapon.

Step 3: Mop Up (NG+)
You can start a New Game Plus and carry over your level and everything. This will be useful if you want to play on an easier difficulty but still do Unwavering in single player. You can just focus on the Priority missions and finish the game in 8-10 hours (maybe even less). You can also do Cryptographer quickly this way if you somehow missed that, finish off your 2000 kills or any miscellaneous combat achievements, get any additional romances for Matchmaker, etc. Anything you may have missed.

[XBA would like to thank The Pants Party for this Roadmap]

Mass Effect: Andromeda Achievement Guide

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There are 55 achievements with a total of 1000 points

  • Perform 100 power combos.


    Power combos are done by using a specific skill to "prime" an enemy and then a secondary skill to "detonate" that same enemy, resulting in increased damage. You can use any combination of primer and detonator, as well as being the one to prime while an ally detonates or vice versa, but they must be done in that specific order for the combo to work properly. So, first use one of the following Primer skills or wait for an ally to do so:

    • Annihilation
    • Assault Turret
    • Barricade
    • Cryo Beam
    • Energy Drain (Extended Drain upgrade)
    • Flamethrower
    • Incinerate (all upgrades except Detonator)
    • Nova
    • Pull
    • Shockwave (Lifting Shockwave upgrade)
    • Singularity
    • Trip Mine (EMP upgrade)

    Then once that enemy has been "primed" you will need to hit them with one of the following Detonator skills or hope an ally does:

    • Charge
    • Concussive Shot
    • Energy Drain (all upgrades except Extended Drain)
    • Incinerate (Detonator upgrade)
    • Lance
    • Overload
    • Shockwave (all upgrades except Lifting Shockwave)
    • Throw
    • Trip Mine (Detonator upgrade)

    This achievement can be worked on in both SP and MP, in any combination.

  • Kill 2000 enemies.


    I would suggest finishing the game's campaign and then playing MP for the rest if you need any. Playing Bronze matches in MP will allow for easy kills, and the enemies spawn much more quickly in MP than you'd find in SP. Otherwise you could start a NG+ on Narrative difficulty and just run through the story a second time. This achievement can be worked on in both SP and MP, in any combination.

  • Kill 100 enemies while hovering. (Single-Player)

    To hover, you will need to Jump and then hold (by default, this can be changed) to engage your jetpack. While hovering, finish off an enemy with your weapons or powers (I've been using concussive shot). You can weaken the enemy while on the ground first if you need to, only the killing blow must come while hovering. This must be done in SP.

  • Kill 100 enemies with melee attacks.


    Melee is the button by default, but can be switched. You can tap it for a quick attack or hold it down for a more powerful blow. You can weaken an enemy with weapons or powers first, simply use melee for the killing blow on any 100 enemies to unlock the achievement. This can be done in both SP and MP, in any combination.

  • Detonate 10 targets that were primed by a teammate. (Single-Player)

    Refer to "Fireworks" for a list of power combos. For this achievement, you will need to wait for a teammate to use a Primer power, then be the one who uses the Detonator power. Be sure to diversify your powers from your teammates for best results. Sadly you can't direct teammates anymore, so there's no surefire way to make this happen, but if you stay in cover during battle and watch what is happening to enemies, there should be plenty of opportunities throughout the game (look for floating enemies when you have PeeBee on your squad, for instance). Must be done in SP.

  • Hit 250 enemy weak points while using a scope. (Single-Player)

    The most obvious weak point will be the head on most enemies. Using a scoped weapon (snipers being the first available, and you should get a scoped accuracy attachment for your assault rifle fairly early), you will need to shoot whatever weak point an enemy has 250 times (heads on anything humanoid looking, red spots on robots, etc). On Insanity difficulty, enemies can take multiple shots to the head, and you'll get credit for each one. Must be done in SP.

  • Medic!



    Perform 25 revivals on teammates.


    When a teammate goes down, you will get a notification on screen of their location (a red arrow with a cross in the middle), and you'll need to hold the button near them to revive them. This is counted in both SP and MP, in any combination.

  • Using constructs, kill 100 enemies.


    For this achievement, you will need to use either Assault Turrets or the Remnant VI to kill a total of 100 enemies. These constructs are fairly weak, so I'd suggest taking most of an enemy's health down first and then just go into cover with your construct nearby to finish the job. This can be done in either SP or MP, in any combination.

  • Shatter a frozen enemy with a jump melee attack. (Single-Player)

    You will need to have either the skill "Cryo Beam" (Tech), a Cryo Ammo consumable, or the Remnant Cryo Gauntlet equipped to get this achievement. Find an enemy and use the skill/ammo type/gauntlet on them until they are not moving any longer (and low on health). Their body will turn white and likely fall to the ground. Take this opportunity to jump in the air and then hold the melee button to perform a ground pound near them (you don't have to hit them directly) and their body should shatter and kill them if they were weak enough. If they don't shatter, do another ground pound (should have time for 2-3 for each freeze). Must be done in SP.

    If you would like to watch a short video guide, that can be found here.

  • Hit an enemy with a thrown enemy 25 times. (Single-Player)

    You will need the "Pull" (Biotic) and "Throw" (Biotic) skills to unlock this achievement. You can only pull enemies once their shields and/or armor have been removed (and it still won't work on some enemies), so once you see an enemy of this type, press and HOLD the button that Pull is mapped to. While pulling the enemy (they'll float next to you), aim at a different one and PRESS the button that Throw is mapped to. If they collide, you will see a small biotic explosion. Repeat 24 more times to unlock. Must be done in SP.

    NOTE: You could technically get this with only the "Throw" ability and wait for enemies to line up on their own, but it's much less effective than Pulling them first and being able to aim.

    NOTE 2: The tracking on this doesn't seem to work unless you're very close to the enemy you throw at. Grab someone and then walk right up in another enemy's face to make sure it counts.

  • Detonate a trip mine with a thrown enemy. (Single-Player)

    You will need the "Trip Mine" (Combat), "Pull" (Biotic), and "Throw" (Biotic) skills to unlock this achievement. First, place the Trip Mine on the ground, then using the same method as in "Fastball" you will need to pick up and throw and enemy over the mine to detonate it. Must be done in SP.

    NOTE: You could technically get this without the "Pull" ability, by simply throwing an enemy directly over the mine. However, it's much easier to control if you pull them first.

    If you would like to watch a short video guide, that can be found here.

  • Direct your Remnant VI to attack each type of Remnant enemy. (Single-Player)

    You will need the "Remnant VI" (Tech) skill to unlock this achievement. You will gain this ability by completing the "Secret Project" side-quest for Peebee, which shows up during the "A Trail of Hope" main story quest. Once you have unlocked the skill, you must summon the construct and then command it to attack the following enemy types at least once:

    • Architect
    • Assembler
    • Breacher
    • Destroyer
    • Nullifier
    • Observer

    To command the Remnant VI, press the same button you used to summon it while aiming at any enemy. There are only four Architect enemies in the game (making this technically missable), but they are huge boss enemies, and you'll know when they're coming so you don't miss them. The Remnant only has to land a hit on each enemy type, not kill them. Make sure the Remnant attacks the enemy after its shields have been removed for it to count. Must be done in SP.

    If you would like to watch a short video guide, that can be found here.

    NOTE: This achievement is not tracked by the console's Achievements app, and there is no place to view it in your Statistics in-game either. You'll need to keep track by hand.

  • Hit 25 floating enemies with Concussive Shot, Lance, or Incinerate. (Single-Player)

    You will need either the "Pull" (Biotic) or "Singularity" (Biotic) skill to unlock this achievement, in addition to one of the skills listed in the achievement description. Tapping Pull will lift an enemy off the ground and leave them vulnerable (if you hold it, they'll be pulled right next to you). You can then use whichever skill from the achievement description you wish to get credit toward this (Concussive Shot, Lance, or Incinerate). Repeat 24 times. Must be done in SP.

  • Use a melee attack to hit 25 floating enemies. (Single-Player)

    You will need either the "Pull" (Biotic) skill to unlock this achievement. Use Pull to lift an enemy off the ground, then move in close and use a melee attack on them while still in the air (make sure you use the Omni-Blade, as some other melee weapons won't count). Repeat 24 times (you'll get credit for multiple hits on the same enemy). Must be done in SP.

  • Light three enemies on fire with one continuous Flamethrower attack. (Single-Player)

    You will need the "Flamethrower" (Tech) skill to unlock this achievement. An enemy will only be set on fire if they have no shields or armor (red health bar only). You will find groups of enemies early in the game that are unloaded from drop ships that present a good opportunity to get this done. Run up to where they are unloading and use the skill once they are grouped somewhat close. The creatures on Havarl often group up as well. Must be done in SP.

    If you would like to watch a short video guide, that can be found here.

  • Travel at least 30m in a single jump. (Single-Player)

    This one is a bit hard to explain, but basically you want to jump off a tall cliff holding forward and then use the dodge-dash with your jetpack to gain some speed and distance. You can do this right after getting the Nomad. It is best to watch this video for a good location and method to obtain this.

  • Complete romances with three different characters across all playthroughs.

    For this achievement, you need to have romanced three different people not just "across all playthroughs" but really "on the same profile." What this means is that you can start romancing multiple people at the same time, but then save right before, um.. sealing the deal.. and then revert your save. You will get credit for one romance toward the achievement, but not lock out all the others. Repeat this with two more characters to unlock the achievement. However, you CAN fully romance three people in one playthrough without bothering to reload after doing so. I'll explain that below.

    If you choose Scott, you can romance Cora, Peebee, Vetra, Gil, Avela, Reyes, and Keri.
    If you choose Sara, you can romance Liam, Peebee, Vetra, Jaal, Suvi, Reyes, and Keri.

    Basically each person is romanced by flirting at different points in the story (the heart icon in conversations), reading all the e-mails they send (check this often), and doing their loyalty mission (if they are a squadmate). Not really rocket science, though the exact moment of commitment isn't always 100% foreshadowed until you're in the conversation, so save often when interacting with any potential romance partner. Make sure you talk to each character after each story mission on the ship.

    This link and this link have good guides for each character. The non-squadmates are much easier to romance and seem to have more obvious "commit" moments, so you'd be more prepared to save prior to going into a full relationship, allowing you to continue with others and get all three during one playthrough (saving prior and reverting). They also have much shorter romantic arcs, so you can get these on your way to romancing your true love.

    NOTE: Romancing Keri will not affect any other romances. You can romance her and then pursue another one, or romance her while in one and no one seems to know/care about it. Saucy. Avela works this way as well, but she can only be romanced by male Ryders.

    NOTE 2: Not every romance ends in sex! Avela ends in a kiss by a waterfall. Keri ends with a drink at Vortex. Reyes ends with a dance.

    Male Ryders have the easiest go of this since both Keri and Avela can be romanced without any strings. Then you only need to romance a third person. For female Ryders, romance Keri and then make sure you save/reload after whatever second romance you do so you can still do a third.

    NOTE 3: This achievement is not tracked by the console's Achievements app.

  • While cloaked, hit an enemy with a Charge attack. (Single-Player)

    You will need the "Charge" (Biotic) and "Tactical Cloak" (Tech) skills to unlock this achievement. Once you have both, simply use Tactical Cloak to go invisible, then Charge any enemy. The enemy does not have to die, only be hit. Must be done in SP.

    If you would like to watch a short video guide, that can be found here.

  • Keep the Nomad airborne for 35 seconds.

    This achievement must be done on H-047C. This is a low-gravity moon which will allow the Nomad to float for a while before landing. You can do this without any upgrades, but it is made much easier with the Improved Suspension, Supercharged Boost, and Vertical Thrust Upgrades (these need to be researched and developed). It is easiest to explain where to go in video format, so watch this clip to find a large chasm to jump into. As you are floating over the chasm, quickly alternate boost () and jump () to help your vehicle gain more air time. With the upgrades, you'll easily get over 50 seconds. Without any, you'll be right at 35 seconds but it is doable. Save prior to driving at the edge just in case you don't get it.

  • Complete an "Insanity" single-player game, or 5 "Gold" multiplayer extractions from any firebase.


    As you can see from the description, you can earn this achievement in either SP or MP. If you do not wish to play the MP at all, you will need to ensure you begin your game on Insanity difficulty and play through to the end without changing the setting. If you would prefer an easier time in the campaign, you will need to dedicate some time to the MP portion so that you can level up a character, learn the maps, and find a decent team (or get lucky with matchmaking) to successfully complete five Gold difficulty co-op missions.

    I think time-wise it would be beneficial to go the SP route, since you need to play through the entire game anyway. You may spend some extra time in combat and possibly more time if you die and need to replay certain sections, but the MP in this game is much harder than ME3, so you'll definitely need to spend a good amount of time there to succeed with five Gold missions. Your choice though!

    NOTE: You can do this in New Game Plus if you wish as well. This will allow you to bring a high-level character through the story and only focus on Priority missions, which will help alleviate some of the difficulty.

  • Successfully complete a combined 25 strike team missions or APEX multiplayer mode extractions.


    Just like with the "Unwavering" achievement, you have an option of getting this achievement done in two ways. To send a strike team out, you can either enter the MP menu (but instead of going in to start a co-op match, choose "Strike Teams" from the list of options), or do this from the command center on the Tempest. Choose an easy mission to start and send a team out. Bronze missions will take 1-3 hours, so check back and send them out again when they return. These missions can be "failed" and you won't get a +1 toward the achievement if that happens (and you run the risk of getting a permanent negative trait attached to the team which will make them less effective, so try to only send teams with a high percentage of success). Just be sure to check back often to keep starting new missions, and recruit more teams when possible to speed this up.

    NOTE: You can also work on this from the "Apex HQ" mobile app. However, make sure you complete the 25th mission in-game for the achievement to unlock properly.

    For the actual MP route, you need to complete 25 total co-op APEX missions by successfully extracting. These can all be done on Bronze difficulty if you wish.

  • APEX



    Complete the multiplayer mode tutorial mission.

    This is the only achievement in the game that MUST be done in MP. However, it only takes a few minutes and doesn't actually involve fighting with other players. Simply load up the MP from the main menu and you will begin with this short tutorial to learn the mode. Once finished, the achievement will unlock.

  • Complete a combined five strike team missions or APEX extractions in multiplayer mode.


      Refer to "Veteran" for more information.

  • Activate Meridian.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Activate the Remnant city.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Reboot the Pathfinder.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Free the salarian ark.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Establish an outpost.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Destroy the exaltation facility or save the angara prisoners.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Meet the angara on Aya.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Ally with an outlaw faction.

    On Kandara during the main story mission "Hunting the Archon" make sure you interrogate Vehn Terev. After that, complete the following quests: Behind Enemy Lines, A People Divided, Healing Kadara’s Heart, Modern Medicine, Precious Cargo, and Night on the Town.

    Once you have completed all of the above, you will be able to accept the "High Noon" quest from Sloane in Outcast HQ. Complete it to unlock this achievement.

  • Become the new Pathfinder.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Gain access to the Tempest.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Activate the first Remnant vault.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Recover the krogan colony ship.

    This is unlocked by completing Drack's loyalty mission "A Future for Our People."

  • Stop the Roekaar leader.

    This is unlocked by completing Jaal's loyalty mission "Flesh and Blood."

  • United



    Unite the outposts against a common threat.

    This is unlocked by completing Liam's loyalty mission "All In."

  • Help Vetra's sister.

    This is unlocked by completing Vetra's loyalty mission "Means and Ends."

  • Find the source of the strange signal Peebee discovers.

    This is unlocked by completing Peebee's loyalty mission "A Mysterious Remnant Signal."

  • Rescue the asari ark.

    This is unlocked by completing Cora's loyalty mission "At Duty's Edge."

  • In single-player mode, recruit all 6 squadmates.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Land on an alien planet.

    Story related and cannot be missed.

  • Reach Level 40 in single-player mode or Level 20 in multiplayer mode.


    If you are dilligent in completing as many Secondary Ops and Additional Tasks as you can in the game, you should be able to hit Level 40 in one playthrough (this is not the level cap, by the way - you'll probably be able to get well over that). It will help to equip any armor with +xp bonuses to get this more quickly (which will also help you level and be stronger if you're going for Unwavering on Insanity). If you pre-ordered, the armor you get from that is worth a 35% bonus. If you do not get this during your first campaign, you can start a NG+ and continue to work toward it. Here is a great way to farm xp if you need to.

    Otherwise, you will need to play quite a few matches in MP to get a character to Level 20. You will want to focus on a single character (which can be annoying since you'll unlock cooler characters as you play), but it will simply take time. You get experience bonuses based on kills and medals, so try to play well and not just be carried along or it will take longer.

  • Kill a foe with a Rank 5 weapon in a single-player game or equip a Rank 10 weapon in multiplayer.


    In Single Player, to get a Rank 5 weapon you can either craft one, buy one, or find one while looting containers in the field. You will need to be Level 30 for Rank 5 weapons to be available. Once you have one, simply equip it from a forward station or before embarking on a planet, then kill an enemy. As you level up, the weapons available to you will level as well. You'll likely be at Rank 7+ toward the end of the game, and you'll get Rank 10 items when you begin a New Game Plus.

    In MP, guns will rank up as you get duplicates of the unlock card from loot boxes. The easiest way to get a Rank 10 weapon is to only buy the cheapest loot box, which will ensure you can buy many of them as you play, and that you will limit yourself to mostly common items. One of the starting weapons will slowly begin to rank up as you receive duplicate cards of it. There's no surefire way to do this as the loot boxes are all random, but just keep playing and buying more boxes, it will come eventually. Be sure to equip it if it's not a gun you already use to unlock the achievement.

  • Unlock Rank 6 for each single-player profile type, or obtain a Level 6 multiplayer bonus stat.


    For this achievement, you will need a total of 234 total skill points to max out each profile type in single player. You'll also need about 10k in credits to keep resetting your skill points, or you can simply save and reload between each one - the progress toward the achievement is saved to your profile each time. Simply pump all your points into one type (combat, tech, or biotic) to satisfy the Soldier, Engineer, and Adept profiles. Then, you'll need to split the points and do 117 points in each of the Combat and Tech trees for Infiltrator, 117 in each of Combat and Biotic for Vanguard, and 117 in each of Biotic and Tech for Sentinel. For the last profile, you'll need 78 points in each of the three skill trees to max out Explorer. You will need to get to Level 47 to get this many skill points.

    The MP route will take a long, long time. You will need to amass millions of experience before you unlock a level 6 bonus stat. Unless you really enjoy the MP (it'll take dozens of hours), definitely go for the SP method.

  • Evolve one tech, one combat, and one biotic power to Rank 6. (Single-Player)

    To reach Rank 6 in a specific power, you will need to invest a total of 21 points in it (so 63 points total for this achievement). It is highly likely you will have at least two different trees you are working in, if only to make sure you have a power combo available as those deal increased damage. You can either pick a third power you like and level that up as well, or simply save, respec, level three powers, and then reload your save to get your normal skills and credits back.

  • Reach Level 25 in single-player mode or Level 15 in multiplayer mode.


    Refer to "Peak Condition" for more information.

  • Create six strike teams or earn 25 assist medals in multiplayer mode.


    This achievement can be done in one of two ways. To create six strike teams, you will need a total of 600 credits by completing strike missions. You start with one team, the second costs 40 credits, and each subsequent team costs 40 more than the last. Once you have earned enough credits for your next team, get them right away and send them out on missions. The more teams doing missions, the more credits you will earn. Your initial 2-3 teams will eventually upgrade to Silver missions, then the new ones can take over Bronze, and so on. Once you have six teams recruited this will unlock.

    NOTE: You can recruit teams inside the "Apex HQ" mobile app. I would suggest waiting to recruit your sixth team until you are in-game. I am unsure if doing it inside the app could mess things up. If you recruit your sixth in the app and the achievement does not unlock when you boot up the game, try retiring one and then hiring a new sixth team in-game (this will set you back a few days though as you'll need to get another 200 credits).

    If you would prefer to play the MP matches out, you will need to "debuff" enemies as much as possible to get assist medals. The assist medals are weird in that they don't count as a normal assist (where you damaged an enemy but didn't kill them). The amount of debuffing done determines what level of assist medal you get (bronze, silver, or gold - though I don't know how much debuffing each requires). Everyone on the team can get an assist medal in each match, so just keep using powers each time you play. You should easily get one each match.

  • Promote a strike team to Level 20.

    Strike teams will level up as they complete missions, whether they succeed or fail at the missions. Obviously they got more experience if they succeed, so try to only send them out when they have a high success rate (Bronze missions will usually start at 75% and increase as you rank up). Failing a mission can also give the team a permanent negative trait which will lower their effectiveness for future missions. This will simply take time, so keep sending the same team out whenever possible.

    NOTE: You can use the "Apex HQ" mobile app to manage your strike teams while you are away from your console and this will help progress your teams more quickly. However, like the other achievements, I would wait until you are in-game to actually hit Level 20 just in case the app data does not trigger the achievement properly.

  • Equip three different profile types.

    Profiles are basically this game's version of the previous trilogy's classes. You will choose one profile type during character creation, so you will only need to unlock two more. Basically, once you put enough points into a specific tree (Combat, Biotic, or Tech) or combination of trees you will unlock a profile that will give bonuses to abilities in that tree, or abilities that will work with a hybrid build. The profiles and requirements are:

    • Soldier: 6 Combat Points
    • Engineer: 6 Tech Points
    • Adept: 6 Biotic Points
    • Sentinel: 3 Tech and 3 Biotic Points
    • Vanguard: 3 Combat and 3 Biotic Points
    • Infiltrator: 3 Combat and 3 Tech Points
    • Explorer: 3 Combat, 3 Tech, and 3 Biotic Points

    The more points you put into specific skill trees, the higher your profile rank will increase (though this achievement only requires the basic rank of three total). If you go all Combat for instance, you will get the biggest bonuses to the Soldier profile as it ranks up, but not unlock any other profiles. Once you unlock three profiles, make sure you go into the menu and equip each one quickly to trigger the achievement.

  • Increase all discovered planets to 100% viability.

    To make a planet completely viable to live on, you will need to perform certain actions that will increase this number. You will need to max out five planets: Eos, Voeld, Havarl, Kadara, Elaaden. The following actions will increase a planet's viability:

    • Remnant Vaults (50%): These are the game's main story dungeons that fix the climate on each planet.
    • Outpost (20%): Each planet will have an area to establish a base, marked on the map.
    • Defeat Architect (10%): Large bosses on each planet (except Havarl).
    • Secondary Ops (2-5% each): These are short side-quests.
    • Forward Station (2% each): These are resupply pods called in when you go to their location on the map.

    You will likely not be able to bring a planet to 100% right away without moving on to the next part of the story, but just follow along with the links I provided above and complete Secondary Ops/Tasks until none are left, then return after the next story mission and more should pop up. It is entirely possible to get each planet to 100% without fighting the Architect, which is a blessing on Insanity difficulty. At the same time, you can do this after the story is complete, so you could unlock the "Unwavering" achievement and then turn the difficulty down to tackle the Architects if you still need some points toward maxing the viability.

  • Increase a discovered planet to 100% viability.

    Refer to "All Clear" for more information.

  • Craft armor or a gun with 3 augments.

    To craft something, first you will need to research the plan with data that you collect by using your scan tool. So whenever you are walking around, press Down on the D-pad to bring up the tool and anything that is highlighted a bright orange, press to scan and receive research funds. Once you have unlocked the blueprint in research, you then need to develop it. This costs materials, which will be found inside containers while on missions or received from loot boxes as rewards for sending out strike teams, as well as deconstructing weapons and armor and looting enemies.

    Now make sure you have found or crafted three augmentations, and that you have researched something with three open augment slots that match the type of augments you own. Once you have that sorted out, you'll need to make sure you have all the materials required to then craft the item. If you are able to craft the item, make sure you choose to add your three augments before confirming and it will unlock once crafted.

  • Scan 100 different objects.

    As you are playing through the campaign, press Down on the D-pad to use your scan tool. Anything that turns orange can be scanned. Press to do so, and continue doing so until you hit 100 objects. Doing this will also give you resources, so it's a good idea to continue doing it even after unlocking the achievement.

  • Complete 20 Remnant puzzles in a single playthrough.

    Remnant puzzles are basically the game's version of Sudoku. You need to create blocks of glyphs but can only use one character in each grid's row and column. There are only 22 of these in the game, and 6 of them are missable (marked in red text below). The list below has all their locations and the respective quests they will be found in (as well as which can be done outside of quests, aka Free Roam). You can find a text and picture guide for all of them here (with solutions), or if you prefer a video walkthrough you can use the one found here.

    Eos (4)

    • Quest: A Better Beginning (to open vault)
    • Quest: A Better Beginning (inside vault)
    • Quest: Data Trail (or in Free Roam)
    • Quest: The Ghost of Promise (or in Free Roam)

    Voeld (6)

    • Quest: Peebee: Secret Project
    • Quest: Restoring a World (takes three to open vault)
    • Quest: Restoring a World (inside vault)
    • Quest: Subjugation (or in Free Roam)

    Havarl (3)

    • Quest: Helping Havarl's Scientists
    • Quest: A Dying Planet (inside vault)
    • [Free Roam]

    Kadara (2)

    • Quest: Healing Kadara's Heart (to open vault)
    • Quest: Healing Kadara's Heart (inside vault)

    Elaaden (5)

    • Quest: Taming a Desert (to open vault)
    • Quest: Taming a Desert (inside vault)
    • Quest: Investigate the Remnant Derelict
    • Quest: Cache Flow (or in Free Roam)
    • [Free Roam]

    H-047C (1)

    • Quest: The Remnant Tiller

    Khi Tasira (1)

    • Quest: The Journey to Meridian (inside vault)

    NOTE: This achievement is not tracked by the console's Achievements app, but you can find it in your Statistics. Pause the game, tab over to Skills and then hit , then scroll down to "Accomplishments" to see it.

    NOTE 2: It doesn't matter how you solve these, be it manually or with a bypass key, so long as you get the "Success!" screen, you'll get credit toward the achievement.

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